6 Things Made in Bend

Hydro Flask is one of a number of popular products made in Bend.

Bend is packed with entrepreneurs and some very helpful incubators for a variety of businesses, so it’s no surprise that the city is the source of many popular products with brands rising in fame (in addition to the already famous beer, of course). If you’re looking for something to take home with you as you start the process to relocate to Bend, give to a friend while moving to Bend, or just try out, these are our top picks!

1. Hydro Flask

Few Bend product companies grew quite as fast or became quite as popular in the 2010s than Hydro Flask. The company produces extra-durable insulated canisters, flasks, and bottles that are made for the roughest outdoor use while still keeping your drink warm or cool throughout the adventure. The rugged design is backed by a double wall “TempShield” vacuum insulation. Their products have a variety of designs for different types of beverages or traveling (including food options). The sheer number of imitators that have arisen in recent years is a testament to their success, but there’s only one Hydro Flask.

2. Ruffwear

No place is better suited for a company that wants to make sure your dog is ready to adventure with you – so it’s no surprise Ruffwear found success in Bend. These are far cries from the sweaters or kerchiefs that other dog owners may use: Ruffwear offers durable, outdoor-ready coats, boots, harnesses, packs, flotation devices, collapsible bowls, and much more to ensure your furry friend can join you no matter what you’re doing (nor how much they like to gnaw on things).

3. Cairn

Subscription boxes have been immensely popular for the past several years, but no one quite does what Cairn does. Headquartered in Bend, the company offers monthly or quarterly boxes specifically filled with outdoor items to test out and enjoy. That includes hammocks, trail snacks, handwarmers, bug spray, stuff packs, gel insoles, lip balm, flashlights, hoodies…pretty much anything you may need to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what you like.

4. Picky Bars

Energy bars can be a tough sell, but Picky Bars hit on a brilliant formula. Their bars are surprisingly delicious, gluten-free, avoid both soy and dairy, and include non-GMO ingredients like oats, chia seeds, goji berries, matcha green tea, ginger, and many other combinations. They’re designed for athletes, but perfect for anyone who wants a snack or wants to stay on a diet without enduring bland or fatty food bars.

5. DANI Naturals

Started by in the 1990s, DANI Naturals focuses on using hands-on techniques and natural ingredients for a variety of cosmetics and health products. Today, their line stretches from skincare to body wash, bath bombs, candles, diffusers, and lots more. Each product is made with organic ingredients, 100% vegetable oil bases, and 100% soy-derived products where possible. It’s a great option for people looking for healthy, paraben-free lotions and soaps, those shopping for vegan friends, or people looking for a new way to pamper themselves.

6. Crater Lake Distillery

If you’d prefer to bring home something a bit (or a lot) more alcoholic, Crater Lake Distillery is one of the most popular in Central Oregon. They offer whiskeys, ryes, gins and vodkas in traditional styles made with Cascade water and carefully purified, but they also have plenty of inventive, tasty variations like sweet ginger vodka, northwest berry, hatch green chili, and hazelnut espresso spirits.


Meet Matt Carey from Townhouse Painters

It all began in 1988 when I came to this small town for college. I loved central Oregon’s weather and soon met my wife of now 29 years in this beautiful town. Eventually, we moved back to Beaverton and I began working for a company where I would continue to work for them the next 17 years. All while my wife and I were raising two growing boys and both working. It was then when I was feeling the constant stress of being away from my family that I began observing one of our painting contractors who appeared to have a good balance between life and work. I reached out to the contractor and he agreed to mentor me and still does to this day. It quickly became clear to my family that Bend would be a natural fit as my wife is 5th generation bendite. After moving to Bend, my first job was to paint a mile-long fence. That one fence was the start of my business. A business that has developed and expanded beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

Townhouse does things differently than your average competitive painting company. We let the quality of our work speak for itself. Instead of expensive advertising, catchy brochures our business is built on mostly referrals and word of mouth. Building positive and trusting relationships with our customers is the first step to a job well done. One of our best qualities is how much we value our community. We love to be involved with other local businesses and find ways to support our community.

