Best Breakfast Spots in Bend, Oregon


When you’ve got a little extra time during the day, there’s nothing like enjoying a delicious breakfast or invigorating brunch. Bend, Oregon’s excellent food scene doesn’t disappoint here: The city is filled with tasty spots for breakfast, no matter what you have in mind. Our guide is diving into the common favorites around town and what they offer for those with breakfast on the brain. Let’s check them out!

Note: Hey, a lot of the places we’re talking about here have limited seating, and don’t necessarily take reservations. They can get very busy over the weekend, too! If you can’t make a reservation at the place you have in mind, be prepared to get there early and settle in for a bit of waiting – it’ll be worth it! Also keep in mind most dedicated breakfast places close early in the afternoon.

Downtown and Midtown

McKay’s Cottage – American, Contemporary – $$

Courtesy of McKay’s Cottage

McKay’s Cottage often tops the list of popular Bend breakfast locations, and it’s easy to see why. The building itself is a quaint house from the 1900s, restored into an indoor restaurant and bakery, with the ground serving as outdoor garden seating in the warmer months. Their menu is packed with traditional American and English breakfast favorites, including an excellent Eggs Benedict and several great hash options, as well as popular French toast and omelet dishes with fresh fruit toppings. It’s one of the best picks if you have a larger party but still want to ensure everyone eats well, especially if outdoor seating is open.

Rockin’ Dave’s Bistro & Lounge – American, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly – $$

Courtesy of Rockin’ Dave’s Bistro & Lounge

Rockin’ Dave’s is one of the best examples of what makes Bend eateries so fun. The location has a casual air of fun but takes its food seriously:  You’ll want to try one of the award-winning bagel sandwiches (our favorite is the Oh Nelly with its salmon lox and dill cream cheese), but there are plenty of options for those who want to look beyond bagels, too. Full breakfasts include including an excellent build-your-own-burrito choice for those who like to customize, as well as hot sandwiches for breakfasters with an eye on a hearty meal. The “Lounge” part of the Bistro is designed for special events or get-togethers on a limited basis, and you can contact the restaurant for more information.

The Lemon Tree – American, International – $$

Courtesy of The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree has some of the best brunches in Bend when it comes to exquisite taste combinations. Just try the Shakshuka, Amaretto French Toast, or Avo Hash Smash, and you’ll already be making plans to visit again. Dishes like the Nasi Goreng (spicy rice, meat, and veggies with an over-easy egg) also let you try out alternative cuisines compared to your usual café experience, and quality is top notch for every dish you pick.

Currents at the Riverhouse – American – $$$

Courtesy of Currents

While the Riverhouse is a Bend hotel, the Currents restaurant is an excellent pick for a fine dining breakfast option overlooking the Deschutes River. The breakfast menu itself is quite simple, although options like the Rooster Cogburn scramble with its chicken apple sausage or the chicken-fried chicken and biscuit are worth the tried. But the real pleasure here is the scenic views, and a reliable spot for those who like a bit of old-fashioned class.

Café Sintra – Portuguese, Vegetarian Friendly – $$

Courtesy of Cafe Sintra

Sintra specializes in Mediterranean and Portuguese dishes, and those influences also spread out to its tantalizing breakfast menu. There are more traditional picks here, yes, and some are certainly worth trying like the delicious peach crepe or the Francesca breakfast sandwich. But you’ll also find some unique fusions like the Verdura Benedict or the Mediterranean omelet with its Linguica sausage, feta, and Provencal olives.  

J-Dub – American – $

Courtesy of J Dub

Think of J-Dub as Bend’s own spin on the classic breakfast diner experience. There’s plenty of options, lots of food, and a casual atmosphere, but it’s spun with quality Bendites expect from their restaurants – and a broad selection of beers if you’re feeling thirsty. Pancakes, hearty omelets, and build-your-own breakfast dishes abound, but the brave (and starving) will want to tackle the Glazed Doughnut Burger or the “Mr. October” fried chicken biscuit, eggs, bacon, gravy, and home fries dish.

Westside and Old Mill

Chow – American, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly – $$

Courtesy of Chow

If you want your taste buds to wake up in the best way possible, Chow is one of the best recommendations in town for true foodies and breakfast connoisseurs. The menu is the big start of this charming little converted cottage, featuring top-notch ingredients that are locally sources when possible and offer something for everyone. The breakfast Crabby Patty, the Caesar cornmeal pancake and poached eggs, the Blackstone’s crusted tomatoes, eggs, and bacon, or the Locavore omelet if you can’t decide – everything is a good pick here.

