7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Bend in 2022

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Thinking about relocating to Bend in 2022? Whether you’ve been planning for years and just waiting for the right time to make your move, or opportunities have just opened to move to Bend, there’s a lot to think about! And while our relocation services in Central Oregon can help with a lot of the details, we wanted to spend a little time looking at why 2022 is going to be a great year to finalize your move and make the big change.

1. The Housing Market is Opening Up

COVID – and its various variants – struck Bend when its real estate market was at new heights and exacerbated some of the effects that the market was experiencing during that time. Inventory was locked down, making new listings very difficult to find or compete against. Prices continued to rise, sometimes pricing people out of certain parts of the market. Rentals underwent a similar effect, and vacancies continued to be harder to find.

The Delta variant and slowing vaccine rates allowed these market conditions to continue throughout 2021, although we did see some improvement. Now 2022 is the year for the market to open again! Expect more listings than we’ve seen in the past couple of years and more rental opportunities, especially as new multi-family complexes open in various developments around Bend. It will also be an excellent time to look for lower prices and more affordable options if you are working within a specific budget.

Also, remember that Moving to Bend offers resources on local rentals and property listings to meet your needs. If you have an idea of what you are looking for and even a price range, contact us and we will be glad to help you find a home in Central Oregon.

2. A Diverse Number of Job Options

Job opportunities in Bend are more diverse than they’ve ever been. Several sectors are seeing healthy growth, including advanced manufacturing, tech, healthcare services, biotech, construction, and much more. And that’s in addition to the reliable brewery industry, hospitality businesses, and tourist opportunities. It’s a great place for a professional to start looking for a job!

3. Remote Work Options

Bend was king of remote work locations during lockdown, and those opportunities have persisted. The city became an excellent spot for professionals looking to get out of larger cities and move somewhere with all the amenities they wanted, but more breathing room and easier social distancing. As we’ve seen, remote work is here to stay for many companies, and Bend has become a haven for those who thrive in these kinds of setups. Working in Bend has never been easier!

4. New Home Developments are Being Completed

We mentioned that new rental projects are set to be completed within the next couple of years: The same is true of a wide variety of home developments throughout Bend, especially on the edges of the city where there is plenty of room for growth. This is an excellent opportunity to shop for lots, look at open houses, or find brand new homes in new Bend communities, with plenty more on the way.

5. The Concert Season is Shaping Up to Be Great

Bend’s biggest outdoor concert venue has a new name and already sports an excellent 2022 lineup of artists, including HAIM, Tenacious D, Weird Al Yankovic, Jack Johnson, the Goo Goo Dolls, and more. You also expect even more artists to be announced as the summer and fall season draws closer, so there’s a lot of fun to look forward to…and it’s a great way to relax after completing your big move to Central Oregon. Just try to get your ticket early!

6. Our Parks Are Expanding

Outdoor recreation in Bend has long been a highlight of the city, and even more options are on the way! Bend Parks and Rec have a variety of expansions and new projects set to make our amazing parks even better in the coming year including more space, more amenities for both humans and pets, easier access options, and even a number of restoration projects that you can get involved in if you like to do work for the community.

7. Oh, and the Beer Really Is Better Than Ever

Sure, having more breweries per capita than any other place in the country is great for those living in Bend, but the cool thing is that they continue planning even more inventive beers, continually showing that craft beer is far more than just an IPA scene. 2022 looks like a particularly great year for breweries to unleash new experiments and combinations, everything from flavorful pilsners to winter ales to the growing subsection of zero-alcohol beers.

8 Great Winter Activities in Bend, Oregon


Winter weather is a little slow to arrive this year, but it’s coming soon and will probably pack a punch when it does: There’s no better way to celebrate than to bundle up and join everyone living in Bend for fun winter events. Let’s look at some of our favorites and when they start so your calendars will be ready!

1. Oregon WinterFest – 2/18

There’s no better way to start our list of events than with WinterFest. This traditional Bend festival is packed with incredible food and goods from West Coast vendors, including some of Northwest favorites you’ll want to stock up on for snack time. There’s also the popular ice carving competitions and iron fireplace sculptures, as well as light decorating options. Events range from concerts and boarding tricks to the cute K9 Kings show. But there’s one important change this year: The WinterFest is currently located at the Redmond Expo Center instead of the Old Mill grounds, so make your plans accordingly.

