Do These 3 Things to Feel Your Absolute Best While Working Remotely

Whether you’ve worked remotely for one year or 10, it is easy to slide into less-than-desirable habits with your routine. Working in your pajamas, answering emails at all hours, and permitting distractions during your workday are just several of the ways remote workers begin to erode crucial work-life boundaries. Want to start feeling your best while working remotely? Moving to Bend shares three suggestions to enhance your routine.

1. Establish boundaries that help you mentally “leave” work at the end of the day.

Working from home — especially if you are self-employed — often means that you have no set start or end time. Just so long as you finish your daily tasks, you can set hours that are best for you. 

Unfortunately, this often turns into working more hours than you would normally. It can also lead to feeling like you are always “plugged in” to your work. Find ways to establish or re-establish this boundary by creating distinct transitions in your day. For example, when beginning your workday, enter your home office and remain there until you’ve finished for the day. 

2. Redecorate your home office.

One excellent way to add some energy and motivation to your workday is to redecorate your home office. This is especially true if your current at-home workspace is also being used for other purposes, such as storage or as a guest room. 

As your budget allows, purchase new office furniture, replace flooring, add new blinds, and find decorative pieces that spark a sense of delight. To give your office a dramatic new look and feel, spruce up your walls. Many people are now opting to use customizable, easy-to-install wallpaper for a number of reasons. Wallpaper with adhesive backing can be custom designed to fit any style. This type of wallpaper is both removable and repositionable. Ordering personalized designs also ensures that you’ll always be able to reorder more if you run out.

3. Set a timer to get up and move around.

In a traditional office setting, there are often frequent excuses to get up and walk around. Going to and from meetings, walking to the break room, and getting up to speak with colleagues ensures that you get some level of activity. At home, there is little reason to get up and walk around, which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

Break this pattern by setting timers for yourself throughout the day to remind yourself to get up and move around. Wearing a pedometer will also help you track how much activity you achieve each day.

On top of these suggestions, there are many other ways to make your remote work arrangement even healthier. Several more ideas include stocking up on nutritious lunches and snacks, working out during your lunch break, and meditating throughout your day.