A Guide to Public & Private Schools in Bend, Oregon

If you are moving to Bend with your children, a key part of your preparation is learning about your school options and making the right choices. There are around 40 schools in the Bend-La Pine School District, with a wide variety of options for every age. Our overview will help make a quick introduction to these schools so you are ready to learn more!

Elementary Schools

There are nearly 20 elementary schools throughout Bend, designed to be near residential areas for easy, safe access. Depending on where you find your home when living to Bend, walking, or biking to elementary school may be particularly easy. From Bear Creek Elementary on 13th street to Elk Meadow on Brookswood, there are many different options to consider. With so many choices, you may want to visit potential locations in person to get a better idea of what’s right for your family when living in Bend.

Middle Schools

There are currently seven middle schools in the Central Oregon area to consider. This includes La Pine Middle in La Paine, Cascade Middle up on Mountaineer Way, and Pilot Butte Middle on the east side on Neff Road. Middle schools aren’t as common as elementary schools, which makes location more important, so start with the nearest middle schools.

It’s also a good idea to consider if charter schools are right for your child: These are independently operated public schools that operate on a lottery system and may offer certain specializations or services that other schools do not. They are an alternative for elementary and middle schools and include options like Desert Sky Montessori. Magnet or Focus schools, which tend to have a curricular focus, are also available as options in the Bend area.

High Schools

Bend’s public high schools are available at no cost to students within their districts. Bend Senior High has a central location, Summit High is on the westside, Mountain View High on the east side, and Caldera High for the southern portion of Bend. For those in La Pine, La Pine High is the district high school. There are also alternative options here, such as the Bend Tech Academy. We have a map of the school districts and individual school locations that can make understanding this easier! There is also an official School Attendance Area webpage for schools in Bend that you can use for research and planning.

Independent Options

Private schools and home schooling are also options in the Bend area. Home schoolers can benefit from the High Desert Education Service District, a program that provides valuable resources and preparation for students currently being home-schooled.

Remember, whatever school you choose, it’s important to start the application process very early for the best results. This is particularly true if you would like to enter a lottery for a magnet school, or if you are applying to transfer to a school in another district. If you’d like to learn more about your school options in Bend, how enrollment works, and other important details, be sure to visit our education portal. Our relocation services in Central Oregon can offer the information need to choose a school and get ready for the next school season.