Top Spas and Massages in Bend, Oregon


Whether you’re recovering from a weekend hike or need to get rid of the stress from a busy week at work, there’s nothing like a massage to help you relax. Even better if it includes other spa amenities in a peaceful, enriching environment! If you’re looking for that kind of place in Bend Oregon, we have the massage options you need to check out. Let’s take a look at our favorite stops, and what you should know about picking the right place for you.

Spa W

One of the oldest spas in Bend, Spa W has been named the best day spa in the city in past polls and remains a popular stop thanks to its downtown location and wealth of options. That includes an excellent menu of massage choices, including basics like Swedish massage, deep tissue, and prenatal, but also options like CBD oil massages, Himalayan salt stone, and “fire & ice” alternating marble and basalt. You can also choose a number of add-ons like aromatherapy, scalp massage, cupping, sugar glow, and so on. If you fall in love with Spa W, their membership program and rewards are also some of the best around.

Jinsei Spa

Jinsei is another spa Bend residents have voted as one of the best spas around, with a particular focus on using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. Their massage therapist sessions are well-rounded, including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone, Indonesian massage, cupping, couple’s massage, and more. If you’re looking for a high-quality massage session, it’s a great stop for pain relief and much more!

EarthTouch Therapeutic Massage

EarthTouch combines Eastern and Western inspirations to offer popular combinations that include options like Table Thai Massage, hot stone therapy, Ashiatsu massage, myofascial release, and more. With locations in Bend and Sunriver, you may find more scheduling options with this talented team. It’s a good pick for dealing with chronic pain or getting the deep relaxation you need.

May Foot Spa and Massage

May’s is an excellent massage spa that takes its sessions seriously: The massage therapist has more than 10 years’ experience in a variety of massage modalities and offers consultations if you aren’t sure what’s best or if you want a masseuse that’s really in tune with what you need. Book early to plan for a trip to this eastside location.

Jade Asian Massage

Jade specializes in both foot massage and full body massage. It’s a great pick if you’re really feeling the ache from a weekend playing around the Cascades and would like some specialized relief. Plus, the central 3rd street is easy to access if you have some free time.

Halcyon Bodyworks

Halcyon offers a variety of therapeutic massages that can help meet many different massage goals, especially if you have certain health issues you’d like to address. That includes deep tissue, hot stone, neuromuscular, lymph drainage, prenatal, Reiki, and more. They emphasize self-care and are happy to work with your insurance if necessary. It’s one of the places to consider for physical therapy or relief from extensive training.

Sole Purpose Massage

As you may have guessed from the name, Sole Purpose specializes in barefoot massage, although they also offer additional services like cupping, gua sha, myofascial release, and more. The downtown location is another spot that’s easy to access if you’re exploring Drake Park or the downtown shops.

Drift Spa

Drift Spa’s massage therapist sessions specialize in restorative body treatments, combining luxury and innovation for those who feel like trying something new. That could include a coco mango body treatment after your massage, a strawberry-based facial, a couple’s lavender blossom massage, an arnica-based muscle repair massage, and much more. They use and sell Eminence skincare products if you’d like to take something home after your visit.

Radiant Day Spa

This Old Mill day spa is one of the best places to stop if you want the full spa experience and would love to mix your massage session with facials, waxing, lash work, and other services. Among other massage modalities, they offer several kinds of deep tissue massage here, perfect for dealing with those hard-to-reach knots that have been plaguing you for a little too long. They also have a Sisters location if you’re planning on spending some time exploring other parts of beautiful Central Oregon.  

Anjou Spa

Anjou offers an excellent range of spa services for a truly luxurious experience, including facials, skincare, steam room and sauna options, and seasonal specials with a rotating list of ingredients (plus specific services for bridal groups or similar group events). But if you’re most interested in massages, you’ll probably love customized options that can target what you most want, mixing modalities while allowing you to add enhancements. If you want a full spa treatment with whole body care, Anjou is the place to be.

Zante Aveda

This is an all-in-one stop that offers a salon, spa, and barbershop so everyone can get what they want at the same location. Part of that package includes massage options like elemental massages (customizable with add-ons like deep tissue or tapotement), sports massage, hot stone, prenatal, back facials, and more.

Cascade Massage Therapy

Many of our picks focus on more casual massage options for those looking to relax, unwind, and address some basic muscle issues. Cascade Massage Therapy offers relaxation massages as well, but their specialty is massage and physical therapist visits designed to treat injuries and help people recover from accidents or get the most out of sports training. If your doctors or coach recommends massage therapy or you really need help with injury recovery, this is one of the best places to schedule an appointment.

Tips on Finding a Great Massage in Bend

  • Always check to see if a massage service asks for – or recommends – appointments. It’s rare to arrange a massage without an appointment, and you may have to book some time in advance for the most popular spots.
  • If you are looking for a certain type of massage like deep tissue vs. Swedish, don’t hesitate to ask so you know you can get the service you want. If you are focusing on massage to help heal from an injury or recover mobility, always seek out a therapist with a massage license and the massage therapy program that you need (and if it’s a medical issue, check to see what your insurance will cover, too). Spas may offer special packages for specific purposes, too – like sessions for bridal groups, or massages meant specifically for sore climbers.
  • While we focused specifically on spas and dedicated massage services for this list, there are other massage options in Bend, especially if you are vacationing here. Many of the resorts, like Pronghorn, offer their own on-site spas with massage services. That could save you some time and may open up more options.
  • Check the hours specifically for massages. Not all spas offer massage services during all their open hours. Some spas may have hours that vary from day to day, too, so take a look at their schedules to learn more. When in doubt, call and ask.
  • While COVID-related regulations have generally passed, some massage services may still request that clients take certain precautions or protective steps to help reduce the possibility of any kind of infection. Please keep these steps in mind when preparing for your appointment.
  • Spas in Bend often have discounts, first-time specials, loyalty programs, rewards for referrals, and many other ways you can save money while getting the massage you want. Once you become a local in Bend, they often have locals’ days or special packages for locals, too. If you look, you will find plenty of deals.
  • If you really want to tackle muscle knots or treat a specific part of your body, it’s a good idea to schedule several massage visits at the same time, spread out over several days or weeks. This is the best way to deal with a problem while still giving your muscles time to recover.
  • While we don’t want you to skip out on our famous craft beers (and a number of spas even offer them as part of some services), hitting the pub right before or after a massage isn’t a good idea. Schedule your massage so you’ll have time to relax, drink some water, and rest your muscles before heading back out.
  • Bend also has hydrotherapy, float tank, and cryotherapy services if you are interested in these specific treatments. However, they are typically found at clinics dedicated to those services, and are not always available at traditional day spas, so you may have to make separate appointments.
  • We love our outdoor recreation, but that also means taking injuries seriously. Always visit a doctor if you think you may have hurt a muscle on the trails or slopes. Follow their advice and take it easy according to instructions.

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