You would be reading all day if we talked about every trail and hiking opportunity that Bend offers. To make it simpler, let’s divide the trails into two categories: trails in town and trails outside of town.

First, there are the out-of-town hiking trails, 20 to 60 minutes away, particularly famous in the summer months (although many are also good for snowshoeing too). These trails explore the many lakes and rock formations in the mountains around Bend. The hiking isn’t too arduous but these are usually all-day or half-day adventures – with lots of camping opportunities for bigger fans.

The second category is the trail system within Bend itself. These trails wind around canyons, desert views, rocky river paths and mountain forests, and are excellent for biking, casual hiking or playing with your pooch. They’re fun in both winter and summer and many merge naturally with nearby parks or neighborhoods, making them easy to find.

Another great resource for information about Bend’s trail system with reviews and tips from hikers is AllTrails.

© Nate Wyeth

Following is a list of trails in and around Bend, along with their address and distance from downtown: