Walk Your Pet Month: 10 Best Parks & Trails for Dogs

Bend offers miles of trails and numerous dog parks to exercise your best friend.

If you are moving to Bend with a beloved dog, your pawed friend will love the many outdoor locations to explore around Central Oregon! On your journey to find the best spots, we suggest starting with these pet-friendly parks and trails.

1. Riverbend Dog Park

This beautiful park is nestled right against the Old Mill shops and is one of the best locations in Bend for pups who love playing in the water. In addition to a fenced-in run area, the park also has direct access to the shores of the Deschutes River – one of the only legal river access points for dogs within city limits. It can get a bit crowded in summer, so it’s a good pick if your pet likes lots of doggy friends!

2. Deschutes River Trail

This is almost a combo with the Riverbend Dog Park, so they are so close together, but these popular trail loops go along the river, across bridges, and back again to Old Mill (with alternative trails going from there). The average loop only takes an hour or two depending on your speed, and it’s a perfect spot for jogging or walking with your dog, with tons to explore. It does get busy, though.

3. Bob Wenger Memorial at Pine Nursery

This dedicated off-leash section of the park is perfect for owners living in the area. It’s a combination between park and trails, with more than 18 acres to explore or jog with pets. There’s also a special spray park activated in summer, water fountains for dogs, and free poop bags for all.

4. Big Sky

Big Sky is a smaller park that’s perfect for short sessions with your pet…and teens, since the nearby BMX track gives kids plenty to do as well. It’s a large off-leash area that includes a doggy pond and other amenities.

5. Gooddog!/Rimrock Trail

This loop near the city offers perfect park views and an off-leash environment for dogs to explore, including waterfalls, lawns, and groves. The smaller park, with its easy terrain, is a nice trail for those who may have accessibility needs and allows it to stay a viable option throughout much of winter.

6. Overturf Butte Reservoir

Does your doggo like climbing and more mountainous terrain? This four-acre, off-leash park is a perfect spot for exercise and exploration, including short trails. It’s a bit rougher than some parks in Bend, so you’ll have to bring your own source of water, but active dogs will love it!

7. North Fork Trail

For the more adventurous, this part of the Tumalo Falls Park is great for a day of exploration and will give dogs miles to explore with this gorgeous loop that’s surrounded by fir trees. Tumalo Falls is filled with great trails that dogs can enjoy, but this is the place to start!

8. Shevlin Park Commons

This hiking spot overlooks the desert and mountain range, is easy to get to, and is a perfect spot for taking doggy photos. Just get there early, because the trail can become very busy!

9. Ponderosa Park

Ponderosa Park has a fenced-in 5 acres for dogs to cut loose as much as they want, including poop bags, water fountains, and restrooms (for the humans). There’s also a subsection that’s designed for smaller dogs and pets that don’t like as much roughhousing

10. Green Lakes Trails

If you’re looking for a full weekend adventure with your lovable companion, you can’t do better than Green Lakes. This system of trails has an incredibly varied landscape, lots of different areas to explore, and incredible views. It gets very popular for camping in the summer months, which is why dogs are generally required to be on leash when the trail is open.