Why You Should Work Remotely in Bend This Fall

The remote work craze isn’t going anywhere, and employees have widely discovered how efficient their lives can be when there’s no daily demand to go into the office. Plus, it can be useful for the work/life balance if you are also taking care of kids at home, or just trying to plan out packing and unpacking activities while moving to Bend.

It’s no surprise that Bend has become one of the most popular remote work cities: Here are just a few reasons that working from home (or café, shared space, etc.) is so effective for those living in Bend!

A History of Remote Work Support

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns (and the return of the pandemic, etc.), Bend was known as the most remote-work friendly city in the state – and Oregon has always been a friendly spot to work from home. The city has a tradition of high percentages of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and nomads who don’t depend on rigid work schedules, and may prefer to work from a variety of different spots or cities as the seasons pass.

That has led not only to a welcoming atmosphere for those who want to work from home, but also to assets specifically for freelancers and others who don’t have an office. That includes studio rentals for larger, temporary products that you may be collaborating with others on. It also means offering shared work and meeting spaces like The Haven that can be rented for a certain amount of time each month for meeting clients, getting out of the house, and so on.

Amazing Food Anywhere You’re Working

Bend already has plenty of advantages when it comes to great food (its proximity to Portland certainly helps, too), but it’s especially true for those working from home. Because let’s be honest – remote work doesn’t always happen in the house. It also happens in cafés, beer gardens, noodle joints, and eateries of all kinds.

That’s one reason that restaurants in Central Oregon work to offer reliable Wi-Fi, wall outlets for your laptop, and spaces that make work easier, whether you are meeting with a group or just want to take a few hours on your own to pull on some earbuds and tackle a big project.

Even if you are working from home and wondering where to eat in Bend, you’re probably only a few minutes away from an excellent food truck lot, a cozy café, or another space where you can get work done, grab a coffee, and find some great food to fuel your efforts!

Outdoor Recreation and Remote Work Go Hand-in-Hand

One of the advantages of remote work is that it creates more flexibility for outdoor activities, which can include working out and exploring nature. It’s no wonder that Bend’s work from home force has discovered that their work pairs well with quick bike rides, short hikes around the river, taking a trip to a nearby park with kids or pets – and generally just getting outside more often. If that’s been one of your life goals, we can make it happen!

Speaking of getting things done, our relocation services in Central Oregon are ready and waiting to help make your move smoother: From learning more about how remote work happens in Bend to finding the right rentals or taking care of other important details, our resources are here for you.

7 Hot New Bars and Restaurants in Bend

Bend’s food scene continues to bloom with dozens of new bars, restaurants, and food experiences to try. While some plans were delayed during quarantine, a wide variety of new bars and restaurants have recently opened, including some of the tastiest options in Central Oregon. Here are some of the latest restaurants in Central Oregon to open this year and why you should stop by!

1. Boxwood Kitchen

Boxwood Kitchen is one of Old Mill’s newer dinner restaurants, offering a delicious, eclectic menu that ranges from Duck Confit and tuna bowls to Chicken Schnitzel and stuffed zucchini. The theme is high-end comfort food: Whatever you’re looking for to taste and feel good, you’re likely to find something here (right down to the amazing mac ‘n’ cheese). Two notes: First, the menu isn’t really designed to be kid-friendly, so you may want to plan accordingly. Second, the Kitchen is currently only open in the evening so make your plans for dinner!

2. Rapa Nui Tiki Lounge

Taking the second story space of Level 2 and its incredible views of the Cascade sunsets, this Lounge is fully inspired by tropical bar traditions, and goes all out in presentation, borrowing from tropical bar scenes from across the world. If you’re looking for the latest cocktail creations in Bend or a special place to meet for evening drinks, it needs to be on your list. The Tahitian Rum punch is a particular favorite, but you’ll find tropical cocktails of every kind here. The food menu is limited to tasty Asian fusion tapas, but some plates are large enough to count as your meal for the evening – just make sure to make reservations if you’re eating!