Job sites are typically very family-oriented. This means safety is most important to us because we know that small children, animals, and adults are constantly moving through the site. We always make sure that we have a safe environment for not only our workers but the families we are working with and once we start a project we do not stop until it is completed and that you are satisfied with the outcome. Making sure we provide notice and coordinate schedules with onsite staff is all in a day’s work.

Inadequate funding? Let us help you devise a strategy to keep your investment’s exterior maintained with good curb appeal and at a budget you can afford with a phased approach.

Communicating and working with our customers to ensure that we are doing all we can for them while sticking to a budget that fits their interests and needs is important for us. Owner, Matt Carey brings 15 years of experience in property and asset management. This expertise allows customers to trust that their expectations will be exceeded and that ensuring the best possible product within a realistic budget is met.

You can contact Matt at Townhouse Painters Bend at (541) 410-1932.

Meet D. E. Rink Construction

The Story of D.E. Rink Construction – Building Central Oregon since 1979

Custom homes and remodels in Central Oregon are most of the 2000 projects that D.E. Rink Construction is very proud of.  Many of the commercial projects on our resume include restaurants, retail buildings, and numerous tenant improvements.  The company built a reputation for quality building, a clean job site, honesty, and timely completion.  For 15 years DE Rink Construction worked in the medical world remodeling all of the St. Charles Hospital campus’, Bend Memorial Clinic, and many private physician and dental offices.   

D.E. Rink Construction joined Central Oregon Builders Association in 1984.  Dave served as president in 1989 and 1999. Throughout the years, it has been a pleasure to attend meetings, serve on the board, attend national conventions and contribute to many volunteer projects.  They have been honored with numerous COBA awards over the years.

D.E. Rink Construction has been a member of the Bend Chamber of Commerce since 1987. Liz participated in Leadership Bend and was a Chamber Ambassador for 5 years. Both Liz and Dave have contributed to many non-profit organizations in our community.  They support BendFilm, Deschutes Historical Museum, Arts and Culture Alliance, Tower Theatre, Boneyard Cycling Team and other exciting pillars of the community.

Through the years, D.E. Rink Construction has been blessed with some talented and dependable employees.  Brianna Janssen, daughter, was the right-hand office manager and decorator for over 10 years.  Throughout their lives, their son and daughter have worked with the business in different ways.

After building in Central Oregon for over 40 years, D.E. Rink Construction continues to build and improve our community.  Bend is welcoming, historical, vibrant, and progressive.  

Please check out our website at to see beautiful photos of homes and projects.  Call us to chat about your ideas and a free consultation (541) 388-0719.  

10 Most Asked Questions About Living in Bend

Living in Bend

At Moving To Bend, we get a lot of questions about living in Bend from newcomers. That’s great! We love answering those questions. But to make things a little easier for those doing research on how to relocate to Bend, we gathered the 10 most commonly asked questions about living here to answer them all in one spot. 

1. What is the Cost of Living Like? 

Above the national average, but this is largely relative. Bend can be expensive but is generally cheaper than the most popular Portland suburbs, and significantly less expensive than places like the Bay Area or the most sought-after spots in Seattle. 

2. What Do You Do To Make Friends?

Bend has a plethora of different events, festivals, workshops, and gatherings to make bonding with others easier. However, COVID-19 has led to many of these opportunities to switch to online versions, at least for now. We suggest that you look at MeetUp and other popular apps to find which groups are arranging web meetings and hop in. Volunteer options are also a great way to get to know people throughout the city!

3. Is There Public Transportation?

Bend has a public bus system with regular stops throughout the city. Getting familiar with ride apps like Uber is a good idea if you don’t feel like you’ll be doing much driving here. If you have a bike, biking through the center of the city can be one of the best ways to easily get around during the day. 

4. What Do You Do When It Starts Snowing?

Fans of Bend’s fresh powder will hit the slopes! But if you love summer activities and aren’t sure what to do in winter, don’t worry. There are plenty of indoor/outdoor places with firepits to cozy up to, and lots of winter adventures for all ages, from snowshoeing in the moonlight to skiing at Mt. Bachelor. But it’s a good idea to grab some snow tires. 

