Utility Companies

The City of Bend is serviced by several companies when it comes to utilities. Your address is what determines which company will take care of your power, gas, water, sewer and waste removal.

The Central Oregon city offers a couple of interactive maps that will help you find the correct company for your address and city limits:

  • Oregon.gov for electric and natural gas utilities
    • Enter your zip code.
    • Use the zoom tool to find your location.
    • Once you find your location, select the electric utilities or natural gas utilities on the left side of the screen to display the appropriate utility provider for your location.
  • City of Bend for water and sewer
    • Select the tab on the bottom left of the screen and then press the tab on the bottom left and make sure that the “water and sewer layer” is selected.
    • Click on the “layers view” and then click the “show legend” option.
    • The map will display the areas that are covered by the various water companies.

New Utility Billing Software

The City of Bend utility department and city council has recently implemented a new utility billing software. Here is some information to be aware of based on frequently asked questions:

  • No new changes were made to the online payment system, Invoice Cloud.
  • Through the transition, payment information and automatic payments were retained and kept secure so there is no need to update your payment method, bank account numbers, or credit card information if there have not been any recent changes.
  • For in-person payments and payment drop boxes, you may go to the Utility Billing office located at 639 NW Franklin Avenue or access the drive-up drop box located at 710 NW Wall Street, the City Hall parking lot.
  • For some utility accounts, billing due dates have been altered but the 30-day billing cycle has remained. We advise you to check to see if you’re a utility customer whose due dates have been changed to avoid late payments fees.
  • All sewer customers’ monthly sewer charges include a base charge plus a volume charge based on your Winter Quarter Average. 
  • Proration methods have been updated, visit bendoregon.gov to learn more.

For more information regarding your utility bills and the bend utility department, visit www.bendoregon.gov or reach out to customer service.


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