8 Advantages of Doing Business in Bend

Bend has been called “The Best Small Place for Business and Careers” by Forbes Magazine, and in 2017 the city was registering more new businesses than any other place in the state – among other accolades. But just what makes Bend so great for a new venture or a growing business to invest in? Here are the biggest advantages.

1. Great Telecommunications

Bend’s big business boom starting in the early 2000s. This recent growth means that most of the infrastructure in Bend is new, and that’s a big bonus for tech and telecom or any industry that depends on them. The service is Bend is reliable, durable and doesn’t experience the aging-out issues that older systems can suffer. That makes it great for scalability, redundancy and general reliability.

2. Access to Accelerators and Resources

The high number of entrepreneurs in the city has also led to growth of accelerators – companies that help new ventures grow – and a wealth of resources for company owners. That includes Starve Ups, Bend SCORE, BendTECH, FoundersPad, Outdoor Worx and much more. For young companies that need advice, mentorship, plans or other help, there’s no better place to begin.

3. Access to Professional Labor

Bend has attracted a growing number of young professionals looking for opportunities (and lower costs of living than the Portland suburbs). That means that finding an eager and skilled workforce won’t be a problem, especially for popular industries in Bend like tech, food, brewing and healthcare.

4. Bend’s Population is Willing to Try New Things

A new business needs customer growth, and Bend’s citizens are used to the influx of new companies in the area – which means they’re more willing to give a venture a chance. This can be encouraging for companies that depend on foot traffic or are looking to really grow their brand.

5. Ongoing Tech Growth

In addition to great infrastructure, Bend is a center for tech growth, topping the charters for tech ventures and job for years. This has a snowball effect, where cities that excel in tech opportunities tend to attract even more tech companies looking for a great place to put down roots. This also provides opportunities for any adjacent services and innovative solutions – app creators like RallyCause and Facebook services like Good People Inc. have found homes here for good reason.

6. Freelancing is Particularly Popular – and Easy

Does your business need remote work opportunities? Or maybe you are focused on being a freelancer yourself right now. Bend has one of the highest rates of freelancers, which means you’ll have great company! This makes it easy to find talent (everything from photography to pet care) when you need it, or network with others while developing your own freelance business.

7. Lower Costs of Doing Business

The cost of starting and maintain a business in Bend isn’t as onerous as it is in larger cities like Portland, Seattle or Denver. This is a big help for companies that want to manage their capital as wisely as possible when first starting out or picking the right place to expand to.

8. Oh, and Great Water

This may seem a strange point to end on, but it’s incredibly important for breweries. With the most breweries per capita and more than a dozen beer festivals a year, some of Bend’s top new businesses always involve beer – and the reason Central Oregon is such a perfect location is the astounding quality of our mountain water, one of the key ingredients in amazing beer!