10 Amazing Weed Dispensaries Bend, Oregon


While Bend is commonly associated with brews and the nearby slopes, it’s also one of the most popular Oregon destinations for cannabis, and the city is filled with dispensaries of all kinds to visit. Our budtenders are friendly, our selection is broad, and if you’re over 21, you’ll find a lot to explore – the problem is knowing where to begin. To help, we’ve curated a list of 10 popular dispensaries in the area and what you should know about them, along with a few tips about visiting the cannabis scene in our beautiful city.

1. Tokyo Starfish

This local chain of dispensaries was named the best in town in 2020 by Bend Source Weekly, and a stop inside makes it easy to see why. Tokyo Starfish specializes in a wide variety of options, knowledgeable budtenders that are always happy to help, and customer service that knows how to make newcomers feel welcome. They’re always happy to bring down any of the current flower from the shelves for a quick inspection or smell, and typically have several strains available for a discount if you’d like to save.

While Tokyo has a couple of different locations in Bend, it’s easy to recommend their spot near Old Mill, which is within walking distance from a variety of shops and great places to eat. Also, there’s a rentable home above the shop nicknamed a “Bud n’breakfast” where visitors can arrange for a stay over a couple of nights. Just make sure you book early!

2. Oregrown

Source Weekly named Oregrown as their top dispensary pick in 2019, and it still holds top positions on the list, so you know it’s worth a stop. All dispensaries in Bend try to make their spaces as warm and inviting as possible, but Oregrown may be the most successful, with clean, well-decorated spaces that still provide tons of information for those who aren’t quite sure what they’d like to buy yet. It’s also very active in the local community, so you’re likely to see their label pop up as a sponsor for a wide variety of events, and there are few Bend festivals where they don’t have a tent open for people to explore. That also means they have a great collection of merch if you’d like to deck yourself out with 420-friendly clothes.

3. Fyre of Bend

Several things help Fyre stand out as a modern dispensary for the discerning user – including a gorgeous store location in midtown that feels more like a spa than a dispensary. Their website is also one of the best around for browsing a helpful selection of cannabis products and accessories. Like Oregrown, Fyre has plenty of its own merch to explore, too, and offers a variety of discounts based on everything from when you show up to special veteran discounts.

4. Substance

Substance refers to itself as a community dispensary, with several locations around Bend and an eye on destigmatizing the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. With so many locations, Substance is a great place to stop for a quick pickups and supports curbside pickups for those ordering online if you want to be extra speedy. It’s also a great place to support if you want to further cannabis advocacy and education.

5. The Vth LMNT

The hardest part about using the Vth is knowing how to pronounce it (the 5th Limit), but if you’re serious about your weed products, don’t let that stop you. The Vth describes itself using words like “artisan” and “boutique” but don’t assume that’s just hipster flair: The Vth is an organization of cannabis professionals interested in the very best and charts its flower carefully from indoor farms located in Hillsboro right to your Bend dispensary counter.

6. Oregon Euphorics

Oregon Euphorics is another great stop if you’d like to browse, with a handy Westside location that’s also a perfect stop if you’re heading up or down from Mt. Bachelor – and it has a minimalistic ordering process online that’s great for finding what you’re looking for. They’ve also got a rewards program if you want to be a frequent visitor. Oh, if you’re on a mission to check out some of the best beer in Oregon, don’t forget to stop by Goodlife Brewing’s taproom just next door for some brews and food.

7. Smokelore

One of the most popular downtown dispensaries, Smokelore is a great stop for those who want to browse downtown shops, restaurants, and bars but are also interested in stopping by a dispensary. The dispensary, located close to Old Town’s historic homes, is surprisingly cozy thanks to its retrofitted designed that combines cabin charms with smooth shopping and service: You may find yourself spending more time there than you thought, or asking if you can snap a photo of a display to share with friends.

8. Cannabend

Cannabend has a friendly spot toward the northern section of the city, a walk away from midtown’s Mckay’s Cottage, which is a common recommendation for breakfast in Bend. Like other dispensaries in the area, Cannabend has a robust array of discounts, including a rotating discount based on the day of the week (Saturday if you want dabs, Wednesday for pre-rolled joints, and so on).

9. Dr. Jolly’s

Don’t let Dr. Jolly’s back-of-the-lot location on 3rd street dismay you: It’s one of the friendliest dispensaries in the city with top notch service and a spacious storefront that allows you to shop through a broad selection of expertly arranged products and accessories. If you want a lot of flower choices or are visiting with a group, it’s an excellent cannabis stop.

10. DiamondTREE

DiamondTREE has been in the Central Oregon cannabis business for more than 10 years, starting as a medical dispensary and expanding into a wide variety of marijuana products when recreational weed was legalized. That’s one of the reasons it has won multiple reader poll awards for one of the best dispensaries in the region. There are both eastside and westside locations to stop by, and their experience in the industry makes both shops great places to stop if you want a large selection and helpful advice.

8 Tips for Buying Cannabis in Bend, Oregon

  1. You’ll need your government-issued ID when walking into a cannabis dispensary: It’s not a big deal, but budtenders will need to check it before you can start shopping.
  2. If you’re staying at a hotel or an Airbnb, always check their smoking and cannabis consumption policies. You may need to find a smoke-friendly area or make other adjustments depending on the rules at your location.
  3. People like to shop for cannabis in different ways, with eyes on different specifications. Bend products are generally tests for THC and CBD with clear percentages provided, but many dispensaries always make recommendations based on strain if you want the indica and sativa details.
  4. There are daily limits to what customers can purchase in Oregon, which is worth keeping in mind if you’re only in Bend for a limited amount of time. That limit includes nothing more than 1oz of usable cannabis, 5 grams of concentrates, 16oz or edibles, and so on. And, and please keep in mind it is still illegal to transport cannabis products across state lines.
  5. “Public” consumption of recreational cannabis in Oregon is technically illegal and can result in hefty fines. That includes places like city parks, riversides, street corners, and so on. People may sometimes ignore this, but if you light up in these areas know that it comes with a risk.
  6. Want to save a little time? If you live in a cannabis-friendly area, you may know about Dutchie, the online platform that enables buyers to order their buds online and then pick them up, the same way you would with food. Well, while Dutchie works with over 5,000 dispensaries in the country, it was founded and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, so you can bet that our dispensaries are online friendly.
  7. We know it’s still a concern about whether a dispensary requires cash or not for a purchase. Dispensaries in Bend are sometimes supported by local credit unions and other institutions that allow them to accept credit cards (including Tokyo Starfish and other top picks), so you don’t always need to worry about having cash on hand. If a dispensary does require cash, they generally make sure there’s an ATM at hand.
  8. Tipping your budtender is always a nice move, especially if they helped you locate a particular flower you had in mind or provided advice on what sort of product would work best for you.

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