A Guide to Coffee Shops Bend, Oregon


Looking to soak up some Oregon coffee? Look no further than the Bend, Oregon area. If you take your coffee seriously, you’ll find a lot of likeminded people in Deschutes County, and a number of locations to enjoy your favorite brew or pick up some locally roasted beans. And whether you prefer a quiet location overlooking the river or fun café to vibe in – you have plenty of options when it comes to Bend coffee shops. Here are a few of our favorite coffee spots around the city, and what you can expect!

1. Thump Coffee

Thump Coffee

Ask around town for the best coffee shops in Bend, and you’ll hear a whole lot of people mentioning Thump. It’s one of the most famous coffee locations in Central Oregon, for its central downtown Bend location, vibrant atmosphere, and really delicious coffee. They also brew their own beans via York Roastery, so you have plenty of opportunities to pick up a bag if you find a favorite brew – North Fork and Storm King are some of their most popular blends. Over the years, Thump has expanded to a couple of convenient locations around Bend, and if you’re ever near Denver they’ve opened a shop there, too! However, their downtown location is still our first recommendation as it’s a great way to see other shops in the area or take a walk over to the river.

2. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

This remarkable roasting company and coffee house has been in Bend for more than a decade and is one of the most popular stops for house-brewed coffee and espresso. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters a downtown “Boomtown” location and have also opened an eastside café. As a local roaster, popular blends include Tin Pan Alley and Heartwood. Their selection of locally sourced pastries is also a great choice for a quick breakfast snack.

3. Looney Bean Bend

Looney Bean Bend

Looney Bean is an ambitious remodel of an old cottage at the edge of downtown Bend and Drake Park, with the Deschutes River just a stone’s throw away. The result is an incredibly charming little coffee shop, and the perfect place take a relaxing break indoors or curl up under the shade on the porch and watch the river go by. Add in the locally roasted coffee, espresso drinks, and snacks (along with fresh fruit smoothies), and you may never want to leave. But when it’s finally time, consider a leisurely stroll around Drake Park to cap it all off.

4. Backporch Coffee Roasters

Backporch Coffee Roasters

Backporch is another location that’s won local awards for Best Coffee in past reader polls from Bend Source Weekly, and it’s easy to see why with their comprehensive selection of house-roasted coffees and generous online store if you keep needing a fix later on. While this café takes its coffee very seriously, it also has four different locations across the city, including a downtown option, a café on Newport Ave near COCC, a drive-up station, and more. If you’re interested in a taste even if you aren’t in Bend, they sell coffee in a variety of locations around the Northwest. They’re also a favorite stop for cold brews!

5. Palate A Coffee Bar

Palate A Coffee Bar

With a location between downtown and Old Bend, Palate is a great story for a relaxing coffee environment, from the warming fireplaces in the winter to the beautiful window seats and outdoor seating in the summer. They serve a rotating menu sourced from Coava Coffee, sustainable roasters that gather beans from around the world. And that’s far from the only thing that’s local at Palate – their pastry selections, metolius tea, and breakfast foods are all from local companies.

6. Sparrow Bakery

Sparrow Bakery

While Sparrow is focused on its pastries (including its famous Ocean Roll) and you can find their products in cafes around the city, their own bakery in Northwest Crossing is certainly worth a stop if you feel like grabbing some food and a cup of coffee or glass of wine to make your day complete. Their food features two breakfast sandwich options, quality coffee, and a mouth watering lunch menu. They’ve also got a Portland location, and if you choose to make Bend home, they offer home deliveries for special occasions.

7. Still Vibrato

Still Vibrato

This small-batch coffee roaster is an excellent stop for those seeking out unique coffee experiences: Their Top Hat and Squid Ink blends are popular, but it’s worth keeping up with any new releases as well. Still Vibrato’s westside coffee shop location on Century Drive makes the roaster a great stop after a trip up to Mt. Bachelor, but you can find their coffee for sale in a variety of location markets and other cafes.

8. Strictly Organic

Strictly Organic

Strictly Organic has a cozy coffee shop just outside Old Mill in the Box Factory, an inviting café space that’s perfect for meeting friends, getting some work done in peace, and enjoying certified organic and fair-trade coffees. Strictly Organic has a full menu that includes a variety of breakfast and lunch foods. It’s a great pick for those who like a traditional café experience but still want to support local and free trade businesses.