3. Unkle Kate’s Bait Shoppe

We’re not going to include too many food trucks on our list (or it would become a very long list), but this unique food experience deserves a shout-out for a couple of reasons. First, it may be the only place on the West Coast where you can get authentic New England lobster rolls. They have lobster freeze-dried and shipped directly from favorite spots on the east coast, and the addition of rich, flaky warm bread is a perfect combination that you can’t get anywhere else. Second, the truck is right next to Boss Rambler, a chic little bar and café looking out on Galveston, and the perfect place for an afternoon hangout. Note that the Baite Shoppe is currently only open in the latter part of the week.

4. Bangers & Brews

While it’s been open for a little while, not nearly enough people have tried it yet. If you are a fan of traditional bratwurst dishes (plus some inspiring Argentinian additions), you’ll love the fully authentic Bangers & Brews experience. Pick your brats, pick your toppings, and order enough for the whole table or just yourself – you’ll love the experience either way.

5. Bos Taurus

If you love steak and are living in Bend, you need to make reservations at Bos Taurus immediately: The new restaurant specializes in steak: All the primary dishes are steaks from a variety of farms throughout the western half of the United States, featuring a variety of cuts based on what’s currently available (there’s also fish and chicken options if you aren’t feeling like red meat, as well as a variety of starters, but the focus here is clear). The restaurant even has a Butcher side shop where you can purchase your own cuts to take home and grill as you prefer. As always, make your reservations well ahead of time!

6. The Cellar

The Cellar is a new downtown pub that sits underground in a century-old building built stone by stone into an inviting grotto. The style is somewhere between English Pub (the hand pumps are even imported from the UK) and old-fashioned speakeasy, both beautiful and cozy at the same time. There are a variety of in-house brews that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including traditional naturally carbonated, flask-fermented brews. The menu is also based on favorite British classics includes savory pies, sausage bites, and more.

7. Sen Thai Hot Pot and Noodle House

Bend’s Thai food scene gets yet another great entrant with the stunning Sen Thai’s, featuring a diverse menu that’s guaranteed to have your favorite Thai dishes, whether you are looking for a flavorful hot pot experience (noodle, stir fry, and dry dishes are all available) or an amazing rendition of Thai street food dishes. If you love Thai food and are looking for where to eat in Bend, make your reservations today.

If you’re looking for more help moving to Bend, our relocation services in Central Oregon are always available!

Where to Buy a New Home in Bend, Oregon Today

Are you moving to Bend and looking for a new home? Bend’s hot real estate market and rising prices have led to a wide variety of development plans across the city, which means you may have the option of finding a lot under construction and putting in a bid for your future Bend home. If that sounds like the right fit for you,

1. Market Summit

Created by Stone Bridge Homes, this new development in the northwest has a variety of beautiful floor plans primarily with three to four beds and two baths, generally between 2,400 and 3,400 square feet. The community is near High Lakes Elementary School, Pacific Crest Middle School, and Summit High School. It’s also very near Quail Park, and some homes will have views of the Cascades. You can view current models in this area, but you will need to make an appointment first. Current estimates place the homes in the mid-$700,000 range, but the housing market has seen so much growth recently that you shouldn’t take these numbers at face value…talk to a local realtor or reach out to Moving to Bend for more accurate information.

2. Arena Acres

Those finding a home in Bend may also be interested in the new community of Arena Acres from Hayden Homes, in the southeast section of the city. These are generally two to three bedroom homes with connected two-car garages and two baths, currently going for around $600,000. The development is near R.E. Jewell Elementary, High Desert Middle School, and Caldera High. Models are open viewing every day of the week.

3. Calaveras Townhomes

These new, beautiful townhomes are being built close to the heart of Bend and are suitable for a variety of different families. There are three floor plans available, from a two bedroom, two bath model to a three bedroom, three bath plan, primarily multi-story. Prices are estimated at around $500,000. Each townhome comes with a two-car garage – and some beautiful wood accent wall work, too.

