Best Dog Boarding Bend, Oregon


It’s never too early to think about your pet when planning a move! And managing your doggy friend is definitely a priority as your schedule starts to fill up. In many cases, having your dog underfoot when moving or trying to manage their own relocation at the same time as you are shipping out and unpacking can be overwhelming: In these cases, arranging for early dog boarding in Bend may be the happiest solution for pets and owners alike.

If you’re new to doggy boarding in Bend, don’t worry: We’re one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, and you’ll have plenty of options to make sure your dog is safe, comfortable, and has plenty of fun while you’re taking care of the details for your new home in Central Oregon. Not sure where to start? Our guide is here to help.

Top Places for Dog Boarding in Bend, Oregon


Bend Pet Paradise

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect vacation for your furry friend than Pet Paradise, 57 acres of fun that is within the city limits and is devoted to watching over your pup with full service options. That’s why they’ve won Consumer Reviews Pet Resort and Kennel of the Year Award. It’s easy to see why with their climate-controlled dog suites, free playtime sessions every day, and multiple outdoor dog park options. That includes a special area for older dogs to relax outdoors, a dog park for active dogs to socialize and play, a playground for small dogs, and solo runs for dogs who prefer to be alone. You’ll find everything your pet could want here, but get those reservations in early. Prices start at $40 to $45 per night.

Deschutes Pet Lodge

If your dog loves privacy and special care, you’ll want to visit the popular Deschutes Pet Lodge. They have three different cabin options for dogs: A main cabin with a climate-controlled indoor suite connected to a 14-foot outdoor run, an indoor cabin room for dogs who prefer quiet and calm (with the option of visiting the exercise yard multiple times a day), and a luxury cabin featuring a private outdoor deck and indoor room with a TV along with personal playtime sessions. It’s a brief trip over to neighboring Redmond to visit the boarding facility, and the location outside the city provides even more room to create this personalized experience. Prices start at $34 a night.

Happy Trails Pet Resort

Happy Trails has a range of boarding options depending on what would work best for you and your dog. There are 3 x 10 condos for small pups, 5×8 cabanas and 8×10 cabanas for larger dogs, and 10×10 suites with glass windows facing both the office and outdoors, along with personalized play times. Indoor and outdoor play areas are included with supervised playtime every day. There are also a few neat add-ons, including grooming services and a departure bath when it’s time to leave, along with optional nature walks and ball tossing games.

Bend Unleashed

Bend Unleashed offers two boarding facility options: $50 Lodge Rooms and larger Cabin Suites from $60 to $80 with a connected patio and play yard. Both offer daily playtimes inside and outdoors with personal interactions with humans. You can also choose from a variety of add-ons, from evaluations to get to know your dog better to extra treats, nail trimming, extra leash walks, and more. Food isn’t included, but you can bring your own or pay $1 per cup.

Bend Pet Resort

This southeast Bend dog boarding kennel offers two different room options. Regular rooms offer block walls and chain link gates starting at 4×6 feet for the smaller dogs up to 6×12 feet for the largest. Luxury Suites offer an 8×10 foot room with a mattress, TV, and glass doors, along with a choice between either a mile walk and two play times, or a full day of interactive care (social dogs only, private playtimes will cost extra). Rates start at $35 to $45 for small dogs.

Doggieville Ranch

This option is a kennel alternative specifically designed for highly socialized dogs that are happy to hang out with strangers and prefer to be in a pack. Lodging includes 5.5 acres of paths for daily walks, play areas including a pond, and constant supervision. In the downtimes, dogs will relax and watch TV with other friends – there’s no use of cages at any time. Space is limited, evaluations are typically required, and rates start at $70 per day.

Bend Pet Adventures

Bend Pet Adventures offers top notch at-home pet sitting in Central Oregon, a nice option if you are already set up in your Bend home, but your pup would really appreciate company in their new surroundings while you are at work, etc. Longer-term doggie daycare is also an option for some dogs, but they must be comfortable in a pack hike environment for daily exercise with new dogs and have the ability to follow basic commands from anyone. Rates start at $70 per day for boarding and pet sitting.  

Kindred Spirit Pet Care

This is a specialized boarding option that’s particularly well-suited for elderly dogs, small dogs, and dogs that may need special care due to injury or sickness. It’s run at a cozy cottage with attentive care, an outside yard to play in, and a two-mile walk every morning. Evaluation sessions are required, and boarding starts at $50 for an overnight at this pet sitter, with cash specials for a full week starting at $270.

McWags Pet Care

MacWags is another option that offers excellent pet sitter services in your home, with different packages depending on how active your dog is or how much attention they may need. However, there are also boarding options in the home of staff members for dogs that can pack hike and obey basic commands. Rates start at $70 per dog.

Ponderosa Paws

Ponderosa Paws is a dog daycare and walking service that can also offer specialized boarding arrangements based on availability. The service offers boarding on one acre of fenced property with personal care that involves daily feedings and treats, as well as add-ons for hour-long walks. This can be an option for dogs who value one-on-one human connection. Prices start at $75 per night.

Tips for Choosing the Best Place for Your Dog to Stay in Bend

  • Requirements vary slightly between dog daycare services, but a certain number of vaccinations will be mandatory. Boarders may also ask for proof of training, potty training, a meet and greet with current dogs, etc. Dogs above or below a certain age may not be accepted.
  • Reserve early and contact a kennel immediately if you like them. You will want to fill out their application and provide the required forms ASAP. Cancellations typically come with a fee.
  • Always note hours and when you are able to pick up or drop off. Some boarders are more flexible about this than others, but there are usually timeframes where you should expect to visit and other times when the service will be closed.
  • Dog size matters a lot in dog daycare, not just for rates and the space they need, but for their own safety and what they are comfortable with. It’s a good idea to always see if a kennel is able to care for small dogs, and what they do to protect them.
  • Discounts are often available for additional dogs, and many pet boarding services will offer adjoining rooms for easier contact between dogs if necessary.
  • Surge pricing for pet boarding applies in a variety of situations, notably before and after holidays.
  • If you are looking for boarding options in the winter, keep in mind that hikes, walks, and outdoor play may be limited by the weather if it starts snowing a lot. Consider how comfortable your dog is in the cold and which options may work best for them.
  • Extra fees may apply based on the boarding service. Some may charge extra for administering medication, taking care of puppies, an extra playtime, etc. Read through fees carefully.
  • It’s always a good idea to get a good look at the boarding area, doggy rooms, play areas, and other aspects of the service. Sometimes online pictures can help, but other times they don’t show much. You can try contacting the service and asking for more info or let us at Moving to Bend know and we can see if we can arrange a virtual tour.

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It’s right in our name: Moving to Bend specializes in a variety of moving services to help make your relocation easier. We know it can get hectic fast, so we’re here to offer targeted help where you need it most. That includes helping you find rentals (pet-friendly rentals included), learning more about the city, enrolling in schools, and much more. Take a look at our info to learn more about the area and contact us to talk more about your relocation.