10 Questions to Ask a Realtor when Moving to Bend

Looking for a realtor in Bend to purchase a property? You may have many options to explore, so it’s important to find the right real estate agent for your relocation plans. While online research and referrals from the experts can help, nothing compares to having a real conversation with the realtor you would be working with. Here are some of the best questions to ask them.

1. How is Your Commission Calculated?

This question gets right to the nuts and bolts of comparing realtor costs. You need to know what percentage of commission the buyer’s realtor would be paid, if the commission varies based on property or services, and if specific situations like dual representation will change the commission numbers. Some realtors list this information, but you often need to speak them to find out the details.

2. How Long Have You Been Working in the Area, and What Kind of Clients Have You Had?

Ideally, you want to work with a realtor that has plentiful experience with Central Oregon real estate and is used to helping clients like you (especially when it comes to the type of property you are looking for). Look at the realtor’s testimonials and ask them about what kinds of recent properties they have helped clients find. You may also want to ask them when they earned their license/realtor membership to get an idea of their history.

3. What are the Price Ranges of Property in Bend Right Now?

Homes in Bend are currently selling for around $292 per square foot. However, property price ranges can vary significantly based on the type of residence, yard space, location, views, amenities, and much more. Talk about the type of property you are looking for and ask what recent sales prices have been like so you can prepare. This is also an excellent time to ask how homes are selling. How many cash offers is the realtor seeing? How receptive are sellers to counteroffers?

4. Where are the Best Neighborhoods in Bend?

The perfect neighborhood in Bend will vary based on how you feel about commuting, what sort of schools or city centers you want to be near, what sort of recreation you enjoy, and so on. Ask your realtor what they think the best neighborhoods in Bend currently are located. Their answer will tell you a lot about their experience and their understanding of your needs.

5. Where Can I Temporarily Stay When Moving to Bend?

Realtors should be able to recommend the appropriate hotels to stay in while you are in the city temporarily. Remember that relocation services in Central Oregon can also help you find a long-term rental if you plan on staying for a significant period like looking for a home.

6. How Can I Tour a Property I Am Interested In?

Real estate agents are offering 3D and virtual reality tours for those touring at a distance, as well as complying with COVID-related regulations or concerns. A realtor may also be able to do a live tour of a property with their phone or other measures so you can get a personalized look even if you aren’t there in person.

7. Do You Know About Any Properties That Will Soon Be Listed?

Bend Oregon real estate is selling fast – very fast. When you start working with a local realtor, ask them to let you know about any new property that’s about to hit the market. You may be able to submit an offer early directly to the seller or act immediately to help improve your chances of getting a property that you want.

8. What Information Do You Need from Me to Submit an Offer?

Your realtor will want to submit offers as quickly as possible, so it’s important to ask them for everything they need. They will want documentation of pre-approval for a mortgage or proof that you are able to pay in cash, for a start. They will probably also want an email or fax where they can reach you quickly for signing documents if you aren’t currently in Central Oregon. Make sure you have everything ready!

9. How Can I Contact You Quickly When I Need To?

Ask about dedicated phone numbers and email addresses where your realtor will be most responsive, and when the best times are for contacting them and getting an immediate response

10. What Happens If I Find Another Realtor I Want to Work With?

You should also know what the realtor’s contract says about switching to a different realtor. This could come with additional fees or complications, so double-check the details when discussing it with your realtor.

Finally, remember if you need help buying a home, finding the right neighborhood when living in Bend, and much more, Moving To Bend has all the relocation resources you need!