Bend, Oregon: The Beauty of the Bubble

If there was ever a time to be thankful that I moved to Bend, Oregon, it’s now. My family and friends still live back East in NYC, New Jersey and Florida and every time I turn on the news, my heart sinks for what is happening in the world outside of our bubble. Though Oregon as a whole is struggling with COVID-19 issues, Deschutes County to be specific has been lucky thus far with the impact on our community. There are certainly people and businesses struggling during this scary time, yet the community continues to chip in and do whatever is necessary to lend a helping hand. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with locals asking for help and equally flooded with those responding to those in need. Whether it’s people offering to make grocery trips or run errands for those unable to do so, volunteers delivering food and essentials to those in need, teachers tirelessly working to connect with students who are struggling with the new online curriculum or the medical staff working round the clock, taking care of the ill and working to keeping the rest of us healthy.
Bend, OR has always proven to be a place of love, kindness and selflessness but in this time of need, you have proven that no matter how big or how fast our city grows, the core values of humanity are still very much intact. Below are just a few local stories of how the community of Bend is taking care of each other.

“You are all such beautiful people! Thank you all so much in participating in making my amazing daughters birthday special! You guys went above and beyond and she was so truly amazed with every rock she found!!…From the beautiful videos, messages and beyond overall love and kindness we can not say Thank You enough! From the bottom of our hearts and from my family to yours SPREAD THE LOVE Bless you all! Will post videos in the comments too!”

“I’m a single mom of a seriously respiratory compromised 3 (almost) year old,…but we need diapers, wipes, and laundry soap that doesn’t set his asthma off I was directed to this group and have been amazed at the love and kindness I have already seen if anyone could help I would appreciate it so much!…”
Update: Our needs have been met! Thank you so much everyone for your kindness and generosity! Stay safe everyone!

“Would anyone be willing to go to Costco for me tomorrow? I’m pregnant and due soon and don’t want to risk being out and about…My son and I are both high risk and unfortunately my partner works overnight and sleeps during the hours of operation. I can send you with money for my needs. Thank you!”
Update: need has been met by a wonderful soul! Thank you to everyone.