Places and Things to Know About In Bend If You Have Kids



Though there are lots of “family friendly” places to dine in Bend, these establishments have a corralled outdoor area with tables, chairs, and lawn games. Yes, you can actually sit back, relax, eat and visit with adults while your kids safely run amok. 

Crux Fermentation Project

Worthy Brewing Company

Looney Bean Roasting Company

Bend Brewing Company

family eating

Something Different

Not to disregard places like the High Desert Museum or the Sun Mountain Fun Center who cater specifically to families and kids, these places are different because they are traditional, local, retail stores. The combination of cool, unique inventory matched with knowledgeable, friendly, employees who are clearly passionate about their trade, makes these stores a must visit in Bend for both young kids and grown-up kids.

The Reptile Zone

Dakotas Brick Shop

Modern Games

Indoor Recreation and Fun

Though the main allure to Bend is the vast availability to outdoor activities, sometimes an indoor activity is in order. If you’re looking for something indoors to do as a family or with your kids, check out these places.

Bend Rock Gym

DIY Cave

Trampoline Zone and Adventure Park

Old St. Francis Theater- McMenamins

Vector Volcano Arcade

Deschutes Public Library

Juniper Swim & Fitness Center

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