Lori & Mike Dixon: Dedicated to Serving the Bend Community

We’re Lori and Mike Dixon. Our story is about service. Public Service, community service and now personal service.

Service through real estate.

We spent our careers serving the public as police officers and detectives. From patrol duties to training new recruits, tactical teams and major case investigators – we helped our community. Once we retired, we relocated to Bend to retreat, refresh and recreate. Bend is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and community-oriented people – that’s why we moved here.

Becoming realtors didn’t happen overnight – we savored being young retirees!  Hiking, biking, paddling, eating, drinking and immersing in the music and culture of Central Oregon…well you know or you wouldn’t be considering moving to Bend! Initially, we had very part-time “retiree” jobs – Lori was teaching yoga and Mike was working on bicycles.

Our purpose began taking hold in the process of buying our own home.  We traveled with our dogs all over the U.S. (25+ states!) to see if there was another place we might want to live. There wasn’t…Bend won and still wins today. 

Our former homeowner experiences of 20+ years buying and selling property in another state had been stressful, disorganized and sometimes dishonest exercises. It always seemed like a lack of communication and accountability was the foundation for the challenges we encountered. Unfortunate, but true for us. When we moved to Bend, our perception of the industry was less than neutral.

We found that in Bend, the folks with whom we crossed paths in the real estate world were not only communicative and reliable, but also willing to serve us in our search and purchase of our home.

During that process, we found the appeal of being able to attend to a need with integrity, attention to detail and open communication – without going back to a law enforcement environment – perfect!

We’ve spent years seeking facts, listening closely, taking notes, researching and attending to every detail to help reach a desired outcome. Those skills are just as important now as they were then.

Our promise as realtors is to be there for you – before, during and after the purchase or sale of your home. Our guarantee as professionals is that you will never have to wonder what’s happening with your transaction. Our assurance is that there will never be pressure from us, only information to make educated decisions.

This is our story. We know what it’s like to relocate, to buy or sell a home, to need information, to want security and to find a reliable professional to help with the decision-making process. All that is to say, “We get it.” We also love Bend. We chose to live here over any other place in the world and we like that we’re a part of what makes Bend such a great place with caring, community-oriented people.

We’re a team, as we’ve been for many decades and we’re beyond happy to have a second chance at service, through real estate, for you.