Utility Companies

The City of Bend is serviced by several companies when it comes to utilities. Your address is what determines which company will take care of your power, gas, water, sewer and waste removal.

There are a couple of interactive maps that will help you find the correct company for your address:

  • Oregon.gov for electric and natural gas utilities
    • Enter your zip code.
    • Use the zoom tool to find your location.
    • Once you find your location, select the electric utilities or natural gas utilities on the left side of the screen to display the appropriate utility provider for your location.
  • City of Bend for water and sewer
    • Select the tab on the bottom left of the screen and then make sure that the “water and sewer layer” is selected.
    • Click on the “layers view” and then click the “show legend” option.
    • The map will display the areas that are covered by the various water companies.


Natural Gas

Water and Sewer

Waste Removal


Cable and Internet