2. Wanderlust Tour’s Snowshoeing (and New Year’s, and Valentine’s) Adventures

Outdoor recreation in Bend isn’t complete without planning an outing with Wanderlust Tours and their snowshoe specialties. The organization offers a bonfire trip, a “Brews and Views” hike, and a Starlight/Moonlight tour, along with other options for all kinds of hikers! Don’t worry if you’ve never been snowshoeing before, these aren’t difficult hikes and they’re a great way to learn more while also meeting new people. These tours are ongoing throughout the season, so you can find multiple dates that could work for you.

Wanderlust also offers options for a variety of unique winter experiences, such as a New Year’s Eve bonfire, a special Valentine Weekend excursion, and more. If you want a special winter activity with the special people in your life, you should check it out.

3. High Desert Museum Winter Nights

Winter Nights occur after hours every Thursday in winter at the High Desert Museum. They open the café for food and drink (as well as the museum store for browsing) and showcase specific exhibits for patrons to enjoy. It’s a perfect option if you feel like going out to a special event but also would like to get out of the cold for a while.

4. Oregon Observatory Nighttime Visits

When the winter sky is clear, it’s the perfect time to grab the cocoa and head to the Oregon Observatory to enjoy the incredible Central Oregon night sky. The Observatory, located in Sunriver, makes this even easier with scheduled tours every Wednesday and Saturday in winter. Tickets cost $20 and must be purchased ahead of time online.

5. WinterVention – 1/22

After working in Bend all day, you may be looking for a winter watering hole to take a break. While there are many options with outdoor fireplaces and heaters to call your own, mark a spot on the Calendar for WinterVention at Avid Cider. Held by Hoodoo, this event allows you to sign up for a chance to win something from $50,000 in prizes, including lift tickets, snowboards, and more. It’s totally free, and you can enjoy some delicious ciders while you participate.

6. Trail of Dreams Sled Dog Rides

Mt. Bachelor offers these fun-filled and family-friendly outings to anyone who loves dogs, sleds, and dog sled adventures! Professional mushers take you for a ride along the slopes of Mt. Bachelor with trained dog teams – and you can even help feed and water the dogs afterward! This is an excellent pick for the young ones older than three in the family, who may not be old enough to hit the slopes on their own but still want to have fun: You can book sledding sessions throughout winter!

7. Elk Lake Resort Moonlight Ski and Bike

This special nighttime event is held periodically throughout the winter and is an excellent adventure for those looking to flex their winter sports muscles. Groups leave from the Dutchman Flat Sno Park and ski to Elk Lake Resort, where a delicious dinner awaits at the lodge. Don’t worry – you’ll get transportation back if you’re feeling full afterward.

8. Polar Plunge 2022 – 2/5

Riverbend Park’s Polar Plunge is on for this winter and you can sign up today for the morning splash. Money made with tickets helps benefit the Special Olympics, and people generally dress up in costumes and have a fun – and bracing – time. Old Mill is just a brief walk away if you want to change and warm up or try out some winter shopping.

Are you looking for relocation services in Central Oregon? Moving to Bend is ready to help with all the information you need about the area, and a variety of services to help you find the right home, job, school, dog park – and anything else you may need! Contact us today to learn more and find out about our packages.

Ready to Escape the Big City? 5 Reasons to Consider Relocating to Bend

Moving to a new place can bring a lot of stress into your life. But this is also an exciting experience that can help you gain a fresh start. If a new job or the desire to be closer to family is pulling you to west-central Oregon, the city of Bend is an excellent choice. Not too big and not too small, residents find it the perfect place to settle down and enjoy life. Consider these reasons why a move here makes sense. Start looking at moving company reviews, and head on over!