5. What Beer is the Best?

We don’t want to start a fight, so we suggest you try them all yourself! The Bend Ale Trail can help with that. But in the battle of the breweries, Deschutes Brewery generally stands out as the oldest and most well-known brand. 

6. Is Bend Pet Friendly?

Bend is consistently known as one of the most dog-friendly places in the country. There are tons of activities and parks to take your pet, lots of local products just for them, and nearly everywhere you go will have some type of provision for dog companions. 

7. Where is the Best Place to Live in Bend?

All of Bend’s neighborhoods have their advantages, so a lot will depend on what type of living experience (and environment) you want when moving to Bend. That being said, homes near the center of town and Old Mill are generally the most sought after. If you are looking for a rental, start your search early, because vacancy rates can sometimes be a challenge. 

8. Are the People in Bend Friendly?

Bend generally does an excellent job of retaining small-town friendliness and welcoming attitudes for all – it’s a point of pride for the community, which includes a lot of newcomers since Bend has been a popular relocation spot for years. Some are a little worried about how large Bend has become but enjoy the benefits that growth has brought. 

9. What are Job Opportunities Like in Bend?

Great for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Bend also has opportunities in tech, healthcare, recreation of all kinds, and, of course, hospitality and restaurant industries. 

10. What Can I Do If I Don’t Like a Lot of Outdoor Recreation?

While outdoor fun is a big feature of living in Bend, it’s far from the only focus. There are many opportunities for getting involved in the arts, exploring the robust music scene in Bend, finding your favorite café, perusing used bookshops, or just looking for the next good place to eat. While frequent festivals and events have changed a bit during coronavirus times, there are smaller versions of gatherings to look for and many online events as well!

3 Reasons Why Bend is a Hot Relocation Spot

Bend Is A Hot Relocation Spot

With the latest census numbers out from 2019, it’s no surprise that Bend’s population is higher than ever and that the city had an excellent decade of growth, with an estimated 31% increase in population within the last 10 years and around 3% growth last year alone. That’s why Bend continues to make it into the lists of the most popular cities for relocation in the United States. 

Despite the tumult of 2020, we’re still seeing a steady influx of visitors and relocators moving to Bend from other regions – and here’s why that’s important. 

1. Bend Businesses Continue to Thrive from New Customers

More people relocating to Bend for work or family reasons means more opportunities for local businesses to win new customers. Bend brands have long thrived on creating long-term loyalty with a combination of quality and embracing the innate upbeat friendliness of the region. Relocators are a valuable source of new revenue, new ideas – and in some cases, new business partners to create synergy with. 

Once these loyal customers are created, they are also more likely to tell their out-of-town friends and family about the businesses they like most or show off products that they got. This increases brand reach and is a valuable type of ambassadorship. 

2. Bend Still Thrives Even Under Pandemic Conditions

There’s another important reason moving to Bend has remained a popular option in 2020: COVID-19 has not treated many larger cities well, but Bend has several strengths that have enabled it to avoid these problems and continue to be a destination for those looking to find a new job. 

First, the city’s focus on the outdoors is particularly timely while social distancing regulations continue. It’s a lot easier and safe to plan an afternoon of open-air mountain climbing with close friends or family rather than heading to a more crowded location where chances of infection are higher. These outdoor options may not be available in larger urban areas without significant travel. Many outdoor activities in Bend also allow for easy social distancing or solo ventures, from kayaking to fishing or desert hiking. 

Second, businesses in Bend have been in some ways more fortunate that the companies in many other cities. Outdoor companies can continue to focus on Bend’s summer and winter activities without worrying too much about these activities being curtailed (and in some cases, the extra time lockdown has created has actually been a boon). The great summer weather has also meant that businesses can utilize their outdoor areas to the greatest extent possible to ensure customers stay safe while still visiting – there’s a reason food trucks have been so popular this year!

3. Bend Continues to Manage Its Development

When small cities see lots of growth over a short period of time, they can sometimes struggle to match that growth with the proper planning and development. Fortunately, Bend has shown the ability to create proper plans and room for development in accordance with needs changing over time. Rezoning locations, adding another school district, and similar changes are slowly but surely preparing the city for its new residents. 

Remember, if you want to relocate to Bend or learn more about the process, we are here to help with the latest information and services!