10 Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview in Bend

One of the most important parts of moving to Bend is securing the employment you’ve got your eye on. That can mean taking on a lot of interviews, many of which are online these days. These professional tips will ensure you’re prepared to find the job you want in Bend!

1. Position Your Webcam

We know, lots of interviews are being done over video chat these days…and that’s not always flattering. Always take time to set up your webcam and use the picture-in-picture function to see exactly how you look, and adjust for the best angle, lighting, and background (and your own posture, of course. Practice this even if you don’t have interviews scheduled!

2. Prep Your Space

While video and phone interviews are now common for employment in Bend, they come with their own challenges. Always find a quiet spot for your interview. Make sure distractions like alarms, phone notifications, kids, pets, and anything else are not going to be a problem. Test out the video chat app that the employer wants to use and make sure you know how to turn it on, mute, and other basic actions.

3. Dress Your Best

Yes, even for a video chat. Find a common-sense professional outfit that you feel comfortable in. If an outfit makes you feel uncomfortable, it will show and affect your interview performance – so find a compromise that signals your seriousness about the job, while also helping you feel confident.

4. Study, Study, Study

Research both the position available and the company itself. Really dig into the responsibilities of the available job description, and if you’re living in Bend try to visit the business’s location, too. It’s important to be informed and, if possible, ready to immediately start your job (give or take some in-person training). Learn how to write a summary to ensure that you have clear and concise details about your work that you can review later. This will show through in your interview, and it will help you prepare for any later steps, since some companies have you take tests or complete assignments.

5. Practice the STAR Method

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Results. It’s a handy little guide for giving a real-world example of your skills. When an employer starts asking about your skills, always have a quick STAR story ready for them!

6. Put Together a Powerful Online Package

Impress the employer before your interview begins. Create a complete online PDF with links to important sites like your LinkedIn profile, a portfolio of your work, testimonials from past employers or clients, and more. Include visuals, like a detailed timeline presentation, if possible, to showcase your milestone project. Make it a complete package that you can proudly share anywhere.

7. Talk to Yourself

Well, not during the interview! But take some time to talk to yourself during private times, so you hear the sound of your voice discussing your work life, professional skills, and so on. This will help you find the right pitch and a natural flow for the interview. Do a warm practice a bit before the interview too, so your voice is ready.

8. Get There Early

This is even more important for virtual interviews, because you need to set up, make sure your internet connection is good, and enter a chat room. Give yourself plenty of time so you’re ready for any surprises.

9. Ask Your Own Open-Ended Questions

Every interviewee dreaded open-ended questions like, “What are your greatest weaknesses?” There’s a lot of advice available about how to deal with those questions, but we want to add an important point: Ask your own! Good job interviews include an option for interviewees to ask the employer questions. Try out open-ended questions like, “What achievement is your company most proud of?” These questions can reveal a lot about an employer and lead to more organic, enjoyable conversation.

10. Send a Follow-Up Email

It’s not just good interview etiquette, sending an email is always a great way to remind the employer that 1) you exist and that 2) you’re responsive and appreciative. A good follow-up email can upgrade a mediocre interview to an impressive showing!