1. Beauty and Outdoor Recreation Galore

If you love the great outdoors, you can’t beat Bend. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to choose from here. If you’re a lover of skiing, there are downhill, cross-country, and Nordic runs on Mt. Bachelor, just 20 minutes away. There is also the Deschutes River, where you can surf, paddleboard, kayak, or fish. For even more high-adventure thrills, give rock climbing a try at Smith Rock State Park, which is only a 30-minute drive from Bend. Phil’s Trail is another popular option. Here, you can mountain bike and check out gorgeous scenery.

2. Just the Right Size

Living in a large city has its perks and offers plenty to do. But if you’re not into the hustle and bustle lifestyle that larger places bring, a smaller environment can suit you well. With a population of 100,000, Bend has all the amenities you need: plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, parks, public transportation, and a strong road system. On the other hand, you will not have to contend with traffic gridlock and big crowds everywhere you go like you would a big city.

3. Good Cost of Living

Housing costs continue to rise across the nation, including Bend. However, you could pay less here compared to other places in Oregon and neighboring states. Grocery, transportation, and miscellaneous costs are lower in Bend than in Portland, for example.

4. Can’t Beat the Weather

For many people, the weather is a big factor in deciding where to live. Bend won’t disappoint you in this category. You’ll get 162 days of sunshine a year, with pleasant summer temperatures of 80–90 degrees. Of course, not everyone likes it to be hot or warm all year long. It’s nice to get a touch of all four seasons. Bend provides this. Yet, the winters aren’t brutal, but you’ll get just enough snow to enjoy the magic of the season.

5. Family-Friendly

If you have children, you want to give your family a place where you feel safe and secure. Bend has a low crime rate and a good school system. There are also kid-friendly activities available for all ages. There is no shortage of things for kids to do and for you and your family to experience together.

Moving is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Choosing the right place is essential. If you are headed to Oregon, you will love what Bend offers. Check out these benefits as you make plans to relocate.

Bend’s Favorite Holiday Traditions


One of our favorite things about living in Bend during the holidays is the special traditions that Central Oregonians have found to enjoy their favorite days. If you’re relocating to Bend and looking for fun holiday activities to enjoy or new traditions to add to your yearly plans, we have several favorites for you to explore.

Cocoa and Snowshoeing

Once the snow starts to fall around Central Oregon, a combo of cocoa and snowshoeing is exactly what you need to start feeling like you’re home. There are several routes to snowshoe in the area (and options for renting shoes if you want), from majestic views of Bend best seen at night to park romps within the city limits. This is a great activity for family, or a romantic afternoon/evening out – but if you’ve never been before, it’s a good idea to find a group for your first time. If snowshoeing isn’t really your style, then you can easily replace that with sledding, casual cross-country skiing, or whatever else you’d like to do!

Tree Lighting

Bend holds its own tree lighting ceremony downtown, which is always fun to visit, but there are smaller tree lighting ceremonies from other organizations that you can also explore. Downtown’s tree lighting is usually in early December and is an excellent opportunity to explore downtown shops while you are there, or maybe stop by a place like O’Kanes with warm fires and enjoy a drink.

Family Time with Santa

Santa is making regular appearances at Old Mill throughout December, where he will be enjoying a variety of kid-friendly activities like reading holiday-oriented books, talking about life at the North Pole, and opening letters. If your family is still social distancing you can simply drop off a letter for Santa in special bins that will help guarantee a timely answer. This is also a great opportunity to explore the Old Mill shops, buy some gift cards for friends, and enjoy the winter views. Santa will also be making an appearance at the tree lighting ceremony in downtown Bend.

Find Your Favorite Food

Winter in Bend is all about getting cozy next to a fire with your favorite brew of choice…and eating some excellent winter comfort food. We’re not going to list all the delicious foods here (Bend Magazine has a few suggestions) but encourage you to experiment with dishes from the many renowned chefs in Bend. Find your favorite eggnog, your most comforting ramen bowl, the must-have coffee cake, the best artisan grilled cheese – there’s a whole lot to explore, and once you find your seasonal favorite, it will quickly become one of your go-to holiday traditions. Pair your food with some of the seasonal pumpkin ales that show up around this time for the best results!

