15 Reasons To Love Oregon, The Most Underrated State In The Country

How do we love thee, Oregon? Let us count the ways! From its stunning natural wonders to incredible cuisine (and everything in between!), we truly believe Oregon is the best — and most underrated — place to live in the entire country! This isn’t hyperbole; it’s facts! Here are 15 reasons to love Oregon:

1. Oregon is home to the deepest lake in the country. At almost 2,000 ft deep, Crater Lake is the main feature of Crater Lake National Park, and is most famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. It’s stunning.

2. And because we’re extra, Oregon is also home to the deepest canyon in the country, too. At 8,043 feet deep, Hell’s Canyon is the deepest canyon in North America. It’s 10 miles wide, too. We won’t take all the credit, however — this expansive canyon is located in both Oregon and Idaho!

3. The farmer’s markets. Oregon has amazing local food and some pretty amazing farmer’s markets. The state is known for farm-to-table cuisine and using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. After spending time here, you won’t want to eat anywhere else!

4. Oregon also has amazing beer — and a lot of it. Bend is especially hoppin’ (see what we did there?), with more breweries than any other city in the world. Altogether, there are 172 breweries in Oregon.

5. Oregonians are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. When you love your life, it shows: happy people tend to be kind people! And with such a good quality of life, it’s no wonder Oregonians are some of the friendliest folks around.

6. The Oregon Coast is incredibly beautiful. For example, check out this gorgeous photo of Cape Kiwanda. Does it get any more beautiful?

7. And the seafood is out of this world – Yumm!!

8. Portland has the largest independent bookstore in the world. You could spend days wandering the aisles at Powell’s City of Books. Just be warned: you may never want to leave.

9. Also: there’s no sales tax! If that isn’t reason to celebrate, we don’t know what is.

10. The mountains are textbook majestic. Skiers, snowboarders, and nature lovers rejoice! Oregon’s mountains are the most beautiful in the country, period.

11. Bend is sunny 300 days of the year. It’s not all rain here in our little corner of the PNW! Bend is a sunny little utopia that’s perfect for year-round hiking in the amazing landscape surrounding the city

12. Oregon has its own amazing Wine Country. The Willamette Valley has more than 19,000 acres of vineyards, and more than 500 wineries. Cheers!

13. There are unlimited possibilities for unforgettable outdoor adventures. Hiking, camping, swimming, skiing, boating, mountain climbing, the list goes on…

14. The beaches are all public. Pack a picnic and bring a towel, because all of the beaches in Oregon are for everyone: free to access, and all public property.

15. It’s absolutely gorgeous. When it comes down to it, one of the very best things about Oregon is the state’s astounding natural beauty. It’s truly magical.

So… are you moving to Bend, Oregon yet? Did these 15 reasons to love Oregon convince you that The Beaver State truly is the best place to live? What do you love most about Oregon? Share it with us in the comments below! 

source – www.onlyinyourstate.com

Top 10 Nail Salons in Bend, Oregon


Planning on a mani or a pedi while you’re in Bend? If you’re visiting for a while or are new to the city, it can be difficult to find personal recommendations for which salon has just what you want. That’s why we’re here to help with a list of some of the best nail salons in the city, and what you can expect from their nail and spa services. Take a look at this list to learn more.

1. Crescent Nails & Spa

Named the best mani/pedi in Bend by Bend Source Weekly for 2021, this salon is located on Simpson Ave on the Westside, and is known for their friendly customer service and excellent attention to nail details…along with a luxurious environment that has customers feeling like royalty. It’s one of the best choices for getting a combination mani and pedi together ($55 at a discount), as well as getting a great gel manicure.

2. Freshly Filed Nail Lounge

Freshly Filed also makes the lists as one of the top nail salons in the city, offering expert nail design with a central location near midtown. They specialize in hypoallergenic gel work and are an excellent pick if you have a more ornate design in mind. If you find a favorite stylist here or have a specific person recommended to you, each worker has their own number so you can make sure you set up an appointment with the nail technician you might prefer.

3. Pro Solar Nails

Pro Solar is a one-stop nail experience, whether you are looking for solar nails, acrylic work, a spa pedicure, polish change, or just want to pick up some more accessories. Their location near southwest Bend and the Old Farm District makes this salon a good choice for anyone in the southern neighborhoods of the city. Prices ranges from $10 for basic nail repair to $60 for solar nails. The salon also provides a number of waxing services.

