Ready to Escape the Big City? 5 Reasons to Consider Relocating to Bend

The Bend Relocation Services Team is your go-to resource for all your relocation and home buying needs in the stunning outdoors of Bend, Oregon. Our dedicated experts provide personalized assistance to ensure a smooth transition, helping you find the perfect home in this vibrant, nature-rich community. Let us make your move to Bend effortless and enjoyable.

Moving to a new place can bring a lot of stress into your life. But this is also an exciting experience that can help you gain a fresh start. If a new job or the desire to be closer to family is pulling you to west-central Oregon, the city of Bend is an excellent choice. Not too big and not too small, residents find it the perfect place to settle down and enjoy life. Consider these reasons why a move here makes sense. Start looking at moving company reviews, and head on over!

1. Beauty and Outdoor Recreation Galore

If you love the great outdoors, you can’t beat Bend. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to choose from here. If you’re a lover of skiing, there are downhill, cross-country, and Nordic runs on Mt. Bachelor, just 20 minutes away. There is also the Deschutes River, where you can surf, paddleboard, kayak, or fish. For even more high-adventure thrills, give rock climbing a try at Smith Rock State Park, which is only a 30-minute drive from Bend. Phil’s Trail is another popular option. Here, you can mountain bike and check out gorgeous scenery.

2. Just the Right Size

Living in a large city has its perks and offers plenty to do. But if you’re not into the hustle and bustle lifestyle that larger places bring, a smaller environment can suit you well. With a population of 100,000, Bend has all the amenities you need: plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, parks, public transportation, and a strong road system. On the other hand, you will not have to contend with traffic gridlock and big crowds everywhere you go like you would a big city.

3. Good Cost of Living

Housing costs continue to rise across the nation, including Bend. However, you could pay less here compared to other places in Oregon and neighboring states. Grocery, transportation, and miscellaneous costs are lower in Bend than in Portland, for example.

4. Can’t Beat the Weather

For many people, the weather is a big factor in deciding where to live. Bend won’t disappoint you in this category. You’ll get 162 days of sunshine a year, with pleasant summer temperatures of 80–90 degrees. Of course, not everyone likes it to be hot or warm all year long. It’s nice to get a touch of all four seasons. Bend provides this. Yet, the winters aren’t brutal, but you’ll get just enough snow to enjoy the magic of the season.

5. Family-Friendly

If you have children, you want to give your family a place where you feel safe and secure. Bend has a low crime rate and a good school system. There are also kid-friendly activities available for all ages. There is no shortage of things for kids to do and for you and your family to experience together.

Moving is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Choosing the right place is essential. If you are headed to Oregon, you will love what Bend offers. Check out these benefits as you make plans to relocate.