Choosing the Right School in Bend, Oregon

Welcome to the Bend Relocation Services Team! Our dedicated team is here to make your move to Bend seamless and stress-free. We specialize in helping you find the perfect schools for your children, ensuring they get the best education possible. Additionally, we assist with all your relocation and home buying needs, providing expert guidance and personalized support every step of the way. Let us help you make Bend your new home!

Choosing the right school for your child is a key decision when you’re moving to Bend, Oregon. The Bend-La Pine School District, the 5th largest school district in Oregon, offers a wide range of public, private, and independent schools. With nearly 40 schools in Bend to choose from, parents have the opportunity to find the perfect fit for their child’s educational needs and goals. It’s important to align the school’s values and educational approach with your family’s values and goals.

A group of elementary school kids leave a school building in Bend, Oregon.

Exploring School Options in Bend

To help you navigate the various options, the Bend-La Pine School District website provides comprehensive information about the different types of schools in Bend. They offer a downloadable flyer and a school district map that outlines district boundaries, attendance areas, and choice option schools. Whether you’re considering enrolling your child in a public school, private school, or exploring choice option schools, gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Types of Schools in Bend

When it comes to choosing the right school for your child in Bend, Oregon, there are several options to consider. Bend offers a diverse selection of public, private, and independent schools, ensuring that parents can find the educational environment that best suits their child’s needs. Let’s take a closer look at each type of school and what they have to offer.

Public Schools

There are a wide range of options for students with nearly 40 public schools in the Bend-La Pine School District. One of the benefits of attending a public school in Bend is the variety of programs and resources available. Public schools often offer a comprehensive curriculum, including core subjects, extracurricular activities, and specialized programs such as arts, music, and sports. Additionally, public schools are typically funded by tax dollars, which means they are free to attend for residents of the district.

Bend’s public schools have a track record of academic excellence and provide a supportive learning environment for students.

Private Schools

In addition to public schools, Bend is also home to a number of private schools. Private schools in Bend operate independently and are funded through tuition fees and private donations. These schools often have smaller class sizes, allowing for more individualized attention and personalized instruction.

One advantage of private schools is the ability to choose a specific educational philosophy or approach that aligns with your child’s learning style. For example, there are Montessori schools, religious-affiliated schools, and schools that focus on specific areas such as arts or STEM education. Private schools also tend to offer a range of extracurricular activities and enrichment programs.

Independent Schools

Independent schools are another option for families in Bend. These schools are not affiliated with any particular school district and have their own governance structure. Independent schools often have more flexibility in curriculum design and can offer specialized programs and educational approaches.

One of the benefits of independent schools is their ability to provide a unique educational experience tailored to the needs and interests of their students. These schools often have smaller class sizes, allowing for more individualized attention and a close-knit community. Independent schools also tend to have a strong focus on character development and often offer a variety of extracurricular activities.

Whether you choose a public school within the Bend-La Pine School District or opt for a private or independent institution, Bend offers a variety of options to suit every family’s needs.

What to Consider When Selecting a School in Bend

When relocating to Bend, Oregon, and selecting a school for your children, there are several important factors to consider to ensure the best educational experience:

  1. Academic Performance: Investigate the academic standards of the schools in Bend. Look at standardized test scores, college readiness indicators, and any awards or recognitions the schools have received. Websites like provide ratings and parent reviews that can give insight into the academic environment.
  2. Programs Offered: Consider what special programs different schools offer that may align with your child’s interests or needs, such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, arts, and sports. Also, look for schools that provide programs for gifted students as well as strong special education support if needed.
  3. School Environment: The overall environment of a school is crucial. This includes not only the physical condition of the school facilities but also the school culture. Consider visiting the schools to get a sense of the atmosphere and how students interact with each other and with faculty.
  4. Class Size and Teacher Quality: Smaller class sizes can lead to more personalized attention and better student performance. Research the student-to-teacher ratios and the qualifications of the teaching staff. Engaged and experienced teachers are fundamental to a quality education.
  5. Location and Transportation: Proximity to your new home can be a significant factor. Look for schools that are easily accessible and check if the district offers transportation. This is especially important in a city like Bend, where winter weather can affect travel.
  6. Extracurricular Activities: Extracurriculars can greatly enhance a student’s school experience. Look for schools that offer diverse activities that can help students develop their interests and leadership skills.
  7. Community Involvement: Schools with strong community ties often offer more resources and support to their students. Attend school board meetings or talk to parents in the community to gauge their involvement and satisfaction with the schools.

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision about which school in Bend, Oregon, will best meet your children’s educational needs and help them thrive in their new environment.

