Who Has The Crystal Ball Of Real Estate In Central Oregon?

Sorry, I don’t have the Crystal Ball.  It does appear that some sellers that are listing their homes too high are now taking a price reduction.  It is still a seller’s market, but sellers might want to list closer to actual list price as is always the best listing strategy.

Buyers still have to be more than ready as the pool of buyers is still very large even with a little more inventory.

Now, for a few numbers reflecting the market.  Median price in Bend is $640,000 a whopping increase of $176,000 over June 2020.  This is fueled by 20% of home sales being over $1,000,000.  List price to sales price is consistently around 105% for all price bands in the market, so most homes are still receiving multiple offers.  Days on the market holds steady at around 4 days with an inventory of less than 1 month.

There is a similar story in Redmond.  Median price is $451,000 with an increase of $119,000 over June of 2020.  Days on the market is at 4, inventory is less than 1 month and list price to sales price is over 100%.

Median sales price in Sisters in $610,000, Sunriver $792,000, LaPine $352,000 and Crook County $378,000.

For more information on this and other market trends, contact Mark Holme

2021 Best of Entertainment in Bend, Oregon

Oregon has reached its vaccination goals, ended all COVID 19-related restrictions, and fully opened again – which means everyone in Bend is excited to finally get out again and spend some time with each other at our favorite events. If you’re new to living in Bend, you may be wondering just what events to look forward to. Let’s look at Bend’s best entertainment options for the rest of the year!

Les Schwab Amphitheater Concerts

If you’re wondering what to do in Bend now that there are no crowd restrictions, Les Schwab has put together an incredible late summer/autumn lineup this year, and you should be able to find something you or your family will enjoy. Death Cab for Cutie, Dave Matthews Band, Modest Mouse, Jimmy Eat World, Flogging Molly…there’s a lot to choose from in 2021! Act quickly to find tickets at reasonable prices!

First Fridays

The First Friday Art Walks are back every month until cold weather arrives, and it’s a better way than ever to spend your Friday evening. Downtown Bend opens and spills out into the streets with exhibits, discounts, and free drinks. For those wondering what to do in Bend, it’s a great way to get acquainted with many downtown businesses and people – you’ll be planning additional outings in no time.

Music on the Water/Munch N’ Music

These are two summer music series ideal for more laidback outdoor activities in Bend. One focuses on the beautiful views at Elk Lake Resort, while the other encourages you to enjoy local snacks at Drake Park.

Family Fun Float

If you are looking for things to do in Central Oregon with the family, we highly recommend preparing for the July 14th Family Fun Float at the Sunriver Marina, which offers two to six-person rafts for a fun river floating experience.

Deschutes County Fair & Rodeo

For more traditional fun, the County Fair & Rodeo starts on July 28th and packs the Redmond Expo Center with events, carnival games, food, exhibits and animals, concerts, and of course the rodeo itself.

Bend Beer Chase 2021

This September 25 event is for the more athletic – and beer lovers, of course! It’s a relay race with six-person teams that covers around 55 miles from Bend to Redmon and back. Even if relay running isn’t your style, you can happily cheer on friends or help runners find each other to form teams! There are also a variety of smaller races (often beer related as well), being planned across the city for those interested in a less strenuous option.

Theater in the Park 2021

Theater in the Park continues August 20 with a Dark Park production of Into the Woods. We especially recommend getting VIP tickets if possible, as they include catering from the delicious local Peruvian fusion restaurant Hola!.

Bend Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is back in style starting on September 18th, bringing back the classics like stein holds, beer bongs, dancing, traditional music, the wiener dog race, and – of course – lots and lots of beer. A wide variety of local food and products will also be available, with plenty of highlights on traditional German foods plus much more, so there’s sure to be something for everyone here.

Bend Fall Festival

Those moving to Bend should always mark the date for our seasonal festivals. While Summerfest just passed us by in early July, the Bend Fall Festival is coming up the weekend of October 1st, where downtown is blocked off and filled with incredible food, music, art, and products from around the Northwest. Don’t miss it!

