7 Hot Startups in Bend, Oregon

We like to talk about how Bend is an especially friendly place for entrepreneurs: Today, let’s look at real startups in Bend that are filled with potential for their unique approaches and products – we will enjoy watching their future growth!

1. Dutchie

Dutchie is a tech-and-cannabis company: While it doesn’t grow cannabis itself, the venture is an e-commerce provider that helps develop online portals to enable easy, effective shopping for cannabis products. The venture estimates that its work has supported $2.4 billion in sales so far throughout North America and has currently raised $53 million in funding. Chances are good that if you’ve shopped around cannabis sites, you’ve experienced some of their work.

2. Tribe Pilot

Tribe Pilot is a social app that’s a perfect fit for Bend and other areas across the world with plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation. The app allows someone to create a detailed plan for an outdoor adventure, then share and invite others so they all have access to it as well. It’s perfect for multi-day camping trips, climbing expeditions, and many other outdoor trips that involve a group of people.

3. Odysys

Odysys is a booking engine empowering the hospitality industry by making it easier than ever to offer and manage online reservations for all kinds of activities (but particularly focused on hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and similar companies). It combines booking tools, mobile-friendly optimization, SEO analysis, and social media compatibility into one hub that offers a more seamless experience than traditional online booking methods.

4. SmartyPits

Bend saw a number of new ventures relocate to the city to ramp up production or expand during the struggles of 2020. One of the most unique is SmartyPits, which offers aluminum-free options for deodorant for those who want to be careful what hygienic items they are using. After the move from California, most production is done right here in Central Oregon.

5. Volansi

Volansi is an ambitious company that offers drones for specific commercial deliveries. They recently closed their Series B round of funding and are offering drones – and related logistics help – for industries like healthcare, construction, oil, mining, and defense. Volansi believes that one day drone deliveries will become common across a wide array of industries and is prepared to offer enterprises the services they need.

6. Golfboard

Think of Golfboard as a Segway-like scooter that’s specifically designed for more varied terrain and includes enough space for supplies or even other people…you know, for something like golfing. It’s a lighter, more eco-friendly option than traditional golf carts, and golf course clubs can lease a fleet right from the venture for a monthly fee…. or head over to Central Oregon for an in-person tryout on one of our plentiful golf courses.

7. Eyce

When you think of a bowl or bong, you probably don’t think of silicone. Eyce is trying to change that with its line of silicone-based smoking apparatus, which allows for clever designs, makes them highly heat-resistant, and – of course – offers products that will never shatter when you drop them.

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