Top 5 Industries in Central Oregon in 2021


Moving To Bend likes to keep up with the latest industry developments in Central Oregon: We know that many of those working in Bend (or planning to) like to know what industries in Central Oregon are thriving and where to start looking for new jobs. So let’s look at the thriving industries in the area and what they are like!

1. Healthcare and Bioscience

St. Charles remains the largest employer in Bend, and it’s far from the only player in the healthcare industry. The hospital and related clinics cover a wide variety of medical fields, from technicians and nurses to insurance and billing. For those with the right qualifications, healthcare is an excellent field to start looking for a job. While the COVID-19 pandemic has put strain on Central Oregon’s healthcare services, this has also led to increased demand for experienced workers living in Bend that can fill important positions.

A related field on the research and development side is biotechnology and bioscience in general, which EDCO (Economic Development for Central Oregon) labels a growing industry cluster for the region. This includes growth in medical device research, drug treatments, and bioscience software – which has led to double-digit year-over-year growth for this sector.

Finally, it’s good to remember Bend is a city of pet owners, and if your experience is more focused around vet tech and similar fields you may want to check out our numerous veterinary services.

2. Brewing

While technically part of the hospitality industry (which is also a mainstay of Central Oregon’s tourist-friendly economy), brewing deserves its own category in the region. Numerous breweries are always on the rise here, and often include additional restaurant or pub service. This provides plenty of opportunities not only for brewers and those with experience in brewing technology, but also a variety of service options. New breweries frequently look to stand out by hiring skilled staff and innovative chefs, too!

3. Technology

Bend has enjoyed a reputation as a fertile spot for tech ventures due to its combination of reasonable costs for early development and startup incubators looking to help the right tech firms grow. It’s also home to studios including Sony Bend, Kollective Technology, Manzama, and many, many more. Unlike some industries, the technology sector found it relatively easy to switch to remote work solutions in 2020, which allowed them to progress with their development plans.

4. Recreation

Bend’s outdoor recreation industry is split into many sectors, each with their own growth potential and plentiful startups. Outdoor recreation services, training, and tours remain a popular option with both winter and summer activities. Outdoor product startups are also common here, from new hiking equipment to outdoor gear for your pets. Bend is also home to the only four-year degree for outdoor product development in the country, as well as the only outdoor startup accelerator for new ventures.

5. Building Products

Bend, after all, started out as a mill town located on a useful bend in the river – and while those days may be long past, there is still a healthy building product industry in the town. This is another highly diversified field, with the production of a variety of residential and commercial products. This includes highly specialized products such as our notable carbon fiber fabrication for the aviation industry, right down to custom furniture and cabinets.

If you’d like to know more about jobs in Central Oregon or general help with the relocation process, contact us today! Moving to Bend has years of experience aiding all kinds of professionals learn more about Central Oregon, the opportunities offered here, and how to optimize their moving process. Our relocation services in Central Oregon include business resources, help with buying or renting a property, school applications, and much more. If you’re planning on remote work for your industry, don’t worry: Bend is one of the friendliest remote work cities around, and we can help you find resources for that as well.