BendFilm Festival 2021

The 10-day BendFilm Festival starts on October 7th and is an excellent way to catch up on the latest indie and upcoming films, meet your favorite directors and actors, make connections for a future in the industry, and much more. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll want to start making plans ASAP.

8 Best Photo Spots in Bend, Oregon

© Nate Wyeth

While we love to talk about the many outdoor activities in Bend that newcomers are welcome to, there’s one outdoor pastime we get a lot of questions about: Taking photos! Central Oregon is packed with incredible vistas and opportunities for photos, whether you like taking pictures of landscape, capturing the light in just the right way, or finding the most interesting subject out in nature. If you’re living in Bend now and want to know where to take your camera, these are some of the best photo spots in Bend!

1. Top of Pilot Butte

This is not only an excellent introduction to Bend, but a great place to catch the sunset over the Cascade Mountains, highlighting both the forest and desert aspects of Central Oregon. It’s also a good spot to look for other angles and vistas you can use for future photography plans.

2. Paths Along Old Mill

Old Mill is filled with paths along and around the Deschutes River, and ambitious photographers will be able to find many, many interesting places to capture the surrounding beauty. Whether you like to capture the light on the river, the perfect angle for the Old Mill smokestacks, or a mix of the traditional-style brick buildings and sunset, there are plenty of opportunities here.

3. Drake Park

The towering trees and more placid turns of Drake Park/Mirror Pond offer lots for photographers to love, and the well-kept riverside housing can be an ideal backdrop for all kinds of photo ideas. If you’re wondering what to do in Bend and intend on taking your camera with, Drake Park’s central location makes it a great place to start. It gets an extra nod during autumn, when the trees turn a stunning gold.

4. Dillon Falls

If waterfalls and rapids are what your lens is looking for, Dillon Falls is a great place to get started: It’s very accessible, offers a stunning waterfall, and can easily showcase the greener wildlife of Central Oregon. Sahalie Falls, while a bit more of a trip, is another excellent spot if you prefer mossy waterfall scenery

5. Smith Rock

Your photography adventures aren’t complete until you make at least one trip out to Smith Rock, a gorgeous basalt display that offers a variety of perspectives depending on the weather, angle of approach, and if you’re at the base or on one of the summits. Photographers will love spending time around here!

6. Lava Butte

This more secluded butte is a perfect spot to capture otherworldly landscapes of frozen lava and twisted juniper, an excellent spot for photographers who are looking for something different without needing to travel too far from Bend.

7. Highway 20 Between Bend and Sisters

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioned this grassy stretch of highway, which offers a famous view of the Three Sisters mountains that both amateur and professional photographers stop by all the time. Catch a beautiful sunset or moonrise over the mountains, and you can be you won’t be alone here.

8. Shevlin Park

This massive park is easily accessible in Bend and presents an excellent opportunity to capture beautiful images of towering trees in summer or winter, depending on what you are looking for. Wait for early morning fog to capture the area’s haunting beauty or grab your snowshoes in winter to find an untouched scene of snowy forest.

As always, if you are interested in learning more about Bend or finding some help when you are moving to Bend, contact us to learn more!

A Guide to Getting Around Bend, Oregon

A big part of moving to Bend, like any city, is learning how to get around! Fortunately, Bend is very easy for newcomers to navigate after a little practice, and there are multiple options for travel within the city depending on where you want to go. We’ve collected several tips to help those who are planning on relocating to the Bend or have recently arrived – you’ll have navigating mastered in no time.

Start with the Popular Vertical Navigation Points

Bear with us a moment and look at this incredibly useful visitor’s map to Bend. Note that several of the most important streets in Bend run vertically north to south, roughly parallel with the Deschutes River. This includes important streets like the Bend Parkway (Highway 97), Mt. Washington Drive/Reed Market Rd., 3rd Street, and 27th street. These streets are responsible for many of the major delineations in Bend (eastside vs. westside, for example), and once you have learned them you will always be able to know where you are in the city, and how to get where you need to be – as well as give and understand directions much more easily.