Visualize Your Options

For a visual representation of the Bend-La Pine School District boundaries and choice option schools, check out the Bend-La Pine School District Map on this website. This interactive map provides a clear overview of the district’s geography, helping you visualize your options.

Exploring the Greens: The Top Golf Courses in Bend, Oregon

Are you considering moving to Bend and need a top notch relocation service?

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that this vibrant city offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, including the opportunity to indulge in your love for golf. Bend is home to several exceptional golf courses that cater to golfers of all skill levels.

One of the highlights of golfing in Bend is the stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Imagine teeing off against the backdrop of majestic mountains or playing a round of golf amidst the beauty of lush greenery. Bend’s golf courses provide a picturesque setting that adds to the overall golfing experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Bend has a golf course to suit your needs. From renowned courses like River’s Edge Golf Course and Awbrey Glen Golf Club to hidden gems like Broken Top Club and Tetherow Golf Club, there is something for everyone.

But Bend is not just about golf. The city offers a plethora of other attractions and amenities that make it the perfect place to live. From its diverse selection of schools and educational choices to its vibrant arts and culture scene, Bend has something for everyone.

So, if you’re considering a move to Bend and love golf, you’ll find a welcoming community and a wealth of recreational opportunities awaiting you. Here’s our list of Bend’s top golf courses that each offer a memorable experience for all levels of golfers.

Discover River’s Edge Golf Course in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon and its surrounding area are home to a variety of exceptional golf courses, each offering unique features, amenities, and services that cater to different skill levels and preferences. Here’s an overview of the top golf courses around Bend:

  1. River’s Edge Golf Club – Offering one of the best golf experiences in Central Oregon, River’s Edge is known for its challenging layout with dramatic elevation changes and stunning views of the Deschutes River. The award-winning golf course is praised for its strategic design, lush fairways and scenic mountain views.
  2. Tetherow Golf Club – This semi-private, links-style course designed by David McLay Kidd offers challenging play with a Scottish Heathlands design. The course features panoramic views of the Cascade Mountain Range and utilizes native volcanic rock and fescue grasses​​.
  3. Pronghorn Golf Club – Located at the Juniper Preserve, this Jack Nicklaus course is known for its integration with the natural topography, featuring fast greens and narrow fairways. The course offers stunning views and luxurious amenities including fine dining and spa services​. The Tom Fazio 18-hole championship course offers golfers of all levels a challenge in the rocky high-desert terrain.
  4. Sunriver Resort – Just 20 minutes south of Bend, this resort features four courses, including the Crosswater Golf Course, which is a Golf Digest top 100 course. Other courses at Sunriver Resort include Meadows, Woodlands, and Caldera Links, each offering diverse challenges and scenic views​.
  5. Broken Top Club – This private course designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish offers a blend of natural beauty and challenging play with views of the Cascade Mountains and natural features like lakes and volcanic rock formations​​.
  6. Juniper Golf Course – Located in Redmond, this public course designed by John Harbottle III provides a high desert golf experience with magnificent views of the Cascades and challenging greens​​.
  7. Brasada Canyons – This course at Brasada Ranch provides a breathtaking high desert golfing experience with its 18-hole course offering panoramic views and a signature par-4 15th hole​.
  8. Awbrey Glen Golf Club – This private Bend club offers a full golfing experience with a par-3 course and a comprehensive learning center alongside its challenging 18-hole course​​.
  9. Widgi Creek Golf Club – Set among towering Ponderosa pines, this championship golf course features a layout that includes natural obstacles like lava rock formations and is known for its pristine condition and challenging play​​.
  10. Bend Golf Club – The oldest private club in Central Oregon, offering a traditional golf experience with a course that is playable for all skill levels and hosts prestigious events​​.
  11. Lost Tracks Golf Club – A public course designed by Brian Whitcomb with a traditional old-style design, set in a secluded location offering stunning views and a challenging layout​.

Each of these courses offers distinct experiences, from challenging layouts and stunning natural scenery to top-notch amenities like spas, fine dining, and practice facilities. Whether you’re a serious golfer or just looking for a scenic place to play, Bend’s golf courses provide something for everyone.

Best Times to Play Golf in Bend

The best time to golf in Bend, Oregon, is from late spring through early fall, typically between May and October. This period offers the most favorable weather conditions for golf, with mild to warm temperatures and low precipitation. During these months, the days are generally sunny and dry, which not only makes for pleasant playing conditions but also ensures that the courses are in their best shape.

May and June provide the lushness of late spring with courses in full bloom and landscapes vibrant from the winter thaw. The temperatures are comfortable, usually ranging from the mid-50s to high 70s Fahrenheit, which makes it an ideal time for those who prefer cooler playing conditions.