4. South Sister Skin and Nails

This luxurious salon on the north side of Bend is an excellent pick for a one-on-one nail session. Prices range from $25 for a basic sport pedicure to $60 for a gel nail set, and the salon also provides skin care and waxing services. This two-women operation is a popular choice so expect to book your appointment well into the future for some services.

5. Three Sisters Nails & Spa

Three Sisters salon offers a convenient location on the east side where they provide manis, pedis, and a number of polish choices, along with gel fills, dipping powders, basic polish changes, and much more. While this is an excellent stop for your nails, there are many other spa services here, so it’s best suited for a dedicated nail day.

6. Pink Poppy Nail Boutique

Located on the westside near Goodlife Brewing (a nice spot to drop someone off if you don’t want them waiting for you), Pink Poppy is known for their friendly team and quality services (with a hard gel full set costing up to $85). Receive the best quality services here with a wonderful manicure or pedicure. It’s another salon that’s best to book well in advance, as Kaytie and Jayelle often have full days.

7. Allure Nails

Allure is a larger nail salon with affordable nail services specializing in manis, pedis, and solar acrylic nails. It’s an ideal pick if you’d like to save a little money or want to get your nails done in a group. The location near Pilote Butte is easily accessed from both midtown and eastside.

8. MiNT Nail & Hair

MiNT is one of several salons in the area that specializes in nails and hair, making it a popular double-stop when one person needs a haircut or similar work, and the other is interested nail services. Their online booking service is particularly easy to use, and their midtown location is highly accessible.

9. Salon 97

Like MiNT, this 3rd street salon offers both hair and nail services. These include gel polish, manis and spa pedis, acrylic work, and nail enhancements. They pride themselves on carrying eco-friendly products for their hair treatments as well.

10. Spa W

Are looking for a full spa experience to complement your nail plans? Spa W in Old Bend has won awards for being the best full-service day spa in Central Oregon, and they offer a variety of packages depending on the spa services you want. That can range from massage and facials to a variety of body treatments, plus nail treatments. It’s a great stop if you have extra time and really want to pamper yourself.

11. Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails is located in the Cascade Village Shopping Center, making it a popular stop as part of a casual afternoon of shopping (and maybe a stop by Shinsei for some sushi). The salon handles a wide variety of nail services, from a shellac manicure to a gel nails, as well as airbrush designs. It’s also one of the nail salons in the city with massage chairs – we know that’s a must-have for some salon guests!

12. Bamboo Salon & Spa

Another salon on 3rd street, Bamboo is a great stop for nail work and hair services, with highly affordable prices ranging from $20 for a basic mani to $55 or more for a full set. They are one of the better options in Bend if you are looking for a casual walk-in on short notice rather than making an appointment.

13. KS Nails & Spa

KS is notable for their downtown location, an easy walk from downtown Bend shopping and other activities. KS handles both manis and pedis, along with waxing services. Unlike many salons, they do not list their nail care prices online to browse through, so you’ll have to contact them and ask for a quote for a specific service.

Tips for Choosing a Nail Salon in Bend

  • Make a reservation early. While availability is better than it was during the COVID times, scheduling can still be very tight, especially at the popular places that we’ve listed. Depending on the nail services you are interested, you may need to make a reservation many days out (or much more, if you are interested in a specific stylist). Plan well ahead! Some salons do accept walk-ins, but only if there is a stylist available to help out and that’s common, which is why appointments are encouraged.
  • To check out full price lists, always visit a salon’s website. Bend’s salon services are generally very good about posting their exact prices for all nail services online. If its your first time visiting a new salon, you can quickly check and make plans based on your budget and what you want. Booking is typically handled on the website too, so you can save plenty of time when you find a price range you like.
  • As you may have noticed, the best nail salons in Bend are often full-service stops that offer hair, skin, and a variety of beauty related spa services. If you’re planning for other treatments too, it’s a good idea to schedule them all in the same place, and – if possible – for the same day, too.
  • If you love outdoor play, keep in mind how it will affect your nails, too. This is especially true if you’re interested in a pedicure. Keep in mind how hiking, paddleboarding, and other fun summer activities will affect your beautiful nails, and plan your salon visit accordingly. On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to flip-flop weather, it’s a good idea to schedule a pedicure beforehand.
  • If you’re getting nail work with the girls, look for a salon that welcomes groups and group appointments so you can have a good experience (this was typically discouraged during the pandemic, but now salons have largely opened up to groups again).
  • Don’t forget about coupons! Bend salons regularly have a variety of coupons for select services. Sometimes these are posted directly to their websites, but for other versions you may need to check local magazines, papers, Instagram, Groupon, and similar sources. This can help you save money while also getting acquainted with the different nail spots around town.
  • Need some serious nail art? Always check a salon’s galleries to see examples of their work. This can help you quickly figure out which salons are most familiar with the kind of look you have in mind. The same is true if you are interested in more advanced acrylic or fill options: The gallery of past work can provide plenty of useful examples. It’s also smart to have pictures to show the nail technician so they can best emulate the latest trends and designs you may want.

