Meet Bendite Paul Frazier, Knightsbridge International Real Estate Group

It’s our goal to help connect you to the people and businesses that make Bend such a special community so from time to time, we’ll profile many of these individuals and organizations. Meet Paul Frazier, long-time local and real estate broker.

  I relocated to Bend in 1996 with my wife and four children. At that time, Bend was a much different place. There was no Facebook, no cool websites with all the answers and no YouTube. We had some friends in the San Francisco Bay Area that recommended we take a look at Central Oregon because we were ready for change.

I grew up in California in a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains where the population was about 600 people. After I finished school, I joined the family business in the Bay Area and met my wife Kari. A few years later, we decided it was time to relocate and find a place where we felt like we were at home. It’s a long story, but that’s how we made our way to Bend.

Once here, I started a construction company and grew the business to 50 employees. We were stationed in Redmond and had contracts all over Central Oregon. During that time, from 1996 to 2007, I became very familiar with the leading builders, architects and designers all around the region.

In 2007, I decided it was time to sell my construction business and pursue real estate instead, something I have been wanting to do for many years. The timing was right, so I started investing in foreclosures and looking for buyers. That was my introduction into real estate, and it wasn’t easy or much fun, but it was a great learning experience coming through a really hard market. Thankfully,  we saw a slow but steady recovery in Central Oregon and have been enjoying helping hundreds of people move to Bend ever since.

Raising four children here in Central Oregon has truly been a blessing. My wife and I have enjoyed all the outdoor activities that Bend offers with our children for the past 20 years. Now they’re all grown and have chosen to remain here because it’s a hard place to leave. I have to say my wife and I really enjoy the foodie scene in Bend. It’s really impressive how many great restaurants we have in the city and it just keeps getting better. We enjoy biking, kayaking the high lakes and daily walks along the river. We count our lucky stars to live in this beautiful place and enjoy everything that Central Oregon has to offer. I can go on and on about why Bend is such a wonderful community and would be happy to show you around the area and help you find your dream home.