The dry, desert climate with low humidity, sunny days and cool nights may just be the most delicious part of living in Bend. Sitting at a high altitude of 3623’, the mornings and evenings average between 30F-40F. However, as soon as the sun peeks out, the temperatures steadily climb throughout the day. Temperatures rarely stay above 90F and below 35F for any duration of time. Locals have learned the art of wearing layers. A jacket or fleece is a must but make sure you like your base layer because without fail, that jacket or fleece will be overkill by noon.

If rainy, overcast days are your thing, Bend is not for you. The average annual precipitation is less than 12 inches a year and most of that is snowfall during the winter. The average annual snowfall is 33.8 inches a year and when it snows, it’s magical. If you’ve never seen snow so clean that it literally sparkles, we highly recommend you come visit during the winter.

For all of you with a green thumb and the need for a lush vegetable garden, make sure you do your planting research. With a short harvest season of at most three months between frosts, it’s important to learn which fruits and vegetables will flourish in this climate.

7:34am4:58pm PST
Feels like: 41°F
Wind: 4mph SSW
Humidity: 63%
Pressure: 30.16"Hg
UV index: 0

Have we mentioned the phenomenal lightening shows?  Watching the beauty of nature in its glory, literally light up the sky with huge, vast, lightning bolts is one of the most amazing past times in Bend. It’s the kind of thing you see captured in photos.

And the seasons! Though some moving from the East Coast may be underwhelmed, Bend does have a four-season year. With beautiful foliage change in the fall, white, winter wonderlands in the winter, rainy, mild days inviting the trees and flowers to bloom in the spring and dry, sunny, warm summers that invite a float on the river or a dive into the nearby Cascade Lakes.

As for our sunrise and sunsets, the only word that seems fitting is “Spectacular”. With big open skies and the backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, the vast array of pinks, oranges, purples and blues never disappoints. In fact, watching the sun rise or set is a frequent and popular activity for locals. It really is worth waking up for!

Need more proof? Take a look at these seasonal photos to see for yourself!

Check out the local webcams in Bend to see the current weather!

Downtown Bend

Down Town Bend

Riverbend Park

Riverbend Park

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