4. Petrosa

This new development is located next to the Pine Nursery Park on the east side of Bend, a promising area for those who enjoy views of the high desert and the spacious landscape that comes with it. It will be near Ponderosa Elementary School, Pilot Butte Middle School, and Mountain View High School. Petrosa will span a variety of single-family homes, townhomes, cottages, and even an apartment complex. Schedule a tour with Pahlisch Homes to learn more!

5. Discovery West

This development is currently on the rise on the west side of Bend, close to Northwest Crossing: Those living in Bend know this means excellent access to nearby parks and trails, as well as all the current shops and restaurants Northwest Crossing can provide. The development is being built with the transect concept, which means the neighborhood is made to have a tight urban core that gradually grows less dense and roomier as it spread out, making way for all kinds of homes. This will also accompany an expansion for Discovery Park. The area is close to COCC and Summit High School, as well as Pacific Crest Middle School.

6. Outcrop

Outcrop from Curtis Homes is new real estate in Bend on the west side, focused primarily on single family home with two to three beds and two baths, but with a variety of unique alternative housing for smaller homes as well. Lots here are selling fast so it’s a competitive area, but as development continues more lots may be available.

7. Purcell Landing

Purcell Landing from Pahlisch is a townhome development at the base of Pilot Butte toward the east side of Bend. These are excellent options for smaller, more affordable townhomes that max out at around 1,800 feet and allow homeowners to enjoy a central Bend location without the need to worry about yard upkeep. Homes are currently under construction and for sale.

Remember, if you are looking for help moving to Bend or finding the right home, our relocation services in Central Oregon are here to help! Contact us to learn more.

Jump into Fall with 5 Fun Events in Bend

As the weather starts to slowly cool down after a record-hot summer, it’s time to prepare for autumn-related activities. And if you recently moved to Bend or are planning on moving to Bend in the fall, you may be wondering just what to put on your schedule for Central Oregon events. Let us help with our fall guide to everything that’s happening in and around the city: Here’s what to do in Bend during the autumn months!

Canceled Events

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 has spiked and St. Charles is overwhelmed, there have been cancellations of some fall events in Bend despite our high vaccination rates. For example, the beloved Oktoberfest will once again be delayed until the coming year. Les Schwab Amphitheater will also be requiring proof of vaccination for all events starting in September. Since these types of cancellations can happen suddenly it may be difficult to predict them, but we will be sure to keep you updated as much as possible.

1. The Bend Fall Festival

We can’t talk about fall events without mentioning the Bend Fall Festival, which is set to return for three days starting October 1st. With a festival this large, it’s no surprise that there’s a little bit of everything to find exploring its downtown location.

Multiple band stages will be offering live music with a lineup of many different genres, the large harvest market will have all sorts of goodies to buy and ingredients to help prep your favorite autumn dishes, and of course you will be able to find some of the best food trucks and beer tents in Bend. There’s also a family play zone with autumn-themed recreation for the young ones, and the traditional artist promenade featuring artisan goods from creators around the Northwest. Families may also want to get ready for the Kids Harvest Run on October 2nd, while artists will want to make note of the “art in action” event on Brooks Alley.

2. The Les Schwab Concert Series

This year the concerts at the Les Schwab Amphitheater extend well into the fall season, so it’s certainly worth checking to see if there are any concerts you’d like to attend. Artists will range from Lord Huron and Luke Bryan to My Morning Jacket and NEEDTOBREATHE – if you spot a concert you’d like to attend, start looking for tickets early!

3. BendFilm Festival

This 10-day long festival is the must-attend event of the year for movie fans, especially those hoping to catch early looks at the work of their favorite indie directors and actors, as well as learning more about the art of cinema and the latest trends inspiring the industry. If your idea of fun fall events includes a deep dive into indie films and great movie discussions, you’ll want to sign up for a pass ASAP. For reference, the 2020 festival included 115 films, with 50% of the features directed by women, and the list continues to grow for this year.

