10 Most Asked Questions About Living in Bend

Living in Bend

At Moving To Bend, we get a lot of questions about living in Bend from newcomers. That’s great! We love answering those questions. But to make things a little easier for those doing research on how to relocate to Bend, we gathered the 10 most commonly asked questions about living here to answer them all in one spot. 

1. What is the Cost of Living Like? 

Above the national average, but this is largely relative. Bend can be expensive but is generally cheaper than the most popular Portland suburbs, and significantly less expensive than places like the Bay Area or the most sought-after spots in Seattle. 

2. What Do You Do To Make Friends?

Bend has a plethora of different events, festivals, workshops, and gatherings to make bonding with others easier. However, COVID-19 has led to many of these opportunities to switch to online versions, at least for now. We suggest that you look at MeetUp and other popular apps to find which groups are arranging web meetings and hop in. Volunteer options are also a great way to get to know people throughout the city!

3. Is There Public Transportation?

Bend has a public bus system with regular stops throughout the city. Getting familiar with ride apps like Uber is a good idea if you don’t feel like you’ll be doing much driving here. If you have a bike, biking through the center of the city can be one of the best ways to easily get around during the day. 

4. What Do You Do When It Starts Snowing?

Fans of Bend’s fresh powder will hit the slopes! But if you love summer activities and aren’t sure what to do in winter, don’t worry. There are plenty of indoor/outdoor places with firepits to cozy up to, and lots of winter adventures for all ages, from snowshoeing in the moonlight to skiing at Mt. Bachelor. But it’s a good idea to grab some snow tires. 

5. What Beer is the Best?

We don’t want to start a fight, so we suggest you try them all yourself! The Bend Ale Trail can help with that. But in the battle of the breweries, Deschutes Brewery generally stands out as the oldest and most well-known brand. 

6. Is Bend Pet Friendly?

Bend is consistently known as one of the most dog-friendly places in the country. There are tons of activities and parks to take your pet, lots of local products just for them, and nearly everywhere you go will have some type of provision for dog companions. 

7. Where is the Best Place to Live in Bend?

All of Bend’s neighborhoods have their advantages, so a lot will depend on what type of living experience (and environment) you want when moving to Bend. That being said, homes near the center of town and Old Mill are generally the most sought after. If you are looking for a rental, start your search early, because vacancy rates can sometimes be a challenge. 

8. Are the People in Bend Friendly?

Bend generally does an excellent job of retaining small-town friendliness and welcoming attitudes for all – it’s a point of pride for the community, which includes a lot of newcomers since Bend has been a popular relocation spot for years. Some are a little worried about how large Bend has become but enjoy the benefits that growth has brought. 

9. What are Job Opportunities Like in Bend?

Great for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Bend also has opportunities in tech, healthcare, recreation of all kinds, and, of course, hospitality and restaurant industries. 

10. What Can I Do If I Don’t Like a Lot of Outdoor Recreation?

While outdoor fun is a big feature of living in Bend, it’s far from the only focus. There are many opportunities for getting involved in the arts, exploring the robust music scene in Bend, finding your favorite café, perusing used bookshops, or just looking for the next good place to eat. While frequent festivals and events have changed a bit during coronavirus times, there are smaller versions of gatherings to look for and many online events as well!