Bend’s Love Affair with AirBnb

Renters and travelers in Bend are big fans of using Airbnb. In fact, if you look up the cities in the United States with the most Airbnb rentals per capita, Bend scores an amazing number 4 on the list, and it’s the only city on the West Coast to actually make the top ten, in data collected at the end of 2019!

So, Airbnb rentals are a popular option around town – but does that mean you should choose Airbnb in Bend? Yes, you can find more listings per capita here than many places, and gain access to some beautiful lodgings, but when is that worthwhile? Let’s take a closer look.

Airbnb in Bend: Pros

There are a lot of incredible options: Whether you want a spacious living area, extra-comfy bedroom, or stunning view of the mountains, Bend’s Airbnb options can get you what you want (and average a 4.9 out of 5 stars for reviews, too). This is a great way to explore what Bend has to offer, get a taste for specific features/destinations up close, or shop around different parts of the city when you are looking for the best places to live. Hey, even if you’ve bought a home already, browsing the Airbnb listings is a great way to get some new décor ideas!

Affordable prices: For short term stays, Airbnb in Bend is quite affordable. Prices tend to range from $50 to $90 per night for all kinds of accommodations for couples. Bringing kids will cost more, but prices are still manageable. Everywhere except the distant cabins is certain to offer Wi-Fi for free, too.

It’s a handy stop before a full move-in: If you’re planning on moving to Bend, there are often situations where you need to stay in the city for a few days here and there during preparation, before your move is fully completed. Airbnb is an ideal solution for many of these situations.

Airbnb in Bend: Cons

Professional services and privacy are harder to obtain: Airbnb hosts can be very welcoming, but they don’t exactly offer the same hospitality services that professional landlords and property management companies can provide their renters, so you have to take what you can get. The same is true of privacy – “private entry” Airbnb dwellings are always in high demand and may be difficult to find in a pinch, whereas it’s always guaranteed in a professional rental.

Not every rental is suited to the climate: While Airbnbs may sport wood stoves and advertise heating/cooling, that doesn’t mean every system is up to the hot summers and cold winters here, especially if there’s poor insulation. This is one of the things that’s also difficult to test beforehand.

Airbnb isn’t the best option for extended stays: Most rentals here are designed to be used for several days or a week or so. Long-term Airbnb rentals can be much harder to find, and there are no bonuses for an extended contract.

Conclusion on Choosing Bend Airbnb Options

If you want to check out what specific areas of Bend have to offer or check in to make some important preparations ahead of a full move-in, Airbnb has some excellent options for you. For more extended stays or more reliable renting possibilities, it may be best to go through a local property management company.