Best Bakeries in Bend, Oregon

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Mornings can be sweeter when you explore the numerous pastry options available. Floating between the dreams and the to-do list, you can quickly refresh after entering a bakery. The sweet aroma of cupcakes and the rich smell of sweet bread with a cup of coffee makes a perfect morning ritual.

Glancing through the shelves of palm-sized treats and other eats, one instantly craves a decadent slice of chocolate cake or even a glazed doughnut. Bend, Oregon, is the perfect place to be if you want to enjoy a wide range of pastries and other desserts. The bakery scene in Bend is expanding with the number of people inhabiting the surrounding areas.

Top Bakeries in Bend

If you live in Bend or are visiting on vacation, visit these bakeries to enjoy their delicious delicacies:

Sparrow Bakery

The Sparrow Bakery, a Northwest pastry shop in Bend, is the perfect place to be if you have a sweet tooth. The bakery has existed since 2006 when it opened on Scott Street. They work hard to provide their clients with fantastic cuisine, a welcoming environment, warm service, and a cozy setting that makes The Sparrow Bakery feel like home.

Later, they opened a second store in Bend’s Northwest Crossing, growing from its original little Scott Street location. This restaurant has different cuisine and additional seating, including outdoor tables that allow you to take your pets.

Lunch menu offerings include sandwiches like the tuna melt with red onion, dill mustard mayo, and sprouts on rye bread, or the bacon breakfast sandwich with smoky bacon, poached egg, arugula aioli, and avocado on a croissant. Pastries, Parisian and coconut macaroons, and other baked goods are the bakery’s specialty items.

Too Sweet Cakes

Cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are among the delectable goodies that Too Sweet Cakes specializes in baking in Central Oregon. Shelbi Blok, the owner, is only 23 years old, but her baking abilities defy her youth, and the bakery is famous in the neighborhood. She already has eleven stores all over town where she sells her delicacies. Moreover, it is an ideal place to visit if you crave delicious sweet treats.

Big O Bagels

Big O Bagels is currently open at Westside, Eastside, and Southside. A fourth shop opened on Highland Avenue in 2019. Whenever you visit Bend, you can always find some fantastic bagels nearby.

The bakery focuses on simplicity. The six essential components are yeast, malt, honey, water, salt, and flour. You will always get a fresh bagel no matter what time you visit the bakery.

Even though Big O Bagels offers prepared bagels and breakfast sandwiches, you can also eat their bagels during lunch. They provide a range of open and closed-face sandwiches, including the Lox Box, pepperoni pizza, and tuna melt.

Nancy P’s Café & Bakery

Nancy P’s, located just off Newport Avenue, across the street from Newport Market, offers delicious sweet treats while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee whether you sit inside or out.

This bakery is for you; visit Nancy P’s if you’re seeking traditional American sweets (pies in particular), quiche, frittatas, scones, muffins, bars, brownies, and cookies. Their Apple Maple Pecan pie is the perfect example of excellent taste and imagination.

The place offers comfortable and spacious seats in the indoor seating area, where you may see the creations of regional artisans, such as the lovely mosaics made of stained glass. In addition to having a fantastic view, their patio area is dog-friendly. On a calm day, enjoy it alongside a salad or perhaps soup. If you’re having trouble deciding what to order for lunch, they even have a “choose two” option.

Foxtail Bakeshop

This bakery should be your next stop while you are in Bend. They strive to provide ” adventurous foods for the taste buds and the sight.” Therefore, their menu is unique and different from all the other bakeries.

They have a beautiful flower painting in their dining area that features a fox, and it is quirky and enjoyable with rustic decor. Also, there are local artists’ pieces adorning the walls.

Foxtail Bakeshop strives to create everything themselves, including house-cured bacon, homemade jams, fresh cheese, and freshly squeezed orange juice. For homemade tahini for hummus, they even roast their sesame seeds.

You should arrive early to avoid missing the delicacies because the bakery prepares small batches. A morning visit may also allow you to enjoy brunch, which they offer from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Moreover, the shop hosts a dessert bar on the last Saturday of each month from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. They provide a selection of small meals, beverages, and desserts. Make sure to visit the place with your friends to enjoy delectable meals!

Village Baker

If you’re searching for delicious regional cuisine, The Village Baker is a terrific spot. They are readily accessible from SW Century Drive on Bend’s west side. They provide samples of their bread if you’re unsure what you like. They feature specialty bread every day of the week, including walnut raisin, corn rye, cinnamon swirl, and peasant black.

Consider stopping by for lunch one day to sample one of their famous sandwiches, such as the chicken salad on fresh bread or turkey with strawberry salsa. Moreover, you must try their handmade tomato basil soup.

Sit on the patio and sip your coffee while admiring the far-off beauty of the snow-covered mountains. You might also choose one of their Take-and-Bake choices and trick your friends into thinking you’ve just baked some pastries at home.

If you miss them between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., you may still find some of their delicious treats, like their incredible shortbread cookies, in nearby markets, such as Melvin’s in Sisters, Newport Market, and Farmer John’s Produce in Tumalo.

Ida’s Cupcakes

Everybody enjoys a lovely cupcake shop, and Ida’s has all the essentials. They make many cakes, including frosting, layers, and full-size cakes, so they don’t simply specialize in cupcakes.

You may visit the bakery in Bend conveniently because they are at three locations: NW Galveston, SW Division St., and Highland Ave.

Every restaurant has a daily menu made in-house and features some of your favorite cake and frosting flavors, such as red velvet with Oreo or chocolate cake with a raspberry swirl. Even seasonal products like Irish cream and Guinness chocolate are available.

Ida’s Cupcakes are also capable of organizing baked goods for parties. You can choose any preferred treats, from large wedding cakes to cupcakes for a baby shower. Moreover, they also have a few dairy- and gluten-free alternatives.

Thump Coffee Cafe & Bakery

The average American starts their day with a decent cup of coffee, which may make or break their morning. Thump Coffee aims to provide coffee blends that encourage exploration so you can enjoy your coffee.

They strive for three things at their roastery in Bend: balance, sweetness, and a clean finish. Also, they use various roasting and extraction processes, such as manual and cold brew procedures. You can even reserve a trip to their roastery to learn more.

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