Shop ’til You Drop: Exploring the Best of Bend, Oregon

When it comes to shopping in Bend, Oregon, you’ll find a diverse and vibrant scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. From local boutiques and gift shops to outdoor gear stores and artisan markets, Bend has something for everyone.

Bend’s shopping scene is not just about the products, but also about the experience. Many of these shops are located in charming neighborhoods or along the scenic Deschutes River, providing a beautiful backdrop for your shopping adventure. Additionally, the city hosts events and festivals throughout the year, creating a vibrant atmosphere for shoppers.

Local Boutiques

Bend is home to a number of unique and charming boutiques that offer a wide range of products and styles. Whether you’re looking for clothing, accessories, or home decor, these boutiques have got you covered. Some popular local boutiques in Bend include:

These boutiques not only showcase the talent of local designers and artisans but also offer a personalized shopping experience that you won’t find in larger chain stores.

Outdoor Gear Stores

Bend is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and its stunning natural landscapes and plethora of recreational activities attract outdoor gear stores. Stores like FootZone Bend, Tactics, and Outside In Bend offer a wide range of products and equipment for outdoor activities such as skiing, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a beginner looking to try something new, these stores have everything you need to gear up and hit the trails.

Artisan Markets & Art Galleries

Artisan markets and art galleries in Bend showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of local artisans, offering a wide variety of unique and handmade products. Some notable artisan markets in Bend include:

Here’s a list of some notable art galleries in Bend:

  • Tumalo Art Co.: Located in the Old Mill District, Tumalo Art Co. is a fine art gallery owned and operated by artists, dedicated to bringing the best of Northwest art to its patrons. It’s known for a wide range of art styles, from abstract to realism, in various media including photography and digital images.
  • Red Chair Gallery: Situated in the heart of downtown Bend, Red Chair Gallery presents fine art and contemporary crafts. The gallery is open seven days a week and features a diverse array of artworks.
  • Mockingbird Gallery: Found at the intersection of Wall Street and Minnesota Avenue in downtown Bend, Mockingbird Gallery represents about 45 artists from across the country, celebrating over 30 years in the art business.
  • Peterson Contemporary Art: This gallery focuses on contemporary art, showcasing bright color palettes and various artistic mediums. It’s known for its vibrant exhibitions and is located in downtown Bend.
  • The Stacks Art Studios & Gallery: Located in the Old Mill District, The Stacks features a range of artworks, including abstract landscape paintings by local artists. It serves as a studio and gallery space for multiple artists.
  • Lubbesmeyer Art Studio & Gallery: Also in the Old Mill District, Lubbesmeyer offers a unique experience with its loft studio and gallery. The Lubbesmeyer twins are known for their fiber art and paintings.

    Each of these galleries contributes to Bend’s rich arts and culture scene, providing visitors and locals alike with a diverse range of art to explore, from contemporary crafts to traditional fine art. Here, you can find everything from handmade jewelry and artwork to home goods and organic beauty products. By supporting these local artisans, you not only bring home one-of-a-kind treasures but also contribute to the thriving arts and culture scene in Bend.

    So, whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or an art lover, Bend has something to offer. The local boutiques, outdoor gear stores, art galleries and artisan markets provide a unique and diverse shopping experience that reflects the spirit of this vibrant city.

    Shopping Districts in Bend

    When it comes to shopping in Central Oregon, you’ll find a variety of unique and charming districts to explore in Bend. Each district offers its own distinct atmosphere and a mix of local boutiques, galleries, and national retailers. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at three of the main shopping districts in Bend: Downtown Bend, the Old Mill District, and Northwest Crossing.

    Downtown Bend

    Let’s start with Downtown Bend, which is known for its vibrant and lively shopping scene. As you stroll through the streets of Downtown Bend, you’ll be captivated by the charming atmosphere and unique architecture. The area is filled with historic buildings that have been transformed into trendy shops, boutiques, and galleries.