We work to keep our lists updated with all the latest information, but in a growing city like beautiful Bend, things can change fast…and sometimes even websites can fall behind providing important updates about moves, changing staff or services, etc. When in doubt, check a salon’s social media, and give them a call to make sure they are still offering exactly what you want.

Interested in Moving to Bend Full Time? We Can Help!

Your nails are important – but if you want to make Bend your permanent home, we offer a whole lot more. Our services can help you find a rental, learn about the job market, understand the school districts, and answer all kinds of questions about Bend and where you can find what you’re looking for. Take a look around and contact us for more information or to arrange a consultation about what matters most to you. 

Meet Hollie Choe from Transworld Business Advisors

Hollie Choe moved to Central Oregon in 2012  with her husband and business partner, Johnathan Choe.  They have 3 children, 2 of whom attend high school in Bend and 2 fur babies.  They quickly fell in love with the outdoor activities in Bend and all that Central Oregon has to offer.  In their leisure time, Hollie and her family enjoy hiking, kayaking, biking, fishing, bowling, and exploring beautiful Central Oregon.  

Hollie has a rich professional experience in banking, real estate, licensed and clinical school counselor, and she currently is the owner of Constellation Realty and co-owner of Transworld Business Advisors of Oregon Central.  Hollie graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and a minor in Mental Health, and earned a Master’s Degree from California State University, Los Angeles in Marriage, Family, and Child counseling and PPS credential.   

Hollie comes from a family of entrepreneurs and early on realized that many small business owners like her family’s spent years of blood sweat and tears building great businesses and living the American dream only to close shop when they could no longer run their businesses. They simply were not aware that they could sell their business and capture the value in them and give an opportunity to others.  Had they known about the services that Hollie offers today as a business broker, they could have had secured a better retirement.

Hollie’s background and experience has fueled her desire and passion for helping other business owners achieve their transitions to a better retirement and new entrepreneurs with their own dreams of business ownership.  

Contact Hollie at http://www.tworld.com/oregoncentral

10 Amazing Weed Dispensaries Bend, Oregon


While Bend is commonly associated with brews and the nearby slopes, it’s also one of the most popular Oregon destinations for cannabis, and the city is filled with dispensaries of all kinds to visit. Our budtenders are friendly, our selection is broad, and if you’re over 21, you’ll find a lot to explore – the problem is knowing where to begin. To help, we’ve curated a list of 10 popular dispensaries in the area and what you should know about them, along with a few tips about visiting the cannabis scene in our beautiful city.

1. Tokyo Starfish

This local chain of dispensaries was named the best in town in 2020 by Bend Source Weekly, and a stop inside makes it easy to see why. Tokyo Starfish specializes in a wide variety of options, knowledgeable budtenders that are always happy to help, and customer service that knows how to make newcomers feel welcome. They’re always happy to bring down any of the current flower from the shelves for a quick inspection or smell, and typically have several strains available for a discount if you’d like to save.

While Tokyo has a couple of different locations in Bend, it’s easy to recommend their spot near Old Mill, which is within walking distance from a variety of shops and great places to eat. Also, there’s a rentable home above the shop nicknamed a “Bud n’breakfast” where visitors can arrange for a stay over a couple of nights. Just make sure you book early!

2. Oregrown

Source Weekly named Oregrown as their top dispensary pick in 2019, and it still holds top positions on the list, so you know it’s worth a stop. All dispensaries in Bend try to make their spaces as warm and inviting as possible, but Oregrown may be the most successful, with clean, well-decorated spaces that still provide tons of information for those who aren’t quite sure what they’d like to buy yet. It’s also very active in the local community, so you’re likely to see their label pop up as a sponsor for a wide variety of events, and there are few Bend festivals where they don’t have a tent open for people to explore. That also means they have a great collection of merch if you’d like to deck yourself out with 420-friendly clothes.

