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    I am not in the best shape, but I would like to go out and enjoy the outdoors. What is there available in Bend?

    Valerie Brodbeck

    Hey Preston!
    There are SO many outdoor activities available in Bend. The reason I moved here was for the access to the outdoors and the best part is there are activities for all levels. There are beginner friendly mountain bike trails in town at Phils trailhead. The river through town is super chill for easy paddling as are most of the alpine lakes on cascade lakes highway. You can put in a boat and just float around. There are plenty of easy hiking trails all over town. You could live here 5 years and not do everything! There are plenty of beautiful parks to sit outside and watch the river at including a white water park. The deschutes river trail runs right through town. You can also float the river in the summer (they have buses that can drop you off/pick you up).

    Dave Liedman

    We enjoy the outdoors but felt overwhelmed at choosing something. We went on a couple of activities with Wanderlust Tours. You don’t have to know anything, so that’s a big benefit! There are other tour companies you can try as well. Also, in the summer grab a tube and go down to Riverbend Park and float down the river. There are literally hundreds of people doing it, it’s for the novice. But the water is cold! Stay on the float!! If you’re unsure, just go watch from land at first. It’s free!

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