9. Dudley’s Bookshop Café

Dudley’s Bookshop Café

Dudley’s is a particularly popular stop in downtown Bend thanks to its mixture of café and indie bookstore. Grab your cup of joe and peruse the shelves (both new and used books) at your leisure to find your next favorite title. They source coffee from Bonsai Beans, and also offer a selection of teas and other drinks. Once you set foot inside, you’ll see why it’s such a popular recommendation – and don’t forget to check out the rest of the store upstairs!

10. Spoken Moto

Spoken Moto

Spoken Moto, a motorcycle-friendly café and bar in the Old Mill District, is a combination of a café space, food truck lot, and motorcycle workshop jumbled together into one of the most unique café experiences you’ll ever have. From lattes to cocktails, their drinks are excellent, and the industrial design offers plenty of seating for groups as well those interested in some time alone to enjoy their java.

11. The Commons Café

The Commons Café

Previously known as Crow’s Feet Commons, The Commons may have a new name, but you’ll still love the location at the edge of Drake Park, where they offer a variety of Thump Coffee products. It’s easy to suggest a stop by The Commons for those exploring either the park or downtown Bend for the first time, especially if you’ve been walking for a while and need a break with your favorite beverage.

Additional Ideas for Finding Great Coffee in Bend

  • While a lot of our picks offer a selection of pastries, breakfast burritos, and other basic (but important) foods, we focused more on strictly coffee-oriented shops and less on places that you can go for a full meal. However, there are still many options where you can get a full breakfast and a great cup of coffee at the same time. McKay Cottage and Chow are great casual options with excellent food, while Lemon Tree and Café Sintra are a bit more upscale, but either way you may want to make a reservation or get there early. Some cafes, like Spoken Moto, also have nearby food trucks to choose from, which cuts down a lot on wait times.
  • Are you visiting with both coffee lovers and people interested in craft beer? That’s fine – it’s no surprise that many of Bend’s coffee shops also have a select of local beers, including The Commons and Spoken Moto. Since this is Bend, there’s often a bar or brewery within walking distance of coffee shops so you can make sure everyone gets something they like. The same is true of kombucha and other beverages, too.
  • Planning to spend an afternoon of coffee and remote work or planning in Bend? The most popular spots can quickly fill up, especially in the hotter months where it may be too warm to use a laptop outside. Try to get to your preferred location early so you can grab a spot – preferably one near an outlet! Have some backup picks in mind if finding a seat looks like a challenge.
  • Bend’s cafes are great places to learn more about the community and get a feel for the city. Like many brewery spots, they are often the center of events like music nights with local bands, and you can always consult a nearby flyer wall to look at any upcoming events, too. Plus, you’ll be around like-minded people getting their coffee fix and enjoying the day.
  • If you’re more of an early-morning coffee drinker, always check coffee shop hours. Not all of the local, independent options open early, especially if you like to get out before dawn has arrived. Palate is a notable choice, since they open their doors at 6am.
  • Brought your furry friend along? Pooches are generally welcome on the patios of any café in Bend, and most offer doggie bowls of water for the warm days. However, pets are generally banned from the indoor portions of the coffee shops.
  • Not sure which coffee space is going to be right for you and your group? Don’t underestimate a simple Google search. Google My Business tends to have great collections of photos so you can get a quick look at the space, and often even menus, before you set out.
  • Most of the places we’ve discussed are also locally owned, which makes them a great way to support the local economy and workers! Not only can you choose to tip with your order (always appreciated), but these places also tend to have their own merchandise like clothing that you can pick from to show support, along with showings from all kinds of local artists.

Find Out Much More with Moving to Bend

From great coffee to amazing outdoor activities, Bend is a great city to reside. Your local coffee shop is the perfect start to start making plans about moving to Bend…and we have just the services that can help out. If you’d like to learn more about the area and how we can make your moving plans much easier, take a look at our guides for outdoor recreation, neighborhoods, work, schools, and other important facets of moving. We can help you locate a home or rental, or you can checkout our relocation services for more personal assitance.