3. Fyre of Bend

Several things help Fyre stand out as a modern dispensary for the discerning user – including a gorgeous store location in midtown that feels more like a spa than a dispensary. Their website is also one of the best around for browsing a helpful selection of cannabis products and accessories. Like Oregrown, Fyre has plenty of its own merch to explore, too, and offers a variety of discounts based on everything from when you show up to special veteran discounts.

4. Substance

Substance refers to itself as a community dispensary, with several locations around Bend and an eye on destigmatizing the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. With so many locations, Substance is a great place to stop for a quick pickups and supports curbside pickups for those ordering online if you want to be extra speedy. It’s also a great place to support if you want to further cannabis advocacy and education.

5. The Vth LMNT

The hardest part about using the Vth is knowing how to pronounce it (the 5th Limit), but if you’re serious about your weed products, don’t let that stop you. The Vth describes itself using words like “artisan” and “boutique” but don’t assume that’s just hipster flair: The Vth is an organization of cannabis professionals interested in the very best and charts its flower carefully from indoor farms located in Hillsboro right to your Bend dispensary counter.

6. Oregon Euphorics

Oregon Euphorics is another great stop if you’d like to browse, with a handy Westside location that’s also a perfect stop if you’re heading up or down from Mt. Bachelor – and it has a minimalistic ordering process online that’s great for finding what you’re looking for. They’ve also got a rewards program if you want to be a frequent visitor. Oh, if you’re on a mission to check out some of the best beer in Oregon, don’t forget to stop by Goodlife Brewing’s taproom just next door for some brews and food.

7. Smokelore

One of the most popular downtown dispensaries, Smokelore is a great stop for those who want to browse downtown shops, restaurants, and bars but are also interested in stopping by a dispensary. The dispensary, located close to Old Town’s historic homes, is surprisingly cozy thanks to its retrofitted designed that combines cabin charms with smooth shopping and service: You may find yourself spending more time there than you thought, or asking if you can snap a photo of a display to share with friends.

8. Cannabend

Cannabend has a friendly spot toward the northern section of the city, a walk away from midtown’s Mckay’s Cottage, which is a common recommendation for breakfast in Bend. Like other dispensaries in the area, Cannabend has a robust array of discounts, including a rotating discount based on the day of the week (Saturday if you want dabs, Wednesday for pre-rolled joints, and so on).

9. Dr. Jolly’s

Don’t let Dr. Jolly’s back-of-the-lot location on 3rd street dismay you: It’s one of the friendliest dispensaries in the city with top notch service and a spacious storefront that allows you to shop through a broad selection of expertly arranged products and accessories. If you want a lot of flower choices or are visiting with a group, it’s an excellent cannabis stop.

10. DiamondTREE

DiamondTREE has been in the Central Oregon cannabis business for more than 10 years, starting as a medical dispensary and expanding into a wide variety of marijuana products when recreational weed was legalized. That’s one of the reasons it has won multiple reader poll awards for one of the best dispensaries in the region. There are both eastside and westside locations to stop by, and their experience in the industry makes both shops great places to stop if you want a large selection and helpful advice.

8 Tips for Buying Cannabis in Bend, Oregon

  1. You’ll need your government-issued ID when walking into a cannabis dispensary: It’s not a big deal, but budtenders will need to check it before you can start shopping.
  2. If you’re staying at a hotel or an Airbnb, always check their smoking and cannabis consumption policies. You may need to find a smoke-friendly area or make other adjustments depending on the rules at your location.
  3. People like to shop for cannabis in different ways, with eyes on different specifications. Bend products are generally tests for THC and CBD with clear percentages provided, but many dispensaries always make recommendations based on strain if you want the indica and sativa details.
  4. There are daily limits to what customers can purchase in Oregon, which is worth keeping in mind if you’re only in Bend for a limited amount of time. That limit includes nothing more than 1oz of usable cannabis, 5 grams of concentrates, 16oz or edibles, and so on. And, and please keep in mind it is still illegal to transport cannabis products across state lines.
  5. “Public” consumption of recreational cannabis in Oregon is technically illegal and can result in hefty fines. That includes places like city parks, riversides, street corners, and so on. People may sometimes ignore this, but if you light up in these areas know that it comes with a risk.
  6. Want to save a little time? If you live in a cannabis-friendly area, you may know about Dutchie, the online platform that enables buyers to order their buds online and then pick them up, the same way you would with food. Well, while Dutchie works with over 5,000 dispensaries in the country, it was founded and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, so you can bet that our dispensaries are online friendly.
  7. We know it’s still a concern about whether a dispensary requires cash or not for a purchase. Dispensaries in Bend are sometimes supported by local credit unions and other institutions that allow them to accept credit cards (including Tokyo Starfish and other top picks), so you don’t always need to worry about having cash on hand. If a dispensary does require cash, they generally make sure there’s an ATM at hand.
  8. Tipping your budtender is always a nice move, especially if they helped you locate a particular flower you had in mind or provided advice on what sort of product would work best for you.

