Living in Bend Offers Remote Workers Convenient Air Access


We’ve talked before about how Bend is one of the best cities for working remotely, and how many of those moving to Bend are interested in work from home situations. With our local attractions, delicious food, and the ability to get out into nature at a moment’s notice, it’s a perfect remote setup.

We also know that many remote workers, freelancers, and other professionals thinking about living in Bend often need quick, easy access to other cities in the country for meetings, consultations, pitches, and more. That brings us to RDM, the primary airport in Central Oregon, and an excellent access point to many nearby cities. Those interested in relocation for a professional remote work situation will need to know the details – let’s talk a little about the Redmond airport and how it helps.

Quick Flights to West Coast Cities

It’s no surprise that networking professionals may have plans and contacts in larger NW cities like Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and beyond. Fortunately, getting there is no problem at all. The RDM airport is only a quick drive away from Bend and provides several flight options to nearby cities that can drastically cut down on commuting time (and snowy mountain pass driving) while being much more enjoyable.

Portland is an excellent example: Flights out are relatively easy to find and can get you to the Portland Airport with only 20 – 30 minutes of flight time, perfect for those who need to spend at least part of each week in Portland or would prefer meeting clients there.

Growing Ease of Access to Other Areas

RDM is an award-winning airport due to its design and service, but it’s also always working on expanding available flights. This has been challenging in recent years with COVID-19 restrictions and other challenges that have affected many industries, including airlines. But that hasn’t stopped RDM from adding more options to its list.

One of the latest additions is Aha! Airlines (a leisure brand division of Express Jet), which is launching nonstop flights from RDM to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, which is itself an excellent access point for cities around the continent. These types of quick actions make it easy to arrange meetings and then plan your flight around them. Or, if you just want easy access to the Reno-Tahoe region for more beautiful lakes, a trip down for Burning Man, or to check out the latest golfing championships, Aha!’s perfect for that, too.  

Additional Airline Options

Airline options at RDM include Alaska, United, Delta, and American Airlines, as well as private charter options. The airport prides itself on comfortable indoor seating, delicious food and beer options, and excellent Wi-Fi for getting work done while you wait. If you are looking at remote work options in Bend, you’ll love what you’ll find here!

Interested in learning more about what Central Oregon has to offer? Check out the resources on Moving To Bend. We provide information on everything from events in Bend to what to do in Bend over the winter. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our relocation services in Central Oregon!