Ski Season Opener: What’s New at Mt. Bachelor

Central Oregon is filled with popular slopes for everyone’s favorite snow sports, but Mt. Bachelor will always have a special place for ski lovers living in Bend. It is, after all, very accessible and constantly updating its facilities for better service, more activities and easier slope access. Whether you’re a beginner, an expert looking for something new, or anyone in between, you should know what Bachelor is preparing this year! Here’s what to look forward to this ski season.

Hopening Day

While opening day depends on the weather, Mt. Bachelor’s big kick-off is November 29th, 2019, a.k.a. the “Hopening Day”. There will be a kickoff party filled with giveaways, scavenger’s hunts and family-friendly activities, so feel free to bring everyone up to the mountain and see what’s going on!

Then, just a couple weeks later, get ready for the Dirksen Derby 12 in December, where snowboarders and sit-skiers will meet for contests and races across 17 different divisions. Plan your time on the mountain accordingly!

New Lifts

It’s always a good day when Mt. Bachelor’s lifts get an upgrade, and the 2019 season brings many welcome changes here. Two new covered carpet conveyor lifts have been installed to replace older models, and a 629-foot quad chairlift has replaced transport options for Skibowl, a favorite area for beginners.

More Parking

Here’s something that locals will be excited about – Bachelor will launch the 2019-2020 season with new parking space in the Hood River Meadows lot – a lot that continues to expand and can now hold more than 250 cars, plus more room for plowing or harvest snow as necessary.

Better Reporting

Another feature that avid skiers will be grateful for, Bachelor is improving its daily snow reports. Not only will they include information and weather and powder, but Bachelor will be adding a section on the probability of different specific areas of the park being open. This will prove to be a handy guide for those planning their day!

New Terrain

Expect four or five new custom terrain features at the park as well! These features will offer more creative options for those who are training, testing their mettle or just wanting to show off a little. Look for them in the Woodward Mountain Park area, famed for its inventive structures carved from snow and a variety of other materials.

New Zip Line

Ready to look a little beyond winter? In spring of 2020, get ready for a brand new zip line on Mt. Bachelor – and it’s shaping up to be incredible. The full line will be a dual-line setup that spans three different stages and drops 1,400 feet on its way down. Bachelor proclaims it’s going to be the steepest and fastest zip line in the Northwest, so you may want to start making plans now.

Looking Forward to the New Sunrise Lodge

A fully remodeled lodge is still a year or so away, but Sunrise does have several improvements this season, including new restrooms, a remodeled rental shop with more options, and a remodeled food court to try out.