6 Things Made in Bend

Hydro Flask is one of a number of popular products made in Bend.

Bend is packed with entrepreneurs and some very helpful incubators for a variety of businesses, so it’s no surprise that the city is the source of many popular products with brands rising in fame (in addition to the already famous beer, of course). If you’re looking for something to take home with you as you start the process to relocate to Bend, give to a friend while moving to Bend, or just try out, these are our top picks!

1. Hydro Flask

Few Bend product companies grew quite as fast or became quite as popular in the 2010s than Hydro Flask. The company produces extra-durable insulated canisters, flasks, and bottles that are made for the roughest outdoor use while still keeping your drink warm or cool throughout the adventure. The rugged design is backed by a double wall “TempShield” vacuum insulation. Their products have a variety of designs for different types of beverages or traveling (including food options). The sheer number of imitators that have arisen in recent years is a testament to their success, but there’s only one Hydro Flask.

2. Ruffwear

No place is better suited for a company that wants to make sure your dog is ready to adventure with you – so it’s no surprise Ruffwear found success in Bend. These are far cries from the sweaters or kerchiefs that other dog owners may use: Ruffwear offers durable, outdoor-ready coats, boots, harnesses, packs, flotation devices, collapsible bowls, and much more to ensure your furry friend can join you no matter what you’re doing (nor how much they like to gnaw on things).

3. Cairn

Subscription boxes have been immensely popular for the past several years, but no one quite does what Cairn does. Headquartered in Bend, the company offers monthly or quarterly boxes specifically filled with outdoor items to test out and enjoy. That includes hammocks, trail snacks, handwarmers, bug spray, stuff packs, gel insoles, lip balm, flashlights, hoodies…pretty much anything you may need to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what you like.

4. Picky Bars

Energy bars can be a tough sell, but Picky Bars hit on a brilliant formula. Their bars are surprisingly delicious, gluten-free, avoid both soy and dairy, and include non-GMO ingredients like oats, chia seeds, goji berries, matcha green tea, ginger, and many other combinations. They’re designed for athletes, but perfect for anyone who wants a snack or wants to stay on a diet without enduring bland or fatty food bars.

5. DANI Naturals

Started by in the 1990s, DANI Naturals focuses on using hands-on techniques and natural ingredients for a variety of cosmetics and health products. Today, their line stretches from skincare to body wash, bath bombs, candles, diffusers, and lots more. Each product is made with organic ingredients, 100% vegetable oil bases, and 100% soy-derived products where possible. It’s a great option for people looking for healthy, paraben-free lotions and soaps, those shopping for vegan friends, or people looking for a new way to pamper themselves.

6. Crater Lake Distillery

If you’d prefer to bring home something a bit (or a lot) more alcoholic, Crater Lake Distillery is one of the most popular in Central Oregon. They offer whiskeys, ryes, gins and vodkas in traditional styles made with Cascade water and carefully purified, but they also have plenty of inventive, tasty variations like sweet ginger vodka, northwest berry, hatch green chili, and hazelnut espresso spirits.