    But it’s not just about the shops in Downtown Bend. The district also hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re browsing the shops or enjoying live music on the streets, Downtown Bend is a must-visit destination for any shopping enthusiast.

    The Old Mill District

    Moving on to the Old Mill District, you’ll discover a unique shopping experience set against the backdrop of the beautiful Deschutes River. This district seamlessly blends national retailers with local boutiques, creating a diverse mix of shopping opportunities.

    • Over 40 shops and restaurants offering something for everyone.
    • Riverside restaurants for outdoor dining with a view.
    • Popular brands like Gap, Banana Republic, and REI alongside specialty shops offering jewelry, home decor, and outdoor gear.

    In addition to shopping and dining, the Old Mill District is also known for its events and festivals. From live music concerts to art exhibits, there’s always something happening in this lively district. And with its beautiful riverfront setting, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of shopping.

    Northwest Crossing

    Last but not least, let’s explore Northwest Crossing, a neighborhood known for its walkability and community feel. This district is home to a variety of trendy boutiques and specialty stores that cater to the unique style and taste of its residents.

    • Dutch+Bow: A boutique offering fashionable and sustainably produced clothing, empowering women, artists, and minorities.
    • Evrgreen Clothing: An adventure club and store for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring gear and knowledge for activities like photography, birding, and rockhounding.

    But Northwest Crossing is more than just a shopping destination. The neighborhood itself is designed to encourage community interaction, with parks, trails, and gathering spaces scattered throughout. This creates a sense of belonging and fosters a tight-knit community atmosphere.

    Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Downtown Bend, enjoying the riverfront setting of the Old Mill District, or immersing yourself in the community feel of Northwest Crossing, you’re sure to find something special in Bend’s shopping scene. So grab your shopping bags and get ready for a memorable retail adventure in this vibrant city.

    Combine Shopping with Outdoor Adventure

    Bend offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, making it the perfect place to combine shopping with adventure. Whether it’s skiing, paddleboarding, or mountain biking, there is always something exciting to do before or after your shopping trip.

    Here are some examples of how Bend creatively combines these two worlds for your next adventure.

    First, the Old Mill District is a prime example of this blend. Nestled along the scenic Deschutes River, the area was once home to one of the largest sawmill operations in the world. Today, it’s a bustling shopping center with a rich selection of stores and restaurants. However, what makes it stand out is its direct access to outdoor activities. Shoppers can take a break to enjoy stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, or simply a leisurely stroll along the riverfront, offering a seamless transition from retail to recreation.

    Another notable example is the Bend Factory Stores on the southern edge of the city. Here, shoppers can find great deals on outdoor apparel and equipment perfect for Bend’s adventurous lifestyle. The proximity of these stores to the Phil’s Trail Complex and the Deschutes National Forest means that one can literally go from shopping to mountain biking or hiking in no time, embodying the spirit of combining commerce with adventure.

    Downtown Bend itself offers an inviting atmosphere where the exploration of quaint boutiques and specialty shops is complemented by the area’s natural beauty and outdoor opportunities. Seasonal events, like the First Friday Art Walk, encourage visitors to enjoy local art and culture outdoors, along with some great eats, wine tasting and craft brews.

    Finally, the Bend River Promenade presents a more traditional shopping experience but with a twist. Situated close to the Deschutes River, it invites shoppers to mix their day of retail therapy with a visit to nearby Riverbend Park for a picnic or a leisurely walk along the river, illustrating Bend’s commitment to merging the retail experience with the great outdoors.

    These examples highlight how Bend, Oregon, masterfully combines shopping with outdoor adventure, offering an integrated experience that caters to both the avid shopper and the outdoor enthusiast.

    Remember, when you shop in Bend, you’re not just buying a product – you’re supporting local businesses and the community. So, embrace the local vibe, discover unique treasures, and make your shopping experience in Bend a truly memorable one. Happy shopping!