Best Daycares in Bend, Oregon

Little boy being read to by caregiver at daycare.

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While considering your move to any new place, it is essential to consider all aspects that affect your living standards, including finding a caring, safe, and stimulating childcare environment that gives your kid a homey feeling. Since you will be away for work during the day, giving time and attention to your child can become very difficult to manage. For this reason, finding the perfect daycare facility with professional childcare providers will be the most suitable option for you, and luckily Bend has plenty of options to choose from. Ensuring that your child’s upbringing is done right is also quite important. The city offers many facilities that enhance creativity in children and help them grow in a fun and productive environment. An array of daycare facilities spread all over Bend gives you the perfect opportunity and ease to choose any suitable location for you and your family.

Top 9 Daycare Facilities in Bend, Oregon

Bend is located in Central Oregon along the Deschutes River on the eastern edge of the Cascade Range. Being a developing community, it has plenty of growth opportunities and a better lifestyle. To help you make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top 9 high-quality daycare facilities.

1. Red Wagon Preschool

Titled the best preschool in Bend, Oregon, Red Wagon Preschool believes that children learn best when they are taught with care and love at a young age. Red Wagon aims to make children emotionally intelligent, socially apt, and academically successful. Their prices are comparatively affordable, and their daycare services are available for children between 3-5 years. The facility features childcare specialists trained to nurture children in the best and most efficient ways possible. This is done with the help of playing games, reading informative books, singing for them, and more to develop a strong bond of trust and support.

2. Bloom Children’s Center

Bloom Children’s Center is one of the leading day care centers in Bend. It has a unique take on learning since it focuses and specializes in play-based methods due to the motto, “if it hasn’t been in the hand, the body, or the heart, it cannot be in the brain.” The daycare focuses on enhancing children’s creative skills by allowing them to act as they wish without judgment and providing professional support for finding solutions to their problems.

Bloom Children’s Center is a safe space where children aren’t prohibited from trying new things and expressing their curiosity. Their top priority is addressing creativity and inquisitiveness in a controlled and safe environment – in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Speaking of outdoor spaces, Bloom Children’s Center boasts a beautiful outdoor space consisting of a sand pit and an outdoor play area.

3. Mama Bear’s Eco Kidz

This childcare center is entirely toxin-free! Children indulge in learning art, yoga, cooking, gardening, and music in a nurturing environment. Moreover, they learn other elementary school subjects such as science, reading, and social studies. A monthly theme is followed to help motivate them to study and put their best foot forward. Some great news for parents is that the daycare offers an angel bear yoga program for children aged 3 through 10, which will help keep your child fit, flexible, and motivated. 

4. The Growing Tree Children’s Center

The Growing Tree Children’s Center is perhaps one of the most renowned daycare centers in Bend, Oregon, and was established as a not-for-profit day facility in 1979. Their services are wallet-friendly, and you won’t have to worry about sacrificing the quality owing to their 4-star rating from Oregon Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). This proves their credibility in providing a firm foundation for your children’s education and growth. Some fundamental values in the center include minimizing screen time among children, healthy eating habits, clean hygiene practices, and fitness.

If you your prefer certified and renowned places, then Growing Tree Children’s Center is in the right place since they have the proper accreditation given by the office of childcare (OCC). The facility also has the necessary equipment such as fenced in playgrounds, observation windows, and age-appropriate furniture, since the facility was specifically designed to provide childcare in 1987.

5. Cobblestone Children’s Center

Cobblestone Children’s Center is famous for teaching children in an active and sociable environment that spurs their intelligence. Their qualified teachers are taught to use visual, kinesthetic, and auditory teaching methods so that your child can function in a social environment and develop the essential cognitive skills required later in life.

The guidance and disciplinary strategy adopted by Cobblestone is impeccable since the daycare facility realizes that young children have the drive to explore and act out. Therefore, they use the ‘time out’ approach to refocus the child rather than using punishments.

The daycare center overlooks the river, which is a beautiful backdrop for children to study, and also keeps them motivated and interested.

6. A Child’s Garden

A Child’s Garden is a preschool that provides full-day daycare services for children above the age of one. The management follows the Waldorf Philosophy, where children are encouraged to respect nature and their surroundings and are also taught to show love and care for their material belongings, relationships, and their classrooms. The school adopts a method of imitation, where children are pushed to learn from the positive actions around them.

If you value equality and prefer diversity, A Child’s Garden is the ideal daycare option since it welcomes all races, religions, and people from various ethnic and social backgrounds.

7. Inspire Early Learning Centers

With their slogan “Imagine, grow, inspire,” Inspire Early Learning Centers have been accommodating over 150 students each year since 2011. This daycare center is not-for-profit and an affordable option for parents. The facility is certified in two states, and some of its core values include family/parent engagement, high-quality teaching, and nurturing services executed by qualified teachers. Teachers here do not simply provide educational support and guidance, but also personalized emotional care to their students. When needed, teachers provide comfort to toddlers, feed them nutritious food, and look after them just like a parent!

8. Alphabet Academy

The main areas that Alphabet Academy focuses on are emotional, creative, cognitive, and physical growth in a child. For this reason, they maintain a creative and active learning environment that slowly pushes children to be independent and helps them develop faith in their abilities. They follow a high-quality program enriched with hands-on learning and teaching methods. 

9. Mia’s Sprouts Early Childhood Development Center

This daycare and preschool center is a bilingual daycare center that follows an education-based teaching strategy. Mia’s Sprouts features a warm and homey environment. It has small and cozy classes with an eye-catching interior, and the outside looks just like a house which helps children feel more comfortable and less scared. The facility also features a safe outdoor play area for children to use for recreational purposes.

In Mia’s Sprouts Early Childhood Development Center, parents are always welcome to volunteer in their children’s daily activities. Another advantage of sending your children here would be their use of practical learning methods that qualified teachers carry out. These methods incorporate the learning of various cultures through enjoyable games and activities designed to help in the professional development of young children.

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The picturesque city of Bend has views of tall mountain peaks, valleys, rivers, and lush lands, making it an ideal spot to raise a family. The city is part of Deschutes County, where the Deschutes River flows majestically. It is a family-friendly city with the best schools in all of Oregon, a bustling dining scene, and plenty of other recreational activities such as hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing. Bend, Oregon, has fantastic weather with short summers and average temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year with around 9.5 hours of daylight.

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