Parks and Dog Parks

Famous for its plethora of outdoor activities, Bend, Central Oregon has made sure that recreation opportunities are available for all ages remains a focus no matter how large it becomes. That means the city has combined its residential and commercial growth with its devotion to the outdoors, weaving the two together – with plenty of room for man’s best friend, too.


Bend parks and recreation districts range from classic, “throw the ball around” parks in residential neighborhoods to more adventurous parks celebrating the natural features of the city, including the Deschutes River, Ponderosa forests, cascade mountains, and beautiful desert canyons.

Other parks are even more special to Bend’s identity. Drake Park located in downtown Bend follows the gentlest portion of the Deschutes river – ringed by cafes and beautiful homes, it’s the location of many popular Bend events as well as casual walks on warm evenings. Vince Genna Stadium and Fieldhouse, meanwhile, is where families in Bend go to enjoy some baseball and follow local team Bend Elks as well as participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

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Following is a list of parks and addresses in Bend:

  • Al Moody — 2225 NE Daggett Ln
  • Alpine — SW Swarens Ave/Century Dr
  • Aubrey Village — 3015 NW Merchant Way
  • Bend Senior Center — 1600 SE Reed Market Rd
  • Big Sky Park — 21690 NE Neff Rd
  • Blakely Park — 1155 SW Brookswood Blvd
  • Boyd Park — 20750 NE Comet St
  • Brooks Park — 35 NW Drake Rd
  • Columbia Park — 264 NW Columbia St
  • Compass Park — 2500 NW Crossing Dr
  • Davis Park Site — Revere St (end)
  • Deschutes River Prail
  • Dohema River Access — NW Drake & Dohema St
  • Drake Park & Mirror Pond — 777 NW Riverside Blvd
  • Farewell Bend Park — 1000 SW Reed Market Rd
  • First Street Rapids Park — 1980 NW First St
  • Foxborough Park — 61308 Sunflower Ln
  • Gardenside Park — 61750 Darla Pl
  • Harmon Park — 1100 NW Harmon Rd
  • Harvest Park — 63240 Lavacrest St
  • High Desert Park Site — 60895 27th St
  • Hillside I Park — 2050 NW 12th St
  • Hillside II Park — 910 NW Saginaw Ave
  • Hixon Park — 125 SW Crowell Way
  • Hollinshead Park — 1235 NE Jones Rd
  • Hollygrape Park — 19489 SW Hollygrape St
  • Jaycee Park — 478 Railroad St
  • Juniper Park — 800 NE 6th
  • Kiwanis Park — 800 SE Centennial Blvd
  • Larkspur Park — 1700 SE Reed Market Rd
  • Larkspur Trail — 1600 SE Reed Market Rd
  • Lewis & Clark Park — 2520 NW Lemhi Pass Dr
  • McKay Park — 166 SW Shelving Hixon Dr
  • Miller’s Landing Park — 55 NW Riverside Blvd
  • Mountain View Park — 1975 NE Providence Dr
  • O.B. Riley Ranch Reserve — 19975 Glen Vista Rd
  • Orchard Park — 2001 NE 6th St
  • Overturf Park — 475 NW 17th St
  • Pacific Park — 200 NW Pacific Park Ln
  • Pagent Park — 691 NW Drake Rd
  • Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park — 1310 NW Why 20
  • Pine Nursery Park — 3750 NE Purcell Blvd
  • Pine Ridge Park — 61250 Linfield Ct
  • Pine Tree Park Site — Intersection of Purcell St & Empire Ave
  • Pioneer Park — 1525 Wall St
  • Ponderosa Park — 225 SE 15th St
  • Providence Park — 1055 NE Providence Dr
  • Quail Park — 2755 NW Regency St
  • River Canyon Park — 61005 Snowbrush Dr
  • River Rim Park Site — River Rim Dr
  • Riverbend Park — 799 SW Columbia St
  • Riverview Park — 225 NE Division St
  • Rock Ridge Park Site — NE 18th St
  • Sawyer Park — 62999 O.B. Riley Rd
  • Sawyer Uplands Park — 700 NW Yosemite Dr
  • Shevlin Park — 18920 Shevlin Park Rd
  • Skyline Sports Complex — 19617 Mountaineer Way
  • Stover Park — 1650 NE Watson Dr
  • Summit Park — 1150 NW Promontory Dr
  • Sun Meadow Park — 61150 Dayspring Dr
  • Sunset View Park — 990 NW Stannium Rd
  • Sylvan Park — 2996 NW Three Sisters Dr
  • Three Pines Park — 19089 Mt. Hood Pl
  • Tillicum Park/Chase Ranch — 18144 Couch Market Rd
  • Wildflower Park — 60955 River Rim Dr
  • Woodriver Park — 61690 Woodriver Dr

Dog Parks

It would be very unlikely to walk past a park in Bend and not see dogs at play! But Bend has a number of off-leash dog parks around the city that are specifically designed for your four-legged friends to play, including Big Sky Park & Luke Damon Sports Complex, Discovery Park, Hillside Park, Hollinshead Park, Overturf Park, Pine Nursery Park, Ponderosa Park and Riverbend Park. There’s always a dog park relatively nearby to explore, each with unique features.

Riverbend Park, in particular, is a popular spot in the summer because this Old Mill park borders the river and happy dogs can leap, swim and splash as much as they want (although it can get a little crowded). Bend provides dog waste bags and trash receptacles at many of the parks and trails to aid in cleanup.


Whether you want to go fishing for rainbow trout with the family, horseback riding with your friends, or have a romantic lunch at a picnic table next to a fire pit, Deschutes County has the best places for any outdoor recreation activity. Notable for its variety of state parks, Bend Oregon receives a lot of park users all year round. With this in mind, these easy-access recreation areas may require a daily or annual permit. For instance, if you’re looking for winter recreation parking areas to venture into a snowmobile trail, sledding hill, or snowshoe trail, you may have to purchase a sno-park permit.

Along with winter recreation parks, Bend also has many popular RV sites to visit in the warmer seasons. If you’re visiting an RV resort or RV park, it’s important to be aware of the park amenities. The majority of the RV community parks have an on-site restroom facility and shower facility but we recommend looking into the amenities if you’re going to a new park. Regardless of the season that you visit, the beautiful city of Bend has plenty to offer.