Planning a Permanent Move to Bend?

Moving to a new city can be stressful – but it shouldn’t be. Moving to Bend works to inform those interested in coming here about everything they should know. That includes where to live and what to know about renting, work opportunities, how to navigate the school system, and much more. Visit our site to learn more about our specific relocation services and how we can help you today.

The Top 10 Amazing Bend Oregon Golf Courses


Central Oregon has a great reputation as a destination for golfing trips, and it’s easy to see why: From the gorgeous views of the Cascades as you play across dozens of courses to the ease of finding an excellent craft beer or hearty meal afterwards, Bend is a popular place to tee off. Of course, it’s even better for locals who can get the most out of every golfing season while living just minutes away from their favorite courses.

Over the years, a broad variety of courses and clubs have opened around Central Oregon to meet golfing demand, from clubs located right in town to more remote locations that embrace the surrounding beauty of the landscape. There are enough courses that it can be difficult to decide where to begin, especially if you are scouting out Bend for the first time, or recently moved to Central Oregon. Our rundown of popular nearby courses is the perfect place to start.

1. The Nicklaus Course at Pronghorn Golf Club


It’s easy to recommend the Nicklaus course at Pronghorn to any newcomer. It features classic views of the Cascades and nearby lava rock formations — a welcoming invitation to explore the Central Oregon outdoors under a vast blue sky and perfect summer weather. As the name indicates, it was designed by Jack Nicklaus, and is a no-nonsense course that features back-to-back par 5 holes on the back nine for those who are truly devoted to finishing the course.

2. Brasada Ranch


Brasada Canyons is an excellent course for those who prefer rugged, desert views. Surrounded by expansive plains and sage, this course also prioritizes privacy, with no two holes running in parallel. But Brasada Ranch is also far more than just golf – it’s a full-experience resort designed to mimic an Old West experience right in the heart of Oregon. That includes horseback riding and beautiful décor in the rooms, plus a full spa, live music, a well-equipped athletic center, fine dining, and frequent seasonal events. That makes Brasada an excellent place for a weekend getaway or longer…plus, you’ll need to be a member or official guest to use the course, and tee fees are waived if you book a long enough stay.

3. River’s Edge Golf Course


River’s Edge is one of the very few courses located smack in midtown Bend, behind the Riverhouse Hotel. That makes it accessible from almost anywhere in Bend. The 18-hole course is the perfect Central Oregon outdoor experience when you aren’t teeing off, including a variety of terrain and mountain views – check out the drone footage for yourself. It’s also one of the only courses that stays open as much as possible year-round, although you’ll want to bundle up if you go on a cold day. A full-service pro golf shop and restaurant are located on the premises as well.

4. Widgi Creek Golf Club


Widgi Creek’s spacious course is located in the Deschutes National Forest of southern Bend, where it offers classic rolling greens with a forest backdrop – and one of the longest par 5s on the West Coast. The club includes both putting greens and chipping greens for more casual play, as well as pickleball. There’s also a full-service spa on the premises, a full-service bar, and a venue that can be booked for a variety of events. The proximity to the city makes this a particularly popular course for those who like regular golf sessions.

5. Lost Tracks Golf Club


Another forest course, Lost Tracks was designed by Brian Whitcomb and includes 7,000 yards and a rugged, adventurous style that can feel like an old-fashioned hike in Central Oregon as you make your way between holes (don’t worry, the carts all have built-in GPS if hiking isn’t your idea of fun). This public course includes generous annual passes for Bend residents.