Note the Routes to Major Landmarks

If you want to go to Mt. Bachelor – a trip that should be on everyone’s list, even if you haven’t tried many winter sports – you’ll want to know where Cascade Lakes Highway/Century Drive is right off the Old Mill District. If you’re interested in heading to the High Desert Museum, Sunriver, or a variety of lakes to the south, you’ll want to be southbound on Highway 97. For Redmond (and the Redmond airport) and Smith Rock, you’ll want to be northbound. If you’re heading to Tumalo or Sisters, you’ll want to navigate over to Highway 20. Both northbound on Highway 20 and Highway 97 can take you to Portland in roughly the same amount of time, but people do have preferences based on their plans.

Bend is Bike-Friendly

Bend’s wide streets and roundabouts make the city particularly friendly for biking, and if you’re only traveling a short distance, then biking (and similar methods of transportation) may be your best option for getting around, especially during busier times of the day. There’s even a bike sharing program called Zagster. It’s also an eco-friendly way to get around!

Of course, you may not want to plan on biking all the way to Mt. Bachelor unless you’re practicing competitively, and winter snow or ice can be factor during some of the coldest months, so make your plans accordingly.

Public Transportation in Bend

While Uber and a variety of third-party services are always available, Bend does have a bus system for public transportation. This includes the Cascades East Transit service with 10 routes throughout Bend (bike racks included on buses), and the free Ride Bend shuttle, as well as the Ride the River shuttle. Learn these routes for easy transport when floating the river, heading up to Mt. Bachelor, or other fun outdoor activities in Bend.

If you have any more questions about getting around Bend, what the different neighborhoods are like, or what transportation options would work best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Moving To Bend. We offer a wide range of services to help people living in Bend or in the process of relocating.

Do These 3 Things to Feel Your Absolute Best While Working Remotely

Whether you’ve worked remotely for one year or 10, it is easy to slide into less-than-desirable habits with your routine. Working in your pajamas, answering emails at all hours, and permitting distractions during your workday are just several of the ways remote workers begin to erode crucial work-life boundaries. Want to start feeling your best while working remotely? Moving to Bend shares three suggestions to enhance your routine.

1. Establish boundaries that help you mentally “leave” work at the end of the day.

Working from home — especially if you are self-employed — often means that you have no set start or end time. Just so long as you finish your daily tasks, you can set hours that are best for you. 

Unfortunately, this often turns into working more hours than you would normally. It can also lead to feeling like you are always “plugged in” to your work. Find ways to establish or re-establish this boundary by creating distinct transitions in your day. For example, when beginning your workday, enter your home office and remain there until you’ve finished for the day. 

2. Redecorate your home office.

One excellent way to add some energy and motivation to your workday is to redecorate your home office. This is especially true if your current at-home workspace is also being used for other purposes, such as storage or as a guest room. 

As your budget allows, purchase new office furniture, replace flooring, add new blinds, and find decorative pieces that spark a sense of delight. To give your office a dramatic new look and feel, spruce up your walls. Many people are now opting to use customizable, easy-to-install wallpaper for a number of reasons. Wallpaper with adhesive backing can be custom designed to fit any style. This type of wallpaper is both removable and repositionable. Ordering personalized designs also ensures that you’ll always be able to reorder more if you run out.

3. Set a timer to get up and move around.

In a traditional office setting, there are often frequent excuses to get up and walk around. Going to and from meetings, walking to the break room, and getting up to speak with colleagues ensures that you get some level of activity. At home, there is little reason to get up and walk around, which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

Break this pattern by setting timers for yourself throughout the day to remind yourself to get up and move around. Wearing a pedometer will also help you track how much activity you achieve each day.

On top of these suggestions, there are many other ways to make your remote work arrangement even healthier. Several more ideas include stocking up on nutritious lunches and snacks, working out during your lunch break, and meditating throughout your day.