Meet Andee Jessee of A Superior Property Management Company

Meet Andee Jessee, who was born and raised in Central Oregon. She started her working career at age 7, cashiering at her family business, Natures General Store, a busy little health food store in midtown Bend. Before she learned the register, she would make arts and crafts and sell them to customers. She was born an entrepreneur.

Andee graduated from Bend High School and went on to COCC to get a business degree specializing in hospitality and tourism. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do with her career, but she knew she wanted to be self employed. During college, she took a little break and lived in the Caribbean. It was during that time that her now late father
happened to share an article forecasting the top 50 industries that would grow over the next 10 years. Property management was an industry on that list. She decided to get her feet wet with a local property management company and
decided it was the thing for her. In the time working for another company, she noticed there was a definite need for a more specialized type of residential property management. She strived to go above and beyond what local companies offered.

In 2007, Andee started A Superior Property Management Company  (ASPMC) with only one property under management, a cute downtown Bend bungalow. She quickly learned that the extras she offered like frequent inspections, heavy advertising and excellent customer service was exactly what people wanted. Her goal was to not only have a
successful business but to do it with integrity. She started soliciting local realtors and called every “for rent by owner” that she could find. Andee convinced many homeowners to give her a try and within two years had expanded her portfolio quite substantially. As Central Oregon continued to grow, so did the need for quality property management. Keeping up the high level of service as she grew her business was tricky and she knew if she wanted to do it successfully, she would have to add staff even if there wasn’t money to pay herself.

Her ideas worked and she now has a dedicated staff who share her vision and have helped her to achieve her business goals. With responsible growth ASPMC now manages approximately 500 doors.

Success to Andee is not about money and possessions. It includes living a happy, healthy life, treating others with patience and kindness, and being fair and honest while running a thriving business. Outside of her office family, Andee is blessed with three wonderful sons – one very sweet 10-year-old and rambunctious five-year-old twins who keep her busy. They love to explore together and enjoy all that Bend and Central Oregon have to offer. When she isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, camping, hiking and exploring.