6. Awbrey Glen Golf Club


Awbrey Glen’s championship course is known for its embrace of the craggy rocks that make up so much of the Cascades, along with an array of beautiful small lakes. It has one of the best practice centers in the state, including a double-ended driving range. All practice center activities are open to the public without the need for a membership, making this an excellent option for brushing up on your skills.

7. Broken Top Club


Broken Top takes its golfing seriously; it’s an entirely private club situated within the city, but those interested in a full membership will be able to enjoy a pleasant course designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish, combining traditional aspects of beloved courses worldwide with Central Oregon views. The Club also offers PGA professionals who teach golf lessons and clinics. They provide custom club fitting for your gear and rotate a selection of seasonal golf apparel as well. That’s in addition to the full suite of club amenities, including massage rooms, steam rooms, spas, tennis courts, and much more.

8. Tetherow Golf Club


Voted one of the top 10 courses in Oregon by Golf Digest, Tetherow’s course was designed by David McLay Kidd, known for his work on the Bandon Dunes courses, some of the most well-known golfing options on the West Coast. The full course includes plenty of mountain views, and a fun partnership with GolfBoards, electric skateboards that you can use to navigate around the club. It’s also particularly friendly for local play, offering special discounts to locals and allowing golfers under 17 to play for free. The lodge also includes plenty of amenities, including an excellent fitness center.

9. Aspen Lakes Golf Course


Aspen Lakes is a bit longer of a drive over to the town of Sisters, but it’s a must-play course if you love mountain views. Up here, the Three Sisters peaks are much closer, and the 18-hole course is a well-planned adventure. You’ll notice unique red sand bunkers along the course that are made from crushed red cinders (something Bend also uses to deal with road ice in the winter). It’s not surprising that this course has achieved accolades like the best overall golf experiences in the Northwest, as well as the best new affordable golf courses by Golf Digest.

10. Meadows Golf Course


Sunriver is around 20 minutes from the outskirts of Bend, and golf fans will want to make the commute at some point to explore Sunriver’s excellent – and affordable – resort courses. We’ll highlight Meadows as one of the most popular options to start with. Designed by John Fought, the course was specifically influenced by early American courses from the 1920s, evoking a sense of grandeur that has led it to host USGA and NCAA championships. Since it’s open to the public and first come, first serve, you’ll want to plan an early outing here if possible. Fortunately, Sunriver Resort is packed with plenty of other things to do, too! 

What you should know about golfing in Bend

  • Think about the views. Bend’s courses can differ greatly thanks to the varied landscape. Mountain views, rolling hills, meadows, placid rivers, pine forests, desert plains – which backdrop do you prefer? What sort of landscape do you like to golf in? Keep in mind this can also affect difficultly, and some Central Oregon courses can be particularly challenging when they incorporate natural elements.
  • Bring your camera. Another thing about all those views – they’re an excellent opportunity for photos as you play a round. Your phone will work fine for a social media post, but those who like to mix their photography and golf should bring something a bit more professional to really benefit from the shots you can find.
  • As always, watch the weather. Golf lives by the season in a high desert climate. Courses generally close for the winter, or at least for snowstorms, and they can be uncomfortably cold until temperatures start warming up in mid-spring. Likewise, Bend has had temps over 100 degrees in the hottest parts of summer, which may be too hot to comfortably play for some. Keep an eye on the weather when making your plans: Bend provides plenty of sunny days and moderate temperatures that are perfect for a golf game.
  • Explore your after-golf meal options. While not all clubs offer much in the way of food, some like Awbrey Glen do have more expansive menus curated by skilled chefs. That’s an option if you’re short on time and still want a good meal, but otherwise nothing is really on par (ha) with some of the fine dining you can find in Bend, like Bos Taurus, Ariana’s, Zydeco, and even brunch options like Lemon Tree. Remember to make some reservations along with your golf plans, and you’ll be set.
  • Looking for deals? Check out sites like Groupon, which offer local deals and online booking, some as low as $10 to $20 for a round. You won’t find all courses here, but it’s a great way to explore golfing and save some money.

Interested in learning more? Moving to Bend can help

We know a lot more than just golf at Moving to Bend. While researching what Central Oregon has to offer is fun, when you are serious about moving here, we have a host of relocation services that can help. That includes guides on how to get to Bend schools, help finding work, services to find a rental, and more. Let us know how we can make your move easier!