7 Famous People from Bend, Oregon

Bend has its share of famous people, who enjoy the beauty and relaxation of the mountain city just like the rest of us. If you’re moving to Bend, take a little break and read about them! For those celebrities living in Bend, they like to blend in like the rest of us locals.

1. Christina “Kiki” Cutter

With Mt. Bachelor and the rest of the Cascades nearby, it’s no surprise that Bend’s list of celebrities includes a lot of snow sports professionals and Olympic medal winners. Cutter was one of the very first, an alpine ski racer who was born in Bend and won the first American medal in the 1968 Olympics in Oslo (fun fact – back in those days Mt. Bachelor was actually called Bachelor Butte until a big rebranding push). Cutter ultimately won five international victors over three years, a record that remained unbroken for a decade.

2. Donald M. Kerr

Kerr is held in high regard throughout the state for his founding of the incredible High Desert Museum in Bend, where he lived and managed the facility for its first 16 years and created the famous combination of science, entertainment, education, and love of wildlife that now makes the Museum such an interesting and active place. The Museum will be happy to tell you more about his fascinating story but to really honor his memory, be sure to stop by the Birds of Prey center at the museum.

3. Philip Hampson Knight

For Nike fans, Knight probably doesn’t need any introduction, but he is one of the chief cofounders of Nike, Inc, and has served as both chairman and CEO for the company in past years (he is now retired). Forbes recognizes Knight as one of the richest people in the world these days, so it’s no surprise he has homes everywhere, including his primary residence in La Quinta – but he still makes seasonal escapes to his Bend home and we’re more than glad to welcome him.

4. John Thomas Chambers

Chambers is well-known as the CEO and chairman of Cisco Systems Inc., as well as for his role in a variety of other tech giants like IBM. Much like Knight, he spends most of his time in California but has a home in Bend that he visits for special events and getaways.

5. Matthew Chandler Fox

Famous actors who live in Bend generally prefer to keep their heads down and enjoy life like the rest of us, but they are here – Fox is one popular example and is most widely known for his role as Jack Shepard on Lost, although he has an extensive filmography beyond that.

6. Drew Bledsoe

Northwest native Drew Bledsoe is most well-known for his 14-season run in the NFL where – among other achievements – he served as QB for the New England Patriots. Of course, Bledsoe is long retired but happily living in Central Oregon where he enjoys a bit of skiing, likes experimenting with making wine, and occasionally even teaches a bit of football at the local high schools.

7. Rainn Wilson

While Wilson is widely known for his role as Dwight in The Office, he deserves great credit for his extended career as a comedian, director, producer (he also wrote his own autobiography, which is probably more of a polite way of learning about him than shouting at him in public).