Why You Should Work Remotely in Bend This Fall

The remote work craze isn’t going anywhere, and employees have widely discovered how efficient their lives can be when there’s no daily demand to go into the office. Plus, it can be useful for the work/life balance if you are also taking care of kids at home, or just trying to plan out packing and unpacking activities while moving to Bend.

It’s no surprise that Bend has become one of the most popular remote work cities: Here are just a few reasons that working from home (or café, shared space, etc.) is so effective for those living in Bend!

A History of Remote Work Support

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns (and the return of the pandemic, etc.), Bend was known as the most remote-work friendly city in the state – and Oregon has always been a friendly spot to work from home. The city has a tradition of high percentages of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and nomads who don’t depend on rigid work schedules, and may prefer to work from a variety of different spots or cities as the seasons pass.

That has led not only to a welcoming atmosphere for those who want to work from home, but also to assets specifically for freelancers and others who don’t have an office. That includes studio rentals for larger, temporary products that you may be collaborating with others on. It also means offering shared work and meeting spaces like The Haven that can be rented for a certain amount of time each month for meeting clients, getting out of the house, and so on.

Amazing Food Anywhere You’re Working

Bend already has plenty of advantages when it comes to great food (its proximity to Portland certainly helps, too), but it’s especially true for those working from home. Because let’s be honest – remote work doesn’t always happen in the house. It also happens in cafés, beer gardens, noodle joints, and eateries of all kinds.

That’s one reason that restaurants in Central Oregon work to offer reliable Wi-Fi, wall outlets for your laptop, and spaces that make work easier, whether you are meeting with a group or just want to take a few hours on your own to pull on some earbuds and tackle a big project.

Even if you are working from home and wondering where to eat in Bend, you’re probably only a few minutes away from an excellent food truck lot, a cozy café, or another space where you can get work done, grab a coffee, and find some great food to fuel your efforts!

Outdoor Recreation and Remote Work Go Hand-in-Hand

One of the advantages of remote work is that it creates more flexibility for outdoor activities, which can include working out and exploring nature. It’s no wonder that Bend’s work from home force has discovered that their work pairs well with quick bike rides, short hikes around the river, taking a trip to a nearby park with kids or pets – and generally just getting outside more often. If that’s been one of your life goals, we can make it happen!

Speaking of getting things done, our relocation services in Central Oregon are ready and waiting to help make your move smoother: From learning more about how remote work happens in Bend to finding the right rentals or taking care of other important details, our resources are here for you.