6 Ways to Live Green in Bend, Oregon

With Earth Day upon us, it’s a great time to check our daily habits and see what simple changes we can make to be more eco-friendly and live sustainably. Fortunately, Oregon is already skilled in this area, and Bend offers many opportunities – in groups and solo – to go green. Here are a few of our favorite options if you’re looking to make more of a difference living in Bend!

1. Dispose of Your E-Waste Properly

E-waste or electronic waste is generally anything with a circuit board and any electrical appliances you may be using. These devices can contain toxic metals and other harmful materials that cannot be leached into the environment. When the time comes to upgrade your laptop or phone, look for local options to properly recycle old devices! Businesses like Best Buy and Lowes usually have drop-off points for smaller devices, and the city does accept electronic waste if it’s properly identified.

2. Support Local Eco-Tourism and Green Businesses

Many businesses in Bend make it a point to practice sustainability and encourage green practices in the community. Supporting these businesses and their efforts are an excellent way to make difference around Earth Day! Notable businesses around town include Strictly Organic, Wanderlust Tours, Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe, Ouzel Outfitters, Ruff Wear, and more.

If you want to support organic foods and related practices, Newport Market and Market of Choice are great options. If you are staying in Bend briefly, the Oxford Hotel and Riverhouse on the Deschutes River are both known for their eco-friendly practices!

3. Take a Green Spa Day

If you are wondering what to do in Bend and feel like pampering yourself a little, check out Anjou Spa, a green spa service that uses sustainable and organic products. If you prefer to take your spa days at home, check out Angelina Organic Skin Care products instead!

4. Cut Your Commute Footprint

Bend is small enough that most destinations are easy to reach without lengthy commutes, and many parts of the city are bike-friendly while working in Bend. There are also public transportation options via CET! In other words, there are many ways to cut down on driving or remove driving altogether in your daily life. That helps reduce your overall carbon footprint – and biking or walking is great for your health, too.

5. Look for Earth Advantage Certification

Earth Advantage is a certification you can find on rentals, homes, and other properties throughout Central Oregon. This is a sign that the building was built in specific ways to address energy efficiency, recycled materials, landscaping that helps save on water usage, and lots more.

6. Volunteer for the Environment

Check out Central Oregon volunteer options and Bend Parks & Recreation to see if there are any activities you may be interested in. There are usually nonprofit efforts looking for help with things like cleaning up parks, planting more wildlife-friendly flora, removing invasive species, and much more. If you like making a difference by being active in the community, this is a great place to start!

If you need help with your landscaping, contact a local landscaper.

Remember, visit Moving to Bend for updates on the latest policies and practices that will have an impact on you!