Millennials on the move

You don’t have to look far for stories on how young people are willing to live on a sailboat rather than in an apartment if it means affording top-dollar cities like San Francisco. These stories suggest millennials are willing to live in minivans, under someone’s staircase, or even wooden crates if it means achieving urban nirvana.But do they? While it’s true millennials are moving in droves across the U.S., they may be targeting different cities than you think. To take a closer look at their most recent migration patterns, we used 2016 census data to explore the cities and states with the youngest new residents, where millennials make up the largest populations, and the cities turning into hot spots for international audiences. Check out the latest trends below.

Most youthful residents in America

Millennials may not be moving as often as the generations before them, but when it comes to finding the right work opportunities, they’re more than willing to pack up their desks for a change of scenery. One study found 85 percent of millennials were willing to relocate for a job, and 82 percent thought being flexible with where they lived was a necessity if they wanted to be successful. Thankfully, that doesn’t always mean they have to be willing to relocate to some of America’s most expensive states. New residents moving from out of state into North Dakota had the youngest median age on average: just over 23 years old. North Dakota is one of the best states for businesses, so its strong economic climate could be a part of the draw for millennials. Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, and Nebraska also had the youngest median age range of new residents moving from out of state. And even if they aren’t quite there yet, some states are starting to trend younger compared to years past. The median age of people relocating to Louisiana was nearly 28 years old in 2016, a more than 20-month decrease from the year prior. Nebraska, Illinois, and Washington also trended younger with their newest residents.

Both ends of the age spectrum

In years past, millennials may have wanted the true “big city” experience until they realized how much it was going to cost. Now, the urban vibe is available in many more states, and businesses not being open around the clock may no longer be a drag for young people looking to relocate. Charlotte, North Carolina; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Nashville, Tennessee – sometimes referred to as “18-hour cities”are just a few places where millennials are finding the city atmosphere (and job opportunities) they want at prices they can afford. In 2016, it was cities including Greensboro, North Carolina; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Detroit, Michigan, that had the youngest new residents ranging from 23 to 24 years old. Cities like Greensboro are known for their metropolitan energy and thriving communities – and a below-average cost of living. Other cities could be experiencing the opposite effect though. Stockton, California; Newark, New Jersey; and St. Petersburg, Florida, had the oldest new residents, ranging from 34 to 38 years old on average.

States appealing to millennials on the move

Despite skyrocketing costs of living and occasionally overcrowded living conditions, states like California, Michigan, and New York are still popular destinations for millennials on the move. But one state managed to beat them all for the highest percentage of millennial newcomers in 2016: Minnesota. It might get more than a little cold in this Midwest region, but Minnesota’s position as one of the best states in America for quality of life, a booming economic climate, and a strong metropolitan scene made it the premier destination for millennials in 2016. Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio also ranked among the most popular states for millennials recently willing to relocate.

A different type of city life

The go-to cities and states for millennials looking for job opportunities, community atmosphere, and even the scenic outdoors aren’t exclusive to a select number of overpriced locations. In reality, every corner of the country has its own pockets of younger residents who’ve helped imbue the best parts of urban life. Places like Sunnyvale, California (home to tech giants like Google and Facebook), still accounted for a vast majority of millennial relocations on the West Coast, but in the South, it’s a different situation. More than 70 percent of newcomers to Arlington, Virginia, were millennials in 2016, followed by nearly 65 percent in Newport News, Virginia, and over 61 percent in Norfolk. Virginia offers new residents plenty of opportunity for booming locals due to its quality of life and positive business growth. New Haven, Connecticut, saw more millennial movement than Boston or Jersey City, and Madison, Wisconsin, proved more popular than Minneapolis, Cincinnati, or Chicago.

Importing Talent

If there’s one industry that’s had a profound impact on migration patterns it’s technology. While the cities and states enjoying a positive influx of residents and employees have continued to expand, even immigration into the U.S. is owed in a large part to the availability of tech jobs in popular regions. Millennials coming from outside the U.S. were more likely to land in Berkeley, California, than any other city in 2016. Berkeley ”home to the University of California” is just steps away from Silicon Valley. Nearly 74 percent of new international residents moving to Berkeley were millennials. Tempe, Arizona; Omaha, Nebraska; and Durham, North Carolina, saw similar migration patterns from millennials in 2016.

Settling in, not settling down

Millennials may not be moving as often as generations before them, but they know having the best job opportunities can mean being willing to relocate – sometimes thousands of miles away. Instead of flocking to major metropolitan areas where the cost of living has exploded, though, young people are finding their urban communities in new and surprising locations.


To compile the data used in this article, we looked at the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 population estimates. We calculated the percentage of new millennial residents by finding out the numbers of 20- to 34-year-olds relative to the entire population that moved from out of state. We considered only people who moved from out of state, exclusive of those abroad, unless otherwise noted.