Holiday Lights Paddle Parade

This December 10th parade in Old Mill encourages participants to decorate their canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards with the most festive lights possible (a battery power pack and LED light strings can go a long way). Costumes are also encouraged! Then everyone heads out as evening starts to set in and paddles up and down the Deschutes River as it curves through Old Mill. The results are spectacular as the light wanes, making it a fun event to visit even if you don’t plan on participating this year. Get ready to take some amazing photos!

Holiday Runs

Nothing draws people together like outdoor recreation in Bend, so it’s no surprise that many people prefer to celebrate the holidays with a few runs (and help burn off some of those extra calories at the same time). Notable examples include the Turkey Trot, I Like Pie Run, Ugly Christmas Sweater Run, and FootZone’s Holiday Lights Run, but you should be able to find more options if you are looking to match a specific schedule! These runs offer a variety of challenges depending on what you want to do but are generally family-friendly and focused on having fun. Just be sure to dress warm and wear shoes that can handle the snow and ice!

Let Moving to Bend help take care of the details so you can enjoy the holidays! Our relocation services in Central Oregon can help you find options for working in Bend and what industries in Central Oregon could be the best fit – plus many other helpful services. Ask us if you have any specific questions.

6 Non-Profits to Give to This Holiday Season


This year, we want to highlight a particularly important activity for our holiday season – how we can give back throughout the holidays. While we have special days to support our community businesses and other aspects of the city, there’s also plenty that Central Oregonians can do to help support nonprofits in their own way.

If you have recently moved or having been living in Bend for a little while, you can help by picking a local nonprofit working in Bend to support! Here are several of our favorites to help you get started.

1. Humane Society of Central Oregon

The Humane Society of Central Oregon is one of the most beloved nonprofit organizations in the region, applauded for its extensive work with animals, from a pet shelter and rescue operation to a variety of shops and medical services, even including end-of-life options for pet owners. Because of its widespread activities, there are often many options to volunteer with the HSCO (although this varies based on location, COVID conditions, etc.), and it should certainly be your first stop when looking for a new pet in Bend. From donating to the food bank to volunteering at the thrift stores, there are all kinds of ways to help, too!

2. Bethlehem Inn

Bethlehem Inn is a converted hotel complex in Bend that works to offer supportive services, food, and a safe place to sleep for people in Bend who are no longer able to find a place to live. The shelter focuses on helping people reach self-sufficiency, and on average cares for 110 adults and children. This is another great donation option, as they are frequently on the lookout for both money and food to support their services. The shelter is also expecting to have a particularly challenging upcoming winter and is looking for ways to expand.


REACH stands for Relationship, Empowerment, Action, Compassion, and Heart: This Central Oregon nonprofit provides a variety of services for the homeless in Central Oregon. These vital services include gathering and delivering mail, providing medical services, helping them with transportation, and providing important items such as sleeping bags and tents. REACH is a partnership of businesses and community volunteers throughout the area, so there are plenty of ways to help.

4. NeighborImpact

NeighborImpact is a broad-reaching nonprofit with centers across the nation, including an office in Bend. The organization is designed to help people who need temporary assistance to get over a variety of hurdles in life: That can range from buying a new home or managing debt to dealing with potential foreclosures or finding new ways to save money. They accept cash donations and a variety of other types of help. NeighborImpact is also involved in the work on a brand new permanent supportive housing project that has been funded in Bend and will be breaking ground before too long.

5. Bend Family Kitchen

This is a community meal program that serves meals throughout the week. This is an excellent option if you like to make, serve, or package food, while the program also accepts more traditional donations of money and food.

6. Oregon IDA Initiative

The IDA Initiative is designed to pair Individual Development Accounts with qualifying Oregonians who have lower incomes and are looking to save for education, a home, or other important goals. There are two important ways you can help. First, you can donate directly to the Initiative to help their project. Second, you can find local businesses that have used IDA accounts to start and support them while also helping industries in Central Oregon.

Looking to learn more? Moving to Bend offers relocation services in Central Oregon to help with a variety of important details. If you are looking for homes or jobs in Central Oregon or want to learn more about school and recreation opportunities, you’re in the right place!