The peak summer months of July and August can be warmer, with temperatures often reaching the mid-80s to low 90s. While these months see higher temperatures, the low humidity in Bend keeps the heat manageable, and mornings or late afternoons become preferred times for golfers to hit the links to avoid the midday sun.

September and October are particularly popular for golfing as the weather cools down, offering a perfect blend of comfortable temperatures, reduced tourist traffic, and spectacular fall colors that enhance the scenic beauty of the courses. Additionally, the likelihood of rain remains low, maintaining excellent course conditions.

Overall, the climate in Bend allows for a long and enjoyable golf season with the natural beauty of the area peaking at different times throughout this period, providing a picturesque backdrop to any golf outing.

Learn More About Bend, Oregon

With its breathtaking landscapes, variety of golf courses, and excellent educational choices, Bend truly offers a unique lifestyle for golf enthusiasts and their families. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Bend’s golf courses provide an exceptional experience that combines the love of the sport with the beauty of nature.

If you’re considering relocating to Bend or want to learn more about the city’s offerings, visit This comprehensive website provides valuable information on various aspects of living, working, playing, and learning in Bend. From finding rental properties to exploring educational choices and public transportation options, Bend Relocation Services are your go-to resource for all things Bend.

Shop ’til You Drop: Exploring the Best of Bend, Oregon

When it comes to shopping in Bend, Oregon, you’ll find a diverse and vibrant scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. From local boutiques and gift shops to outdoor gear stores and artisan markets, Bend has something for everyone.

Bend’s shopping scene is not just about the products, but also about the experience. Many of these shops are located in charming neighborhoods or along the scenic Deschutes River, providing a beautiful backdrop for your shopping adventure. Additionally, the city hosts events and festivals throughout the year, creating a vibrant atmosphere for shoppers.

Local Boutiques

Bend is home to a number of unique and charming boutiques that offer a wide range of products and styles. Whether you’re looking for clothing, accessories, or home decor, these boutiques have got you covered. Some popular local boutiques in Bend include:

These boutiques not only showcase the talent of local designers and artisans but also offer a personalized shopping experience that you won’t find in larger chain stores.

Outdoor Gear Stores

Bend is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and its stunning natural landscapes and plethora of recreational activities attract outdoor gear stores. Stores like FootZone Bend, Tactics, and Outside In Bend offer a wide range of products and equipment for outdoor activities such as skiing, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a beginner looking to try something new, these stores have everything you need to gear up and hit the trails.

Artisan Markets & Art Galleries

Artisan markets and art galleries in Bend showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of local artisans, offering a wide variety of unique and handmade products. Some notable artisan markets in Bend include:

Here’s a list of some notable art galleries in Bend:

  • Tumalo Art Co.: Located in the Old Mill District, Tumalo Art Co. is a fine art gallery owned and operated by artists, dedicated to bringing the best of Northwest art to its patrons. It’s known for a wide range of art styles, from abstract to realism, in various media including photography and digital images.
  • Red Chair Gallery: Situated in the heart of downtown Bend, Red Chair Gallery presents fine art and contemporary crafts. The gallery is open seven days a week and features a diverse array of artworks.
  • Mockingbird Gallery: Found at the intersection of Wall Street and Minnesota Avenue in downtown Bend, Mockingbird Gallery represents about 45 artists from across the country, celebrating over 30 years in the art business.
  • Peterson Contemporary Art: This gallery focuses on contemporary art, showcasing bright color palettes and various artistic mediums. It’s known for its vibrant exhibitions and is located in downtown Bend.
  • The Stacks Art Studios & Gallery: Located in the Old Mill District, The Stacks features a range of artworks, including abstract landscape paintings by local artists. It serves as a studio and gallery space for multiple artists.
  • Lubbesmeyer Art Studio & Gallery: Also in the Old Mill District, Lubbesmeyer offers a unique experience with its loft studio and gallery. The Lubbesmeyer twins are known for their fiber art and paintings.

    Each of these galleries contributes to Bend’s rich arts and culture scene, providing visitors and locals alike with a diverse range of art to explore, from contemporary crafts to traditional fine art. Here, you can find everything from handmade jewelry and artwork to home goods and organic beauty products. By supporting these local artisans, you not only bring home one-of-a-kind treasures but also contribute to the thriving arts and culture scene in Bend.

    So, whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or an art lover, Bend has something to offer. The local boutiques, outdoor gear stores, art galleries and artisan markets provide a unique and diverse shopping experience that reflects the spirit of this vibrant city.

