Buying Homes

If you’re planning on buying a house in Bend, there are several things you should know prior to your new home search. Just like rentals, the market for buying property is also highly competitive. Here are some important tips and resources to help you buy a house in Bend.

Buying in Bend

If you’re planning on buying a property in Bend, here are some things to consider given the city’s increased popularity and population.

  • Unless you’re accustomed to the over-inflated prices of real estate in an urban city, Bend real estate is surprisingly pricey. Many homeowners moving to Bend are moving with remote jobs at higher salaries, increasing the average home price to over $683,000. as of December 2021.
  • As with many other regions across the country, spring and summer months are the height of the real estate market. Although there’s more inventory during that time, the prices of homes are higher and bidding wars are quite common.
  • There are no “bad” neighborhoods in Bend but there is a higher price tag associated with different neighborhoods, specifically those in the NW quadrant. Expect to pay substantially more or less money for the same house in different quadrants of the city. Make sure you familiarize yourself with Bend and its various neighborhoods before purchasing a home. You don’t want to overpay for something that’s not important to you or find out after the fact there was a reason why the house was more affordable.
  • Bend is growing like crazy. It’s growing up and it’s growing out. Before you buy anything, contact the city’s Building & Planning Department to find out more about the house, the lot and the general vicinity surrounding your house. You don’t want to find out a new retail or commercially zoned district has been approved next door or the university is expanding behind your house.

Browse the current residential and commercial properties listings in the greater Bend area in the Central Oregon Public MLS. The Beacon Report offers local residential and commercial property appraisal data. Another helpful resource is the Deschutes County Dial, where you can find current information about local properties.

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