Comparing High Schools in Bend, Oregon

If you are moving with kids who are in high school or rapidly approaching high school age, you’re no doubt interested in the high school options in Bend, and what high school options will be available if you are living in a particular area. High schools in Bend default to what zone students live in, with the four primary public high schools each serving a different area – plus the La Pine High School, which is somewhat of an outlier due to how education districts were drawn.

Those living in Bend can also consider Oregon’s transfer system to transfer students to school in another zone: The process can vary based on the school, so it’s important to start early and ask individual high schools for more information about accepting students outside of their zone.

Additionally, we highly looking at Bend’s high schools in person and talking with staff to ask specific questions if possible. Seeing the campus options, facilities, support for specific disciplines or sports, and other key factors in person is often the best way to choose a high school that aligns with your interests. But let’s look at some useful summaries of the major high schools in the area to help you get started.

Bend Senior High School

Close to the heart of bend, Bend High is the city’s oldest (117 years old) and largest high school, home to the Lava Bears and over 1,700 students. Bend High School’s central location ensures it’s close to a variety of residential neighborhoods, although the school’s zone does extend a bit both east and south, so you’ll want to check Bend’s school zoning maps carefully when making plans for schools in Bend. Bend High’s diligence in consistent upgrades over the years has led to well-equipped facilities for a variety of class types, as well as updated sports facilities.

Summit High School

Nearly the size of Bend High, Summit’s zone is the entire westside of the city. The newer school benefits from a gorgeous campus at the edge of the Central Oregon desert and is part of the Northern Crossing neighborhood, although its zone extends to the Deschutes River. Summit’s teams are the Storm.

Mountain View High School

If you decide on an east or northern location in Bend, your default high school is likely to be Mountain View, home of the Cougars and the second oldest high school in Bend. Like Bend High, Mountain View is located close to a variety of residential communities on the east side and is also just a walk away from both shopping centers and the sprawling St. Charles hospital complex.

Caldera High School

Opening in fall 2021 is a new high school serving a new zone in the rapidly growing Bend area: Caldera was designed by BBT Architects as a “school of the future” with advanced classroom options for more technical or career training, a 600-seat auditorium, a variety of fields for football and other sports, and a centrally located library. If you are moving to the southern part of Bend, Caldera could be your default high school option.

Marshall High School

Marshall is a magnet high school in Bend know for the Bend Tech Academy, which offers limited enrollment through a lottery system used every spring to accept up to 200 students. The Academy is focused on preparing students for college and career success in fields like engineering and other options.

Keep in mind there are also several private schools and academies that offer education through the 12th grade, such as Cascades Academy, Skyline, and Realms High School among others. These may be alternatives if you are looking for a particular kind of education experience. You can learn more on our website here.

If you’re interested in moving to Bend and want to learn more, our relocation services in Central Oregon can provide the advice and help you need to make things less complicated!