    Shopping Districts in Bend

    When it comes to shopping in Central Oregon, you’ll find a variety of unique and charming districts to explore in Bend. Each district offers its own distinct atmosphere and a mix of local boutiques, galleries, and national retailers. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at three of the main shopping districts in Bend: Downtown Bend, the Old Mill District, and Northwest Crossing.

    Downtown Bend

    Let’s start with Downtown Bend, which is known for its vibrant and lively shopping scene. As you stroll through the streets of Downtown Bend, you’ll be captivated by the charming atmosphere and unique architecture. The area is filled with historic buildings that have been transformed into trendy shops, boutiques, and galleries.

    But it’s not just about the shops in Downtown Bend. The district also hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re browsing the shops or enjoying live music on the streets, Downtown Bend is a must-visit destination for any shopping enthusiast.

    The Old Mill District

    Moving on to the Old Mill District, you’ll discover a unique shopping experience set against the backdrop of the beautiful Deschutes River. This district seamlessly blends national retailers with local boutiques, creating a diverse mix of shopping opportunities.

    • Over 40 shops and restaurants offering something for everyone.
    • Riverside restaurants for outdoor dining with a view.
    • Popular brands like Gap, Banana Republic, and REI alongside specialty shops offering jewelry, home decor, and outdoor gear.

    In addition to shopping and dining, the Old Mill District is also known for its events and festivals. From live music concerts to art exhibits, there’s always something happening in this lively district. And with its beautiful riverfront setting, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of shopping.

    Northwest Crossing

    Last but not least, let’s explore Northwest Crossing, a neighborhood known for its walkability and community feel. This district is home to a variety of trendy boutiques and specialty stores that cater to the unique style and taste of its residents.

    • Dutch+Bow: A boutique offering fashionable and sustainably produced clothing, empowering women, artists, and minorities.
    • Evrgreen Clothing: An adventure club and store for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring gear and knowledge for activities like photography, birding, and rockhounding.

    But Northwest Crossing is more than just a shopping destination. The neighborhood itself is designed to encourage community interaction, with parks, trails, and gathering spaces scattered throughout. This creates a sense of belonging and fosters a tight-knit community atmosphere.

    Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Downtown Bend, enjoying the riverfront setting of the Old Mill District, or immersing yourself in the community feel of Northwest Crossing, you’re sure to find something special in Bend’s shopping scene. So grab your shopping bags and get ready for a memorable retail adventure in this vibrant city.

    Combine Shopping with Outdoor Adventure

    Bend offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, making it the perfect place to combine shopping with adventure. Whether it’s skiing, paddleboarding, or mountain biking, there is always something exciting to do before or after your shopping trip.

    Here are some examples of how Bend creatively combines these two worlds for your next adventure.

    First, the Old Mill District is a prime example of this blend. Nestled along the scenic Deschutes River, the area was once home to one of the largest sawmill operations in the world. Today, it’s a bustling shopping center with a rich selection of stores and restaurants. However, what makes it stand out is its direct access to outdoor activities. Shoppers can take a break to enjoy stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, or simply a leisurely stroll along the riverfront, offering a seamless transition from retail to recreation.

    Another notable example is the Bend Factory Stores on the southern edge of the city. Here, shoppers can find great deals on outdoor apparel and equipment perfect for Bend’s adventurous lifestyle. The proximity of these stores to the Phil’s Trail Complex and the Deschutes National Forest means that one can literally go from shopping to mountain biking or hiking in no time, embodying the spirit of combining commerce with adventure.

    Downtown Bend itself offers an inviting atmosphere where the exploration of quaint boutiques and specialty shops is complemented by the area’s natural beauty and outdoor opportunities. Seasonal events, like the First Friday Art Walk, encourage visitors to enjoy local art and culture outdoors, along with some great eats, wine tasting and craft brews.

    Finally, the Bend River Promenade presents a more traditional shopping experience but with a twist. Situated close to the Deschutes River, it invites shoppers to mix their day of retail therapy with a visit to nearby Riverbend Park for a picnic or a leisurely walk along the river, illustrating Bend’s commitment to merging the retail experience with the great outdoors.

    These examples highlight how Bend, Oregon, masterfully combines shopping with outdoor adventure, offering an integrated experience that caters to both the avid shopper and the outdoor enthusiast.

    Remember, when you shop in Bend, you’re not just buying a product – you’re supporting local businesses and the community. So, embrace the local vibe, discover unique treasures, and make your shopping experience in Bend a truly memorable one. Happy shopping!

    Experience the Best of Sunriver, Oregon

    Welcome to Bend Relocation Services Team! We are your trusted partner for all your relocation and home buying needs in Sunriver, Oregon. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your move seamless and stress-free, offering comprehensive services that include finding the perfect home, navigating the local market, and providing personalized support every step of the way. Whether you’re relocating for work, seeking a vacation home, or planning to settle in this beautiful region, we are here to ensure a smooth transition and help you find your dream home in Sunriver.

