Drive to Portland and the coast

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    Elise Denton

    How difficult is it to drive to Portland and to the coast? If I wanted to take a weekend trip with my 3 kids to Portland or to the coast, can I do this in a weekend or is it too far of a drive?

    Dave Liedman

    Portland is very doable for a weekend. We drove through Portland to get to the coast. Portland is about 3 hours non stop driving. You just have to be aware of snow on the mountain pass in the winter. That can slow you down an hour or two easily. And 4 wheel drive would be very helpful in those conditions. An extra hour or so to the coast. We stayed in Seaside at an Airbnb. Cannon Beach is very nice.

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    Melissa Gottlieb

    The drive to Portland is about 3 hours and driving to the coast is about 4-4.5. Really easy and beautiful drives unless the passes are covered in snow or ice. Best to check road conditions before you go anytime of the year. TripCheck is a good site

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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