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Upon relocating to Bend to be near family, Stacy has volunteered her time in the Future Center at Summit High School in Bend. Stacy stays on top of current trends in college admissions and continues to attend opportunities for professional growth through credible professional organizations. She also travels extensively visiting colleges to learn about exciting programs at universities in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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Bend, Oregon: The Beauty of the Bubble

If there was ever a time to be thankful that I moved to Bend, Oregon, it’s now. My family and friends still live back East in NYC, New Jersey and Florida and every time I turn on the news, my heart sinks for what is happening in the world outside of our bubble. Though Oregon as a whole is struggling with COVID-19 issues, Deschutes County to be specific has been lucky thus far with the impact on our community. There are certainly people and businesses struggling during this scary time, yet the community continues to chip in and do whatever is necessary to lend a helping hand. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with locals asking for help and equally flooded with those responding to those in need. Whether it’s people offering to make grocery trips or run errands for those unable to do so, volunteers delivering food and essentials to those in need, teachers tirelessly working to connect with students who are struggling with the new online curriculum or the medical staff working round the clock, taking care of the ill and working to keeping the rest of us healthy.
Bend, OR has always proven to be a place of love, kindness and selflessness but in this time of need, you have proven that no matter how big or how fast our city grows, the core values of humanity are still very much intact. Below are just a few local stories of how the community of Bend is taking care of each other.

“You are all such beautiful people! Thank you all so much in participating in making my amazing daughters birthday special! You guys went above and beyond and she was so truly amazed with every rock she found!!…From the beautiful videos, messages and beyond overall love and kindness we can not say Thank You enough! From the bottom of our hearts and from my family to yours SPREAD THE LOVE Bless you all! Will post videos in the comments too!”

“I’m a single mom of a seriously respiratory compromised 3 (almost) year old,…but we need diapers, wipes, and laundry soap that doesn’t set his asthma off I was directed to this group and have been amazed at the love and kindness I have already seen if anyone could help I would appreciate it so much!…”
Update: Our needs have been met! Thank you so much everyone for your kindness and generosity! Stay safe everyone!

“Would anyone be willing to go to Costco for me tomorrow? I’m pregnant and due soon and don’t want to risk being out and about…My son and I are both high risk and unfortunately my partner works overnight and sleeps during the hours of operation. I can send you with money for my needs. Thank you!”
Update: need has been met by a wonderful soul! Thank you to everyone.

10 Easy Ways to Settle into Bend

© Nate Wyeth

Looking for fast ways to make connections, join the community and get involved in Bend? There are plenty of ways to get started once you move to Bend, no matter your preferred speed. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Plan a Few Trips Up to the Mountains

The slopes are famous for skiing, snowboarding, and various snow park activities – and that’s a great place to start. But if you don’t like winter sports, don’t let that stop you! Warmer months on the slopes offer chairlift rides, ziplines, rafting, disc golf and of course plenty of hiking opportunities. See Bend from new heights, and you’ll understand what makes it special!

2. Learn Which Parks Speak to You

Bend is overflowing with parks. Some are downtown leisure spots following the Deschutes River. Others are dog parks complete with playful fountains. Some are filled with towering Ponderosa trees, while others are exciting desert lookouts. Find your favorite kind of park and start spending more time there.

3. Volunteer or Join a Parks and Rec Program

Bend has a ton of volunteer options for all kinds of help, as well as a robust Parks and Rec system with plenty of programs for teaching kids, cleaning up natural preserves, and much more. Try out a few different volunteer opportunities and get to know the community better!

4. Volunteer for Local Events

There are also lots of opportunities to volunteer for local events. Big festivals like Beerfest and the seasonal festivals are always looking for people to help out in a variety of ways. It’s one of the best options for having fun while getting to know the community.

5. Experiment with Different Lunch Options

Bend is filled with incredible, highly localized food options, but it’s difficult to discover them when you have a busy schedule. One of the easiest ways is to start experimenting with your lunches. Maybe once a week or so, try ordering lunch from a place you’ve never been too – or if you work in a central location, walk down and find a food cart or restaurant spot to experiment with. Most carts and meal spots offer UberEats or Doordash, so getting your meals isn’t difficult – and you can find out what’s going on in Bend’s food scene!

6. Find a Favorite After-Work Watering Hole

Take advice from your peers, but don’t be afraid to strike out on your own! Many amazing spots in Bend – including Crux, The Lot, Spoken Moto, Jackson’s Corner and more – specialize in community-style dining or drinking with large tables where strangers can quickly become friends. Find your favorite place to grab a beer and meet new people.

7. Head to a Few Concerts

From Les Schwab summer concerts to local pub music nights, you can find bands playing anywhere in Bend. Check out music events that feature styles you enjoy and make some trips to hear them play – or get involved in the music scene yourself!

8. Look for Local Races and Adventures

Bend is packed with foot and bike racing events, so if you love the active lifestyle there are numerous opportunities to find your stride here. If racing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other groups that love to hike, bird-watch, and much more.

9. Plan Out Your Garden (or Other Growing Project)

If you have a yard space, garden or a windowsill with high ambitions, start planning what you want to grow! This gives you a great opportunity to study the climate and wildlife of Bend, find out what works best in the area, and make contacts with nurseries and growers around the city.

10. Find Your Favorite Trails

Whether you want to head up to the mountains for an all-day hike to a lake or settle for a winding walk around local landmarks, there’s a hike in Bend with your name on it. Finds some weekends to explore, and you’ll meet plenty of like-minded folk on the trails with you!