    Sunriver, Oregon, is a picturesque resort community that beckons with its tranquil landscapes, outdoor activities, and family-friendly amenities, making it an idyllic destination for those living in Bend, Oregon. Located merely a short drive away, Sunriver offers a serene escape from the bustling life of Bend, providing residents with a chance to immerse themselves in nature without venturing too far from home. With its vast network of biking trails, world-class golf courses, and proximity to the stunning Cascade Lakes, Sunriver is the perfect getaway for Bend locals looking for relaxation, adventure, and a scenic change of pace. Whether it’s for a weekend retreat or a longer holiday, Sunriver, Oregon, stands out as a premier destination that promises memorable experiences for all ages.

    Outdoor Adventures

    • Beautiful bike paths for leisurely rides or challenging mountain biking adventures.
    • World-class golf courses with breathtaking backdrops.
    • Easy access to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument for exploring stunning volcanic landscapes.
    • Opportunities for horseback riding.

    Water Activities and Relaxation

    • Numerous pools and water features for making a splash.

    Arts, Culture, and Dining

    • A vibrant local arts and culture scene.
    • Diverse dining options.

    Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Sunriver has something to offer. Plan your visit to this charming community and immerse yourself in its unique attractions and activities.

    Outdoor Activities in Sunriver, Oregon

    When it comes to outdoor activities, Sunriver, Oregon has something for everyone. From beautiful bike paths to golfing at Sunriver Resort, there is no shortage of fun and adventure in this charming town. Let’s dive into some of the main points that make Sunriver a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.


    If you’re a biking enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to explore Sunriver’s beautiful bike paths. The town is known for its extensive network of well-maintained trails that wind through picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there are trails suited for all skill levels. So grab your bike and get ready to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Sunriver.


    For golf lovers, Sunriver Resort offers world-class golfing experiences. With four championship golf courses, including the renowned Crosswater Club, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to perfect your swing. The courses are designed to challenge golfers of all levels, while also providing breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests. So pack your clubs and get ready to tee off in style.

    Newberry National Volcanic Monument

    Nature lovers will be in awe of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, which is just a short drive away from Sunriver. This unique geological area is home to volcanic landscapes, lava flows, and even stunning lakes. Explore the caves, hike the trails, or go fishing in one of the pristine lakes. The monument offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s volcanic history and is a must-visit for anyone seeking outdoor adventure.

    Water Activities

    When it’s time to cool off, Sunriver has plenty of water activities to offer. Whether you prefer kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply lounging by the water, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy the rivers, lakes, and pools in and around Sunriver. So grab your swimsuit and dive into the refreshing waters for a day of fun and relaxation.

    Sunriver Resort Pools

    Speaking of relaxation, Sunriver Resort’s pools are the perfect place to unwind and have fun. With several pools to choose from, including a water park and a lazy river, there’s something for everyone. Soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip, or simply enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in this oasis of relaxation.

    Horseback Riding

    If you’re an equestrian enthusiast or simply want to try something new, Sunriver Stables offers horseback riding experiences that are sure to delight. Explore the beautiful trails surrounding Sunriver on horseback and experience the serenity of the natural surroundings. It’s a unique way to connect with nature and create lasting memories.

    Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory

    For those interested in astronomy and the wonders of the cosmos, the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is a must-visit. Explore the interactive exhibits, participate in educational programs, and gaze at the stars through powerful telescopes. It’s a truly awe-inspiring experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the universe.

    Accommodations at Sunriver Resort

    When it’s time to relax and recharge, Sunriver Resort provides a range of accommodations that cater to every need. Whether you prefer a cozy cabin or a luxurious suite, you’ll find the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of Sunriver. With top-notch amenities and exceptional service, your stay at Sunriver Resort is bound to be a memorable one.

    Local Culture and Arts

    Sunriver is not only a haven for outdoor enthusiasts but also a hub for local culture and arts. From art galleries to live performances during the Sunriver Music Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the vibrant local scene. Explore the local art scene, attend live concerts, or participate in community events to truly embrace the spirit of Sunriver.

    Culinary Delights

    Last but certainly not least, don’t miss the opportunity to sample the delicious cuisine of Central Oregon in Sunriver. From farm-to-table restaurants to cozy cafes, the town offers a wide range of dining options that showcase the region’s culinary delights. Indulge in fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and mouthwatering dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

    Sunriver, Oregon is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities and attractions. Whether you’re biking along the scenic trails, golfing at Sunriver Resort, exploring volcanic landscapes, enjoying water activities, or simply relaxing by the pool, there is no shortage of fun and adventure in this charming town. So pack your bags, embrace the local culture, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Sunriver.

