Top 5 Auto Transporters in Bend, Oregon

Transporting a vehicle can bring all kinds of trouble down the line if you aren’t working with a legitimate transport company when moving to Bend.

Working with a licensed and vetted shipping company is important, as many operate without the proper licensing and insurance putting you at risk.

We have found the the top 5 auto transporters in Bend, Oregon, and we’ll drill down on what makes them great for your next move to Bend, either renting or buying a house here!

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Top 5 Auto Transporters in Bend, Oregon

1. Montway Auto Transport

Montway has been leading the auto transport game for some time now. They operate in all 50 states, including Oregon, and have shipped more than 1 million vehicles since 2006. What’s great about Montway is that they offer international and expedited shipping.

One downside of Montway is that they do not ship RVs, trailers, or campers. If you have family-oriented vehicles, they will not be able to help with this type of transport. Montway also has a $249 cancellation fee, which can come as a surprise if you aren’t aware of it beforehand.

Like the other shipping companies, Montway is a broker and not a carrier. This means that they will connect you with a shipping company that will then take care of fulfilling your car transportation. When this process occurs, a lot can go wrong, but typically most shipments have no problems getting to their destination.

However, keep in mind this is how most auto transport companies operate. The consumer, hardly ever speaks with the actual transport company themselves, so the brokers are the ones that provide the marketing while the carriers fulfill the transportation.

2. A1 Auto Transport

A1 Auto Transport is an international vehicle shipping company that is based in Aptos, California. They offer economical Bend auto shipping, as well as to any destination in the world. One great aspect of A1 Auto is that they can ship any kind of vehicle, from planes to RVs.

A1 Auto is also capable of shipping heavy equipment, which is great for any business that requires construction equipment shipping. A1 also has trained staff that are ready to deal with any kind of transport and are working around the clock to keep their customer base happy.

To get in touch, all you need to do is get a free quote and there are no obligations on your part. You’ll be given a few quotes from carriers, and then you can decide if A1 is right for your Bend shipping. A1 Auto Transport also offers moving services, so if you’re moving overseas, they can help you ship your car and move your belongings simultaneously.

3. AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight has been shipping automobiles since 2004 and has availability in all 50 states. One benefit AmeriFreight has over others is its many discounts, like military, medical, and first responders. Seniors and anyone looking to ship multiple vehicles can also inquire about getting additional discounts.

AmeriFreight, unfortunately, does not offer international shipping and some reviews mention some of the carriers they work with are unprofessional. The upside is that there are plenty of positive reviews that only have great things to say about AmeriFreight on the Better Business Bureau.

You can choose from open and enclosed trailers and door-to-door delivery. If you need your vehicle as soon as possible, AmeriFreight also offers door-to-door shipping. You can get a quote from them via online chat, or email or you can even give them a call. 

4. Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship is another great transport company that services all 50 states. They offer up to a $150 discount for anyone who’s willing to pay cash on arrival. What’s great about Easy Auto Ship is that they offer tracking updates, unlike most other brokers.

If your vehicle is 10 days late, they will provide you with a rental vehicle. Delays do happen, and with the future being unforeseeable, it’s always great to have some insurance if your vehicle’s arrival should be delayed.

If you do want your vehicle on a specific date, it will cost you extra. You also have to pay an additional 25% for an enclosed trailer, but the upcharge will be worth it if you’re shipping a more expensive vehicle that requires extra protection.

5. Nexus Auto Transport

Nexus Auto Transport offers discounts for any military members, even ones that are currently retired. They specialize in helping military folk relocate all around the world. With their reach to all 50 states, they can help anyone move to any location within the 50 states.

Nexus Auto Transport has an “A+” Better Business Bureau rating, which can help ease your mind as a reliable transport company. Sadly, they do not offer international shipping, so you’ll have to go with another option to help you.

Their drivers are insured, and you get a vehicle and real-time shipment updates to let you know exactly where your vehicle is. Choose from an enclosed or open trailer, and whether you want door-to-door delivery or expedited shipping.

Final Thoughts

Be wary of any unreviewed transport companies that don’t have an online presence. When it comes to transporting a vehicle, you want to be sure that the task will be done without any damage and proper insurance.

That’s why you must vet every company you’re considering working with or ask us at Bend Relocation Services, we’re here to help your move to Bend. As online reviews can be faked, it’s always a good idea to dig down into online review aggregators to see what’s going on behind the curtains.