7 Historical Haunts in Bend, Oregon

Scary haunted forest with thick mysterious fog

There’s no time like Halloween to bring out the spooky – and fun – stories of the haunted spots in Bend. Those moving to Bend may be interested in a tale or two to tell about all of these locations (some quite chilling). They’re also easy spots to visit on a tour around the city to really catch some local historic sites!

1. Deschutes Historical Museum

The Historical Museum isn’t just a museum, it’s also famous as the 1914 Reid School Building, the first modern school built in Bend, Oregon. Its history includes more than one ghostly story, including the death of George Brosterhous, a contractor who fell from the third floor and died during construction. It’s no surprise that rumors eventually arose that George was haunting the building, moving objects around, and walking restlessly in the upper stories at night.

2. McMenamins Old St. Francis School

It’s no surprise this old school made the haunted list. While it’s been converted to be a hotel, brewery, restaurant, venue and everything in between, there are still plenty of ghostly stories about the place. One of the most infamous involves guests spending the night and hearing children running or laughing upstairs…in a building that’s only one story high.

3. The O’Kane Building

Today the O’Kane building is known as an important center for shops in downtown Bend. However, the long history of colorful businesses and the fact that this is the third Hugh O’Kane building (the other two burned down) has led to a variety of ghost stories, from mysterious footsteps to ghostly voices shouting orders.

4. Lara House Lodge

On the surface, the lodge is charming bed-and-breakfast style location (and a good pick if visiting Bend for a weekend). However, those living in Bend also know that the 1910 Lodge has a reputation for being haunted, including stories of whispering noises, and mysterious sightings of a woman in a top floor window while that room was decidedly vacant.

5. The Old Platypus Pub

This old building has a rich history filled with rumors and more than one shady story. It most recently featured the Platypus Pub, located in the basement, and a favorite spot for ghost hunters to stop and by and see if they could spot any signs of the mystical or ghostly. Unfortunately, they probably won’t be able to enjoy that for much longer. Platypus Pub has been closed for some time, and the building is currently set for demolition (although it’s still uncertain if those plans will be carried out).

6. The McCann House

This 1915 manor was built for Thomas McCann, the first general manager of the famous Shevlin-Hixon Mill (now the Old Mill District). There are a number of stories among locals about families mysteriously suffering tragedies there over the years, and Ghost Stories of Oregon even reports sightings of a ghostly apparition, a woman who would occasionally be seen pacing back and forth in an old upstairs bedroom.

7. Sparrow Bakery

There’s not exactly a ton of evidence here, but there have been reports of objects unexpectedly falling, ghostly laughter, and other spooky signs. Plus, the bakery is infamously renovated from the old payroll office for local ironworking, with the dish room actually placed in the old walk-in vault section – which is just historic enough to be a little creepy. And hey, if it doesn’t seem too haunted at the moment, you can at least enjoy what’s widely considered the best bread in Central Oregon.