    Explore Sunriver in Bend, Oregon

    Sunriver in Bend, Oregon offers a wealth of experiences for travelers seeking adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. From exploring scenic bike paths and playing golf at world-class courses to discovering volcanic monuments and enjoying water activities, Sunriver has it all. Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts and culture scene, savor the local cuisine, and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting destination.

    As you plan your visit to Sunriver and explore the best of Bend, Oregon, be sure to check out the Moving To Bend website for valuable information on renting homes, educational choices, the Bend-La Pine School District map, public transportation, and eco-friendly practices.

    Experience Bend, Oregon

    Bend, Oregon is known for its wide range of outdoor recreational activities, such as skiing, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. The city also boasts a vibrant art, music, and culture scene, along with diverse dining and shopping options.

    Whether you’re looking to rent a home in Bend or explore the educational choices available for your family, the Moving To Bend website has all the resources you need. We offer comprehensive information on various aspects of living in Bend, including neighborhoods, buying or renting a home, public transportation options, and even eco-friendly practices.

    Useful Resources on the Moving To Bend Website

    • Renting homes in Bend
    • Educational choices
    • The Bend-La Pine School District map
    • Public transportation
    • Eco-friendly practices

    If you’re considering relocating to Bend, the website also offers valuable insights into the rental market, with tips on the rental application process, pet-friendly rentals, and tenant rights. Additionally, our Bend-La Pine School District map allows you to explore attendance areas and choice option schools, giving you the flexibility to choose the best education for your children. And if you’re concerned about transportation, the website provides information on local bus transit, shuttle services, and connections to outdoor attractions.

    So, whether you’re planning a visit to Sunriver or thinking about making Bend your new home, the Moving To Bend website is your one-stop resource for all the information you need. Start exploring today and embrace the incredible opportunities that await you in Bend, Oregon.

    Explore this website to learn more about renting homes in Bend, educational choices, working in Bend, public transportation, and eco-friendly practices.

    Scaling New Heights: An Insider’s Guide to Rock Climbing in Bend, Oregon

    Smith Rocks Oregon, Rock climber

    Meet the Bend Relocation Services Team, your dedicated partners in making your move to Central Oregon seamless and stress-free. Whether you’re looking to relocate or purchase a home in the beautiful areas of Smith Rock and beyond, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. From finding the perfect home to navigating the logistics of your move, we provide personalized support to ensure your transition is smooth and successful. Let us help you make Central Oregon your new home!

    Rock climbing has become an increasingly popular outdoor activity, attracting adventurers from all walks of life. And when it comes to rock climbing destinations, Bend, Oregon stands out as a top choice. What makes Bend so alluring to rock climbers?

    Located in central Oregon, Bend is surrounded by the Cascade Mountains, providing climbers with access to a variety of climbing areas. One of the most renowned destinations is Smith Rock State Park, offering over 1,800 climbing routes ranging from beginner-friendly to expert-level. The Three Sisters Wilderness is another popular area near Bend, with its three volcanic peaks offering a range of climbing opportunities. And let’s not forget about the Cascade Lakes Highway, a scenic byway that provides access to numerous climbing areas in the Cascade Mountains.

    But it’s not just the climbing itself that makes Bend special. The city has a vibrant climbing community, with local climbing gyms, outdoor retailers, and guide services catering to climbers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced climber seeking a new challenge, Bend, Oregon has everything you need for an unforgettable rock climbing experience.

    So why wait? Start planning your next climbing adventure in Bend today!

    Rock Climbing in Bend: A Paradise for Enthusiasts

    Bend is a haven for rock climbing enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of climbing spots suitable for climbers of all skill levels. One of the most renowned destinations in Bend is Smith Rock State Park, known for its challenging routes and breathtaking views. With so many climbing routes, ranging from beginner-friendly to expert-level, climbers will find endless opportunities to test their skills and push their limits.

    In addition to Smith Rock, Central Oregon boasts other popular climbing areas that provide unique experiences. Two such locations are Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Washington. Three Fingered Jack is famous for its dangerous northeast face, which presents a challenge even for the most experienced climbers. On the other hand, Mt. Washington offers stunning views of Mt. Jefferson, the Three Sisters, and Three Fingered Jack from its summit.

    What sets these climbing spots apart are their unique geological features. Smith Rock is characterized by steep limestone cliffs, while Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Washington feature volcanic crags and granite walls, respectively. These diverse landscapes provide climbers with a variety of climbing styles, including sport climbing, traditional climbing, bouldering, and alpine climbing. Whether you prefer the challenge of steep cliffs or the technicality of crack and corner climbs, Bend has it all.