4. High Desert Museum Events

The High Desert Museum is also planning fall events to both educate and delight, making it well worth the trip to the gorgeous museum if you are a newcomer to Bend. You may be particularly interested in the “Dam It! Beavers and Us” event running until early October, which explores all things beaver, and the “Daredevils” exhibit, which opens in late September and follows thrill seekers across the history of the high desert.

5. Sisters Folk Festival

If you love folk music, you may also want to plan a trip over to Sisters to enjoy its annual Folk Festival, a collection of musicians, camps, and classes honoring the genre. It’s a fun time for the whole family, especially if you have any musicians – the only downside is that it happens at the same time as the Bend Fall Festival this year, October 1-3, so you may have to divide your time accordingly if you are living in Bend..

If you’d like to learn more details, you can always contact our relocation services in Central Oregon to learn more, ask a specific question, and explore what we offer!

Comparing High Schools in Bend, Oregon

If you are moving with kids who are in high school or rapidly approaching high school age, you’re no doubt interested in the high school options in Bend, and what high school options will be available if you are living in a particular area. High schools in Bend default to what zone students live in, with the four primary public high schools each serving a different area – plus the La Pine High School, which is somewhat of an outlier due to how education districts were drawn.

Those living in Bend can also consider Oregon’s transfer system to transfer students to school in another zone: The process can vary based on the school, so it’s important to start early and ask individual high schools for more information about accepting students outside of their zone.

Additionally, we highly looking at Bend’s high schools in person and talking with staff to ask specific questions if possible. Seeing the campus options, facilities, support for specific disciplines or sports, and other key factors in person is often the best way to choose a high school that aligns with your interests. But let’s look at some useful summaries of the major high schools in the area to help you get started.

Bend Senior High School

Close to the heart of bend, Bend High is the city’s oldest (117 years old) and largest high school, home to the Lava Bears and over 1,700 students. Bend High School’s central location ensures it’s close to a variety of residential neighborhoods, although the school’s zone does extend a bit both east and south, so you’ll want to check Bend’s school zoning maps carefully when making plans for schools in Bend. Bend High’s diligence in consistent upgrades over the years has led to well-equipped facilities for a variety of class types, as well as updated sports facilities.

Summit High School

Nearly the size of Bend High, Summit’s zone is the entire westside of the city. The newer school benefits from a gorgeous campus at the edge of the Central Oregon desert and is part of the Northern Crossing neighborhood, although its zone extends to the Deschutes River. Summit’s teams are the Storm.

Mountain View High School

If you decide on an east or northern location in Bend, your default high school is likely to be Mountain View, home of the Cougars and the second oldest high school in Bend. Like Bend High, Mountain View is located close to a variety of residential communities on the east side and is also just a walk away from both shopping centers and the sprawling St. Charles hospital complex.

Caldera High School

Opening in fall 2021 is a new high school serving a new zone in the rapidly growing Bend area: Caldera was designed by BBT Architects as a “school of the future” with advanced classroom options for more technical or career training, a 600-seat auditorium, a variety of fields for football and other sports, and a centrally located library. If you are moving to the southern part of Bend, Caldera could be your default high school option.

Marshall High School

Marshall is a magnet high school in Bend know for the Bend Tech Academy, which offers limited enrollment through a lottery system used every spring to accept up to 200 students. The Academy is focused on preparing students for college and career success in fields like engineering and other options.

Keep in mind there are also several private schools and academies that offer education through the 12th grade, such as Cascades Academy, Skyline, and Realms High School among others. These may be alternatives if you are looking for a particular kind of education experience. You can learn more on our website here.

If you’re interested in moving to Bend and want to learn more, our relocation services in Central Oregon can provide the advice and help you need to make things less complicated!