Those more interested in a lunch meal will love options like the honey truffle fried chicken sando or the shrimp and grits. It’s also closely connected to the Cottonwood Café and the Good Karma Bakery if you are looking for additional options with similar menus and alternative availability/location choices.

Sparrow Bakery – American, Bakery – $$

Courtesy of Sparrow Bakery

If you eat out at some of the more popular spots in Bend, it won’t be long until you come across the name Sparrow Bakery. This local bakery sources a variety of buns and breakfast goods to restaurants around town, and it’s not hard to see why. The Bakery’s current customer-friendly location is in Northwest Crossing, where you can find some of the best buttery croissants, French toast sticks, steel-cut oats, and famous ocean rolls available in Central Oregon. Those looking for a more in-depth meal will love the breakfast sandwiches, including an excellent Croque-Monsieur and Chicken-Waldorf that will have you coming back to try everything.

Café des Chutes – American, Café – $$

One of the more recent additions to the Bend breakfast lineup, Café des Chutes filled the vacuum at the old Ironworks building when Sparrow Bakery left. But don’t worry – the Café sources its delicious food from a variety of local suppliers, including Sparrow Bakery, Blissful Spoon, Still Vibrato, and more. This location is a great pick if you prefer a speedy baked goods pickup or quick sit down but don’t want to sacrifice a great breakfast menu in the process.

Jackson’s Corner – American, Vegetarian Friendly – $$

Courtesy of Jackson’s Corner

Jackson’s Corner is famous for its in-house baked bread and brick-oven pizzas, but the locally-focused restaurant is also one of the best spots for brunch in the city, especially if you want to support local organic ingredients. You may find the menu filled with tough choices to make, from the excellent avocado toast (add bacon on the side) to the famous huevos rancheros dish and the house made sausage in the breakfast burrito. There’s also a selection of salads and sandwiches for those with something else in mind – and it’s one of the most kid-friendly locations on our list if you reserve a larger table for the whole family. Jackson’s Corner also has an eastside location, but it’s currently closed at this time so plan on the westside option for the time being.

The Victorian Café – American, Vegetarian Friendly – $$

Courtesy of The Victorian Cafe

The Victorian Café is widely considered one of the best authentic café options in Bend and has won awards for both its brunches and its Bloody Mary’s. Breakfast is served all day at the café, but you’ll want to come in early to check out what their French Toast Special is and put in an order of some of the best biscuits and gravy in town. They also have incredible Benedict dishes, including the Pacific Crab Benedict and the Earth Harvest Benedict. You may also want to try larger dishes like the Filet Mignon Oscar & Eggs, the Huevos Mazatlán with steak chili, or the Sweet Hash of Joy, which is perfect for sharing with someone else.

Bluma’s at Crosscut – American, Food Truck – $

Courtesy of Bluma’s at Crosscut

Crosscut is an Old Mill beer lot, and while the inside is a cozy place to grab a brew, you may be wondering what it’s doing on our breakfast list. The secret is Bluma’s Crosscut food truck, which has an amazing Monte Cristo special over the weekends. If you’ve been craving a rich, battered Monte Cristo sandwich with thick slices of ham, generous melted cheese, and jam on the side for dipping, this is the place to grab one without breaking your budget. Just make sure to grab lots of napkins too!

Dump City Dumplings – Asian – $

Courtesy of Dump City Dumplings

Looking for a unique and tasty breakfast option? Dump City Dumplings are the perfect way to get the day started, especially if you want something tasty but aren’t interested in a big order. They’ll fix you up with dumpling options like their famous house curry, Chinese pork, and Pad Thai dishes, as well as desert dumplings for a treat. They’ve also got a food truck up at Mt. Bachelor if you want to grab some quick breaky before hopping line for the slopes!


Los Jalapenos – Mexican – $

Courtesy of Los Jalapenos

Los Jalapenos is a classic Bend standby for Mexican food, and they have one of the best assortments of breakfast burritos in town, featuring plenty of choice, great taste, and affordable prices. From chorizo to machaca, they’ll have the break burrito experience you’re looking for, and you just may want to add a plate of chilaquiles or their huevos rancheros if you’re feeling extra hungry. Black bean salads and other options round out the experience for everyone!

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