    The best time to climb in Bend is during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild and the climbing conditions are optimal. Summers can get hot, while winters bring snow and ice to higher elevations, making climbing more challenging. It’s important for climbers to check weather conditions before heading out and to be aware of their own skill level.

    Sport Climbing

    Sport climbing is one of the most popular types of climbing in Bend. It involves climbing routes that are pre-equipped with permanent bolts for protection. This allows climbers to focus on their technique and movement without the added worry of placing their own protection. Sport climbing in Bend can be found on steep limestone cliffs, granite walls, and volcanic crags. Smith Rock State Park is a renowned destination for sport climbing, offering over 1,800 routes ranging from beginner-friendly to expert-level.

    Traditional Climbing

    Trad climbing, short for traditional climbing, is another type of climbing you can experience in Bend. Unlike sport climbing, trad climbing requires climbers to place their own protection as they ascend the route. This involves using removable gear such as nuts, cams, and slings to protect against falls. Trad climbing in Bend can be found on granite walls and volcanic crags. The Three Sisters Wilderness is a popular area for trad climbing, with its three volcanic peaks providing a range of climbing opportunities.


    For those who prefer shorter, more dynamic climbs, bouldering is a great option. Bouldering involves climbing on large boulders or small rock formations without the use of ropes or harnesses. Instead, crash pads are used to cushion falls. Bend has several bouldering areas, including the Circuit Bouldering Gym, which offers over 200 routes and a variety of terrain. Meadow Camp climbing area, located along the Deschutes River, is another popular spot for bouldering in Bend.

    Rock Climbing Safety and Preparation Tips

    Close view of ropes, carabiners and rock climbing equipment around a woman's waist.

    Rock climbing is an exhilarating outdoor activity that requires a strong focus on safety and preparation. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, it’s important to understand the risks involved and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable climbing experience in Bend, Oregon.

    Prioritize Safety

    Safety should always be your top priority when rock climbing. Take the following precautions:

    • Use proper safety equipment such as helmets, harnesses, and climbing shoes.
    • Invest in high-quality gear that fits properly to ensure maximum safety.

    Understand Climbing Grades and Route Ratings

    Having a clear understanding of climbing grades and route ratings is crucial for safety and preparation. Consider the following:

    • Climbing grades assess the difficulty level of a climb.
    • Route ratings provide information about specific challenges and hazards.
    • Choose climbs that are appropriate for your skill level to avoid unnecessary risks.

    Seek Professional Guidance

    If you’re a beginner or seeking additional instruction, Bend offers professional guides and climbing schools that can provide valuable guidance and training. Consider the following:

    • Professional guides and climbing schools have extensive knowledge of local climbing areas.
    • They can teach essential skills such as rope management, proper belaying techniques, and climbing strategies.
    • Taking a lesson or hiring a guide can greatly enhance your safety and confidence while climbing in Bend.

    Safety and preparation are crucial when it comes to rock climbing in Bend, Oregon. By using proper safety equipment, understanding climbing grades and route ratings, and seeking guidance from professional guides or climbing schools, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable climbing experience. So, grab your gear, get out there, and explore the diverse climbing opportunities that Bend has to offer!

    Best Time to Go Rock Climbing in Bend

    A female climber scales a rock wall in Smith Rock State Park, Bend, Oregon.

    If you’re planning a rock climbing trip to Bend, Oregon, it’s important to know the best time to go. The seasons in Bend can have a significant impact on rock climbing conditions, so it’s crucial to choose the right time of year for your adventure.

    Spring and Fall: The optimal times for climbing in Bend are during the spring and fall seasons. The weather is mild and the climbing conditions are ideal during these months.

    Summer: Summers in Bend can be hot, with temperatures reaching 90ºF or higher. Climbing during this time may be uncomfortable.

    Winter: Winters bring snow and ice to higher elevations, making climbing more challenging and potentially dangerous.

    When planning your climbing trip, consider the weather conditions, temperature, and daylight hours. Spring and fall offer moderate temperatures and longer daylight hours, providing more time for climbing. It’s also important to check the weather forecast before heading out to ensure safe and enjoyable climbing conditions.

    Seasonal Restrictions and Closures

    Another factor to consider is any seasonal restrictions or closures of certain climbing areas. Some climbing areas in Bend may have closures or restrictions during certain times of the year to protect wildlife or nesting birds. For example, Trout Creek Climbing Area is closed between January 15 and August 31 to protect nesting golden eagles. It’s essential to respect these closures and find alternative climbing areas during those times.

