6 Tips for Finding a Rental in Bend

If you’re working to find a rental in the Bend area, you’re not alone! New developments are expected to improve rental availability as time goes on, but the market can be tight and prices rose quickly in 2021. If you need to find rentals in Bend that fit your needs, we’ve got the tips to help you get started!

1. List Out Your Must-Haves

Start by listing the things you absolutely need in an apartment. Do you need house rentals with a yard? What about pet-friendly rentals? Do you need a rental within a certain walking/biking distance of a location? How many beds and baths do you need? Is there a specific amenity you must have when it comes to health, security, or other important factors?

By listing out your must-haves, you can narrow down which rentals work for you and understand what sort of rental prices you are working with – key points when beginning your search.

2. Have All Your Application Information Ready to Go

In such a competitive market, it’s important to have your application information ready to go. Rental applications can include detailed information about your finances and income, your past renting history, and much more. They will also generally ask for references from past landlords, employers, or others. Have all this information ready so that you can apply immediately when you find an available rental!

If you are moving to Bend with a pet, your pet will probably need its own application as well with references, proof of vaccines, and so on.

3. Take Advantage of Any Touring Options

Scouting out apartment rentals can be difficult if you need to move fast but haven’t yet seen the rental in person. Take advantage of any touring options you can find like 3D online tours, or schedule visits to similar rental models, etc. You don’t want to skip this important step, but there are ways to still save time.

4. Act Immediately When a New Rental Hits the Market

Viable rentals don’t last long when living in Bend! Keep tabs on new and upcoming rentals so you can take quick action when you find something that’s a good fit. If you’re wondering where to live in Bend, keep a close eye on new developments, especially those that include multi-family housing with higher numbers of rental options. Otherwise, pay attention to any places opening for rent by using a directory website.

All this can be a lot to manage: Moving to Bend’s relocation services in Central Oregon can help if you are interested in finding an agent that can help in the city and keep track of rental opportunities!

5. Expand Your Search Based on Commuting Possibilities

If you have having trouble finding a rental with your must-haves and in your price range, consider expanding your search. People are often happy to commute to Bend from nearby places like Redmond or Sisters: When you expand the number of locations you are looking at, you raise the odds that you can find a rental that’s available and fits your budget. We are also seeing a lot of interested in Prineville as a potential commute option, so if you can expand your search there you may find even more opportunities.

6. Network with Others Looking for Rentals

Juggling the right price, timeframe, location, and amenities can be difficult when finding a rental. It’s a great idea to head over to social media and work on making connections with others looking for rentals in the area. Sometimes this can lead to roommates that will split the costs and make a rental affordable for you. Other times, you may hear about a property opening for rent before it’s officially listed, giving you a bit of an advantage when applying. Every little bit helps.