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Wish you had a friend or a relative living in Bend who could give you un-biased, objective and knowledgeable answers to all of your questions about moving here and what it’s like to be a local? Well, you’re in luck! Moving to Bend has created a Forum with a panel of six local Ambassadors who are volunteering their time to answer all of your questions.

Each Ambassador relocated to Bend and is eager to share their experiences with moving and what it’s like to live here. We have provided a bio for each Ambassador so you can learn about who they are and about their individual story.

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Meet the Ambassadors

Melissa moved to Bend from New York City in 2014 with her husband, two sons, a dog and a cat. Melissa’s kids were 12 and 9 when they moved to Bend and attend schools in the Bend-LaPine School District. Like many families moving to Bend, Melissa and her family rented a house for a year before they decided to purchase a home. Due to her love of Bend and desire to help others move here, Melissa founded Bend Relocation Services in 2017.

Hi, I’m Susan! I moved to Bend in June 2019 from Austin, TX with my husband Oscar, my 4 yr old son Danic, and our 2 dogs, Jupiter and Athena. I own Ade~ Oba Skin Care and we moved to Bend for my husband’s job. Having access to outdoor activities is my favorite part of living in Bend. Although I knew the African American population was small, the lack of diversity in Bend has been a difficult adjustment. I’ve met some really wonderful people here and hiked some amazing trails. Danic still misses his friends but enjoys the snow, visiting recreational places and has made new friends. If I did it again, I’m not sure Bend would be my first choice. The PNW is amazing but I’d prefer living in a more diverse city. Bend is a nice place to live a calm and quiet life with small town charm.

Bruce and Mary Pat Joseph are Idaho natives who recently moved to Bend after spending 10 years near Boston, MA. They rented a lovely apartment site unseen with the experienced assistance of Bend Relocation Services. They discovered Bend was even better than expected. They knew that Bend was a great city filled with wonderful small shops, restaurants and outdoor adventures, but the friendly people in the community makes Bend feel like home.
Actively involved with careers, they are both a part of the “work from home” community that has become a popular demographic for Bend residents.

Valerie and her son Harrison (7) spent almost two years touring/adventuring around the United States in a truck camper searching for the perfect spot to call home. They quickly fell in love with Bend and officially moved here June 2018. They bought their own place exactly one year later. Valerie and Harrison are avid adventurers and love all the climbing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and paddling in the area. Harrison loves all the children’s programs in town, especially Bend Endurance Academy and Bend Rock gym. You can often find them hiking the local trails with their adventure cat, George.

Dave moved to Bend from Washington, DC in 2019 with his husband, twin toddlers, one dog, and two cats.  They were the opposite of most people who move to Bend because of how wonderful it is – they were on a nationwide job search for an executive position, considering any new option.  When Bend, Oregon came up, they did a Google search and found out all the great things about Bend!  Dave owns 2 thriving dog daycare businesses in DC still, as well as serves as a founding board member of a dog and cat rescue.  He is interested in photography, politics, and pets.

My name is Mose. I moved to Bend from Hercules, CA in November 2019 with my partner Rachel and our 3 cats Bob, Sophie and Jon. We don’t have kids, but find our cats are a good substitute. I own a business and work from home and Rachel is a Social Worker. We love Bend for many reasons, less traffic, easy accessibility to nature and solitude, a welcoming community with endless events, and top-notch restaurants. We were worried about moving here in the Winter, but soon realized that all we needed were snow tires and some warm clothes and we were off and running! We plan on staying in Bend and never want to move anywhere else.