    Fortunately, Bend offers a diverse range of climbing areas, so even if some spots are closed, there are plenty of alternatives to explore. Smith Rock State Park is a world-renowned climbing destination with over 1,800 routes, ranging from beginner-friendly to expert-level. The Three Sisters Wilderness and Cascade Lakes Highway also provide a variety of climbing opportunities.

    The best time to go climbing in Bend, Oregon is during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild and the climbing conditions are optimal. Be sure to check for any seasonal restrictions or closures of certain climbing areas and plan accordingly. With its diverse climbing areas and stunning natural landscapes, Bend is truly a rock climber’s paradise. So grab your gear and get ready for an unforgettable climbing experience in Bend!

    Climbing Etiquette and Conservation

    When it comes to rock climbing in Bend, it’s not just about the physical challenge and the breathtaking views. It’s also important to respect climbing etiquette and practice conservation to ensure a positive experience for all climbers and minimize our impact on the environment.

    • Yield to climbers who are already on the route: Always wait your turn and avoid crowding the base of the climb.
    • Communicate with other climbers: Discuss route options, share equipment, and provide encouragement and support.

    Practicing Conservation

    Another crucial aspect of climbing etiquette is to practice conservation and leave no trace. Here’s how:

    • Leave no trace: Minimize your impact on the environment by packing out all trash, avoiding damaging vegetation, and not disturbing wildlife.
    • Stick to established trails: Avoid creating new paths that can lead to erosion and habitat destruction.

    Specific Rules and Regulations

    In addition to general climbing etiquette, it’s important to be aware of any specific rules or regulations in place at popular climbing areas in Bend. For example, Smith Rock State Park, a world-renowned climbing destination, may have certain restrictions to protect nesting golden eagles and falcons. Check for any route closures or restrictions before heading out to climb.

    Local Resources for Climbers

    In addition to the local climbing community, there are also a variety of resources available to help climbers navigate the area and find suitable routes. Guidebooks, online resources, and apps specifically tailored for rock climbers can provide valuable information about the different climbing areas in Bend, including detailed route descriptions, difficulty ratings, and safety considerations. These resources can be especially helpful for climbers who are new to the area and want to explore the best climbing spots.

    When it comes to comprehensive information on living, working, and playing in Bend, the website is a valuable resource. The website provides a wealth of information on various aspects of life in Bend, including outdoor activities like rock climbing. It can help climbers find information on local climbing organizations, guide services, and upcoming community events. Whether you’re a resident or considering a move to Bend, the website can be a valuable tool in your rock climbing journey.

    Bend, Oregon offers a vibrant rock climbing community with a wealth of local resources and guides to support climbers of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for climbing partners, route recommendations, or comprehensive information on living in Bend, there are plenty of options available. Take advantage of the local climbing organizations, guidebooks, online resources, and the website to make the most of your rock climbing adventures in Bend.

    Accommodation Options for Climbers in Bend

    When planning a climbing trip to Bend, Oregon, it’s important to consider the various accommodation options available. Whether you prefer the convenience of a hotel, the flexibility of an RV park, or the comfort of a vacation rental, Bend has something to suit every climber’s needs.


    One popular option for climbers is staying at campgrounds. Bend offers several campgrounds that provide a rustic and immersive outdoor experience. These campgrounds are often located near climbing areas, allowing climbers to be close to the action. With amenities such as picnic tables, fire pits, and restroom facilities, campgrounds provide a convenient and affordable option for climbers looking to connect with nature.

    RV Parks

    For climbers who prefer a bit more comfort and convenience, there are RV parks available in Bend. These parks provide spaces for campers and RVs, offering amenities such as hookups for water, electricity, and sewer. RV parks often have additional facilities like showers, laundry rooms, and recreational areas, making them a great choice for climbers who want a balance between outdoor adventure and modern comforts.


    If you’re looking for a more traditional accommodation experience, Bend has a range of hotels to choose from. Whether you’re seeking a luxury resort or a budget-friendly motel, Bend’s hotels offer a comfortable and convenient base for your climbing adventures. Many hotels are located near popular climbing areas, making it easy to access the best routes and trails. Additionally, hotels provide amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and on-site restaurants, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing stay.

    Vacation Rentals

    Another option for climbers is vacation rentals. Bend has a variety of vacation homes and condos available for rent, providing a home-away-from-home experience. These rentals often come fully furnished and equipped with kitchen facilities, allowing climbers to cook their own meals and relax in a comfortable space after a day of climbing. Vacation rentals are particularly great for larger groups or families, as they offer plenty of space and privacy.

    Ready to Start Your Rock Climbing Journey in Bend?

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